In the Spotlight

By Don T. Mashak

It is amazing to me that over a little more than a decade, Wells Fargo Bank, NA engaged in at least 4 separate criminal conspiracies (Mortgage Fraud, Student Loan Fraud, ID Theft/Fake Checking Account Fraud, Laundering money for Mexican drug cartels).
They stole millions of dollars from millions of Americans but no one went to jail. What happened to equity, equality and the Rule of Law. Any average American would be in jail for years, but Wells Fargo skates.

But Wells Fargo Bank only exists by a government granted charter…. It should be revoked. How many driver’s licenses are revoked after 3 traffic violations?
And shouldn’t all the board directors and executives of Wells Fargo for that decade be exiled from the banking industry for the rest of their lives?

Still further, each individual “corruption of justice”/”conspiracy to obstruct justice” is done
on the basis of plausible deniability. Law Enforcement and Government Prosecutors conspire to keep damaging evidence off the official Court Record so the outcome is managed. And bribes, campaign contributions and other consideration flows to Congressfolks, government attorneys and law enforcement to “grease” the corruption.

But I say to you, that in letting Wells Fargo Bank commit 4 criminal conspiracies in a decade, have lost the “plausible deniability” of the individual acts of obstruction of justice.

Four Criminal Conspiracies stealing millions of dollars from millions of Americans with no one going to jail undeniably signals to the masses that massive corruption is occurring in America. Richard Kovacevich and John Stumpf paid bribes to get away with their crimes just as Pablo Escobar did in Columbia and El Chapo did in Mexico…. They have turned America into a “Fiat Banko Democracy” just as Escobar and El Chapo turned their home countries into “Narco Democracies”.

American’s need to stop thinking our current government is so much better than other governments
we think we are better than. The Netflix series “Narcos”, “Narcos Mexico” and “El Chapo” are based on
the true-life facts of the drug trade in Columbia, Mexico and the US from circa 1975 to 2016. When you
watch these series, pay close attention to the ways law enforcement, judges and high government officials
are bribed and coerced to the point where the Narcos, Law Enforcement, Government Attorneys, Judges and Government officials become hopelessly intertwined.

Pay even closer attention to US DEA and CIA officials negotiating with these Narcos and corrupt government officials all the time knowing that this means these drugs are coming to America… And then realize that just like Mexico and Columbia, the bribes, campaign contributions and other consideration to higher US Government, Law Enforcement, Government Prosecutors and Judges is occurring in America just as it occurs in Mexico and Columbia and many other countries.

Progressive Globalist Elites say the masses have no rights and are just their livestock. The failure of the government to jail these crooked bankers and cooperates in the import of drugs into our country further evinces that our Government has become a domestic enemy.

I offer these observations in the hope that I wake up a few more Americans to the the realization that tyranny has descended upon us.

Those were my thoughts.

Thank you for your time.
In Liberty,
Don Mashak
The Cynical Patriot

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