I Wish to be “…as Free, as the Birds up in the Trees”

In the Spotlight

By Sharmini Jayawardena

Patriots, just in and shared down below ⬇️ Benny Johnson* on how Discovery channel swoops in to rescue CNN from disappearing in to oblivion. CNN struggling, trying to survive, would die trying.

My first and most important of all freedoms being Free Speech! That’s why the Founding Fathers have it as their first pick when it comes to freedoms and rights, in none other than the First Amendment in the Bill of Rights to the Constitution of the United States 🇺🇸

The Second Amendment as a first principle is, “Shall Not Infringe” the Right to Bear Arms! The Second, protects the first and every other amendment to the Constitution, thereby becoming the single most important Right in the Constitution.

Is there any other country on this planet that looks to ratify or have ratified freedoms and liberties as reduced to writing in the American Constitution? The answer is an emphatic – No!

No Country other than the United States upholds Natural Unalienable laws handed down by God to man. The Founders literally plucked the divine right of kings from their British overlords and bestowed it upon We The People to live in freedom as they so wish.

The idea that your freedom begins where my freedom ends was also derived from this thinking which espouses gravely the importance of privacy in our day to day lives. The privacy to think, breathe, feel and live freely was endowed to us more than two centuries ago.

Freedom from being lauded over by a military which the Founders did not wish to have, but was eventually brought in by subsequent socialist democrat and RINO governments who wanted to invade other people’s countries, denying the same freedoms these socialists enjoyed, to those others and their countries. That being the freedom to live peaceably!

War mongering as President Trump would put it, was an avenue for these ill bred Democrats and RINOs to make money when all was lost through legislature. Like it is happening right now. When Biden and his Administration lost their stakes at securing wealth by passing Bills, they send troops with arms to fight a war in Ukraine!!!! What right have they to make war in other people’s lands????

The Founders were more interested in the Militia, that being what you create when you give the people the right to bear arms. These arms are not meant to be turned against your fellow patriots, or foreign peoples, but against a tyrannical government!

Freedom from income tax being another freedom afforded to us by the Founding Fathers. This is absolutely fair and just and prevents all slavery from fiduciary intent, as who else but you must own what your labour reaps for yourself?!

There again the socialist globalist elite deemed it fit to take away your freedom of retaining your wealth derived from your own labour, by imposing laws that would place a tariff on your own sweat!

The freedom of movement as given to us in the First Amendment has also been taken away from us since 1807 when the Organic Act of 1807 of Washington D.C. was made in to law. This law gives the Government the right over We The People to govern by a second surreptitious Constitution, one that declares America an incorporated corporation and not as a free constitutional republic!

This is the reason that the big wigs of the present Government being the likes of Nancy Pancy Pelosi, dares to send hundreds of Patriots who gathered and converged in D. C. on January 6th 2021 to #stoprthesteal of the 2020 Election, , straight to their dungeons with no right or recourse to justice!!!

These viper globalist Democrats dare to consider Washington D. C. and all it entails, as being their privately held territory! No, baloney Pelosi 👉Washington D. C. belongs to none other than We The People of America.

Now, that the Democrats and RINOs themselves have committed the grave errors they have committed, we can proceed with going to the very bottom of the pit, digging up all the criminal, traitorous, atrocities committed by these Socialist Darwinist ‘progressives’ Globalist elite over more than a century.

How in 1913, their ‘progressive’ globalist president, Woodrow Wilson surreptitiously introduced the fourth branch of government into the Constitution known as the Administrative State, that ruined it for us, by taking away our Unalienable Natural rights, will be exposed.

The more that the ‘progressive’ globalist Democrats dig in to our privacies, the more they will dig up their own crimes. It has come all the way back to the start. It has gone full circle and arrived back at the beginning.

So there you go 👉We The People get done what they want with not spending as much as a single bullet! Now that’s amazing indeed. We The People are here to get done what they want with no sweat 😅 and tears 😭, though Patriot blood* 🩸 was shed, much against our wishes, on January 6 of 2021 in The Capitol by the Globalist goons!

Four time Air Force veteran, Ashli Babbitt and patriot Rosanne Boyland were murdered in cold blood at the Capitol by traitorous Capitol police on that fateful day.

The trillions of dollar infrastructure bill broke back Biden and their green no deal! Their so called voting no rights bill died at their feet. What next?

The Democrats are retiring from their positions in the House at an alarming rate. I think it has already reached a one hundred of them. (They are attempting gerrymandering to cover their losses.)

The Democrats are not contesting any of the Covid-19 tosses in courts. Americans descended on DC in the weekend of January 23rd in their tens of thousands to protest vaccine mandates.

The Democrats are losing big time People*! They are NOT winning a single darn thing that could make them stand at the podium and utter any words to say they can do something!

Biden and his Administration have sent arms and men to Ukraine to fight a supposed war not declared by Russia! What’s wrong with these globalist Democrats 👉wasting American tax payer funds and unduly risking the lives of our brave soldiers, doing bullshit as usual???!!!

We The People need to end the freedoms for these traitor politicians by dealing with traitors as they should at the ballot this year 2022! Dinesh D’Souza’s “2000 Mules”, the docu-film exposing the voter fraud in the 2020 Election must bring these fakester fraudsters of the DNC and the GOP to book.

This Country must move forward with Making America Great Again sooner than later. #MAGA.


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