And with a click of my key I set him free

By Ginny Sophomore

That I kept him locked up in the cage is true. And that I had no mercy on him until he professed his dire love for me is also true.

And then with a flurry and a flutter 🕊he was gone as free as a bird 🦢 and on his way traversing the great firmament everywhere where ever he wanted to fly. Where ever he wanted to go.

Up and away he flew. As for me, I was feeling utter loneliness like I had never felt in my life. Why o why did I ever set him free was the gnawing feeling I felt when ever it came to the twilight of the day in particular. That mellow time when you need a steady companion like no other. Like the loyalty that only a caged birdie could behold and muster. That eternal longing for the faithful birdie grew as the lonely days passed in to nights and nights turned to day. Nothing matched it’s eternal companionship.

“Hope springs eternal”, they say, and there I was spending my days looking out for that slightest inkling that showed signs of the birdie ever returning back to his captive state.

For, captivity he endeared and endured until that day he himself was not sure and mistakenly blurted out his love for her. This was totally unexpected for both of them. He wasn’t sure the utterances of these three words, would bring in so much freedom.

“I love you”, ❤️ 💕 😘 was not meant to be a mantra but it made things happen at least for the two of them. The pouring forth of the words and abracadabra the key sprang into action and the lock snapped open.

Freedom was hard to find in the real world but freedom it did bring this unreal birdie. Now he could twist and twirl, swoop and rise and dive and spring as much as he would.

At once he tried all of it and he enjoyed it immensely. After a while he was not quite raptured and enthralled by his new found emancipation. It took him awhile to realize that he was enjoying this freedom all by himself. He missed not having her to enjoy this new found freedom with.

He settled on a comfortable place and pondered while he wondered how come she couldn’t fly with him?! Little did he realize – her wings were clipped. The Universe had made this so! She was paying penance for her sins. Her sin for having kept a freedom loving creature like him in a cage, under lock and key.

He needed to somehow share this information with her. She had already done the good deed of having set him free. So why was she still in Universal imprisonment?

With no answer to his multitude of questions in his head and heavy laden heart, he descended from the skies and landed on a branch of her favorite cherry 🍒 tree 🌳 that grew long, bending boughs that reached her open window. He perched on this branch and began singing his trill.

“Tra-la-la, tweedlee dee dee it gives me a thrill

To wake up in the morning to the mockin’ bird’s trill

Tra-la-la, tweedlee dee dee

There’s peace and goodwill

You’re welcome as the flowers on Mockin’bird Hill”

He discovered his yet unknown voice that could sing 🎤 🎶 🎵 like he had never imagined he could. It was of an absolute magnificence. One he had never heard before. So he sang to his heart’s content.

Until one day she realized her deeds of the past were forgiven by the great Universe and fluttered and flared up her wings which gave her flight ✈️ like she had never thought possible!

She was right there with him but this time she was not separate from him. The two of them had somehow become this one big enormous heart that gave rise to an unending eternal heart that bore so much love. So much love like no one could believe. They held within themselves the love of the entire Universe.

The Universe was happy indeed that these two birds were big enough to hold all of its love. Love that they would never hold on to. Love that they would give away freely to all of the beings of the Universe!

Swoooooooop away they flew beyond the edge off the precipice gliding down down down and upward from one big gigantic swoon and soar❣️

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