Resolution Submitted to Basic Political Operating Unit by Don T. Mashak

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By Don T. Mashak


Before I say anything else, it is important that you know the roadmap for dealing with tyranny that our US Founders left us with. Which requires we follow the document exhausting our peaceful remedies, before we consider alternative remedies. Let my actions here today, if not successful, serve to document that WE THE PEOPLE have exhausted yet another peaceful remedy. I think we can agree our peaceful remedies of the courts and fair elections are thus far lost to WE THE PEOPLE

Next: Who else believes Election 2020 was rigged? We would respectfully ask every BPOU Officer and our respective Elected officials to state what they personally did to redress this crime, each time today when they are at the microphone. Do you represent the conservative base or are you Progressive Globalist RINO traitors? Why do you let Social Media Platforms censor those of us who refuse to yield to the Progressive Technocrats decrees that Election 2020 was legitimate?

Continuing, for 2 years WE THE PEOPLE have had our unalienable Natural Rights unconstitutionally “Restricted” by Progressive Government Technocrat COVID-19 Quarantine Protocols. What have each of you done to verify the integrity of the data and the necessity of these restrictions? What have you done to identify the source of the contagion and hold any guilty parties accountable? Do you represent the conservative base or are you Progressive Globalist RINO traitors?

Further, Our Country is founded upon Natural Law (Laws of Nature, 1st paragraph, Declaration of Independence) The Bill of Rights essentially reduces some of our unalienable Natural Rights to writing. The 9th Amendment protects those unalienable Natural Rights not reduced to writing.

Each of us has the unalienable Natural Right to ESTABLISH TRUTH for ourselves using our own observations and reasoning. We revolted from the “Divine Right of Kings” because of the forced Metaphysics they inflicted upon the masses. One of these being, the ESTABLISHMENT of TRUTH by the King/Queen/Church enforced their truth with rewards and punishments (e.g., Burned at the Stake, the stocks, etc.). Now Progressive Globalist Elites assert they are superior to the ignorant masses and WE THE PEOPLE must submit to ESTABLISHED TRUTHS of their Progressive Technocrats. Further, similar to “Divine Right of Kings”, we rugged individualists who expose & oppose their fraudulent truths are punished. (e.g., cancel culture, loss of jobs, etc.) Why are you BPOU officers, elected officials and Judges allowing the Progressive Elites & Technocrats to restore upon us the forced Metaphysics of the Divine Right of Kings that we revolted from? Being Cleary antithetical to the US Constitution, why do you not fulfil your duty to uphold your oath of office to support and defend our Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic? When does your failure to uphold your oath become sedition, treason and/or Breach of Fiduciary Duty? Do BPOU, District and State Party officials even take said oath to support and defend the Constitution? If not, why not?

Still Further, regarding the Rule of Law and the Constitution’s requirement that all of WE THE PEOPLE are entitled to Equity and Equality, let us talk of Wells Fargo Banks 4 criminal conspiracies over about a decade (circa 2006-2016). These included mortgage fraud, Student Loan Fraud, ID Theft/Fake Checking Account Fraud and money laundering for the Mexican drug cartels. How is it that no one went to jail for any of these crimes? Further, many states have “3 strikes & you are out rules”. We would like to know what each of you elected officials did to make sure Wells Fargo Banks “Charter” (license) was not revoked? Still further, why didn’t the State AG, and local county attorneys and Sheriffs pursue justice for the local victims in their jurisdictions under state laws.

We assert the reason reflect the foundational beliefs of Progressive Elites, and their precursor group. Social Darwinists (1870s) rebranded to UK Fabian Socialists (1884), US Progressives 1890s, and German NAZIs (1920s) when the world masses rejected their evil agenda. Their evil Agenda included Eugenics, Scientific Racism, that the rich have the right to exploit the masses as they are genetically superior as allegedly evinced by their superior wealth (Survival of the Fittest). That the wealthy elite are superior to the masses and should therefore not be accountable to the masses, and that the masses should be bred like livestock, etc. Clearly, if Progressive Elites and Progressive Technocrats believe the rich have the right to exploit the masses, why would they put any Wells Fargo Employees in jail for ripping off the masses? But we will come back to this matter of Wells Fargo Bank, later. I know of these Metaphysical Influences only because of all the extra time I have had because of witness tampering threats by a bank conspiracy, now led by Wells Fargo Bank, that included blacklisting that began in the 1990s.

RESTORE OUR REPUBLIC- RSVP Next Meeting 3/6/2022Available online in English, lengua española and 中文 (the 3 most spoken languages in America.)

I know all these things that follow only because of acts of witness tampering I was subjected to by said banking conspiracy now led by Wells Fargo Bank, formerly Norwest Bank. Most Americans saw Wells Fargo Bank get away with no one going to jail, just threw their hands in the air out of frustration. They did not think about or consider the process by which this corruption occurs. Sure, most may guess bribes, campaign contributions and/or other consideration similar to how Pablo Escobar and El Chapo turned Columbia and Mexico into “Narco Democracies”. But most forget that Wells Fargo CEOs Richard Kovacevich, Timothy Sloan and John Stumpf did act similarly in preventing their crimes from being fully prosecuted. (See Netflix series “Narcos”, “Narcos Mexico” and “El Chapo” based on the real-life government corruption and crimes relating to drug trafficking from circa 1975 to 2016) In fact, our Federal Reserve Banking System and Fractional Reserve Banking have turned America into a “Fiat Bank Democracy”.

But so much more damage is done to our society by the corruption. Corruption and morality evolves around the Judicial Theater necessary to obstruct justice to avoid these bankster criminals going to jail. This Judicial Theater works by Judges inkling to all the lawyers in the matter, the ruling outcome they desire to occur. Then the Lawyers go to work only putting on the official court record all the evidence that will allow the judge to rule as he/she desires and keeping off the official court record all the evidence that would prevent the judge from ruling as desired. And this requires going back to the law enforcement officials to make sure they only present the desired evidence in the reports. Meanwhile the bank fraud conspirators engage in witness tampering to shut up witnesses. Now, for example, employees of Wells Fargo Bank could be easily convinced to shut up by inklings of job security or insecurity.

But 30 years ago in the 1990s, when I encountered my experience with government corruption, almost all of you were caught up in a perception of reality revolving around high school teachings of truth, justice and the American way. If I tried to explain to you then, the way our government really is, you would have laughed and disbelieved. But in the past couple of years, with all of you having personally experienced how evil and unjust our government has become, along with government giving a pass to the same criminal Wells Fargo Bank I encountered in the 1990s, suddenly almost all of you understand the true evil nature of our government.

In my instance, I had smoking gun evidence of the crimes involving the wrongful repossession of vehicles from 100s of innocent Minnesota families. The Bank conspirators witness tampering threats toward me escalated from suggestions my business prospects could get better or worse, to stronger threats of destroying my business, destroying my life, killing me and/or killing anyone I cared about. As a result, I severed my relationships with almost all my friends from college, romantic interests and even family, for their safety. My thought was that in 2-3 years, the FBI and I would have exacted justice and I could then rekindle those relationships with a laudable explanation. But that vindication and reuniting was to never occur due to government corruption.

I provided my smoking gun evidence to the Anoka County Attorney, MN AG and finally the FBI. Only the FBI followed up with me. A senior FBI agent called me a few weeks later to say others in the banking industry confirmed my facts, and asked if I would wear a wire and could I get the banksters to repeat the threats. I said yes. But suddenly, as is apparently common practice in killing investigations, the original FBI agent was removed from the case and a junior G Man in his 20s was assigned instead. From then on, this FBI Agent never contacted me, I was forced to call him.

Finally, this Junior G-Man told me the US MN District Attorney’s office was not interested in pursuing the matter. I was devasted. I called the original FBI G-Man and told him the Banksters must certainly know I defied their witness tampering threats. The Senor FBI Agent tried to placate me with, “Don’t worry, bankers don’t usually make good on their death threats.”. What follows, defies my personal standards of a real man, but I do it so you realize that not only did NO Wells Fargo Bank employees go to jail, but judges, lawyers and law enforcement were bribed and corrupted. And the lives of many of your fellow citizens were destroyed by the impact of the witness tampering threats they had to endure. As importantly, our corrupt judiciary and legal system got away with these crimes and this corruption while maintaining a public image of honesty and integrity. (WE THE PEOPLE must stop thinking our current US Government is so much better, more honest and has more integrity than other countries – The first step is to admit we have a problem.) That said, let me continue…

Who does a witness turn to when the FBI and all law enforcement abandons you? That new reality devasted the very foundation of my perception of reality. What other conclusion could any person reach but that their life was forever destroyed, even if I was not assassinated. For a year or 2, I could barely leave my house out of fear of retribution. Wells Fargo Bank, Government Attorneys and Law Enforcement all had a secret to hide and it would be necessary to kill or discredit me to keep their secret. Further, Wells Fargo Bank blacklisted me and attempted to have me killed numerous times to make good on the original witness tampering threats. But the police would usually not take police reports of the assassination attempts nor persons stalking me. In the instance where the assassin was caught, the 3-time loser assassin who was already on probation was only give 6 additional months (so he would NOT rat out those who hired him) … Later I would find out that US MN District Attorney Lillehaug was the Campaign Finance Manager for a now dead Senator.$50,000 were paid by Norwest Bank (Now Wells Fargo Bank) shortly thereafter. It is impossible to know what other bribes, political contributions and other consideration David Lillehaug received. David Lillehaug was rewarded with a position as a Justice on the MN Supreme Court.

A few years later, in late 1998, my health collapsed from the stress. I was in the hospital 2 months and was told I was going to die several times. I checked to the hospital in with resistant pneumonia, and then contracted MRSA. Then they told me a “virus chewed on my heart” and I would need a heart transplant to have any chance to survive. My heart function had dropped to 10%-20%. When I checked out, I was homeless and would come to live in my office. I spent the next few years from 1999-2003 depressed and believing I would die any day as I did not have the heart transplant. My health has never fully recovered.

For a few years, I hoped Wells Fargo Bank would forget about me, but they did not. So, from 2004 to 2018, I joined the MN Judicial TAR (Transparency, Accountability and Reform) Movement. But despite annual requests to the MN House and Senate Judiciary committees for a hearing dedicated to receiving evidence of corruption in the Minnesota Courts, we were never afforded that opportunity. 1of2 2of 22012 MN Judicial TAR Proposed Caucus Resolutions 1/2 MN Judicial TAR Proposed Caucus Resolutions 2/2

I was a co-founder of the MN State TEA Party circa 2008.

I believe the vast majority of us can agree that for these aforementioned trespasses to occur, our Government Prosecutors, Judges, Congress, Presidents, Vice Presidents and Lawyers in general had to have abandoned their oaths of office to support and defend the Constitution. And, that whether this has occurred in exchange for bribes, political contributions and or other consideration, or because they were personally moved to aid and abet the Progressive Globalist Agenda, this constitutes Sedition, Treason and/or Breach of Fiduciary Duty.

That said, Progressive Globalists conserve energy by only punishing those who expose and oppose them. And those of you who have chosen to “go along, to get along” will not have been exposed to the evil Progressive Elites are capable of and will be predisposed to disbelief. That is until now, 30 years after my encounter with government corruption, when you have been personally affected by unconstitutional deeds by Progressive Technocrats in the form of questionable COVID-19 protocols and being forced to accept the rigged results of Election 2020.

All that said, for the past 30 years I have spent trying to enjoy life, with little success.

It would have been unfair to anyone to marry them and have children, only to have them live in fear of becoming “collateral damage”. So, I have not. Since I have been deprived the right of leaving a legacy in children, I shall leave the legacy of being the first American to expose and oppose the Progressive Globalist Elite Revolution, documenting exhausting all our peaceful remedies and succeeding in RESTORING OUR REPUBLIC.

The making of that legacy begins today.

(But Progressive Elites say the masses are just their livestock and the rich have the right to exploit the masses, so what difference does any of this make.)

Available online here in English, lengua española and 中文 (the 3 most spoken languages inAmerica.)

If you would like to hear more details of the tyranny upon America and the world, please join us as the next RESTORE OUR REPUBLIC- RSVP Next Meeting 3/6/2022


Whereas, all the President, Vice President, all members of the US Congress, all Government attorneys, and all members of the US Judiciary are required to take oaths of office to include protecting and defending the US Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestics;

Whereas, per pages 24-25 of “Illiberal Reformers” 2016 by hardcore, practicing Progressive professor, Thomas Leonard, Progressive Elites view the unalienable rights of the individual as “nonsense” [The freshly founded “The New Republic portrayed Constitutional protection of individual liberties as quaint and retrograde. What inalienable right has the individual, its editors asked, “against the community that made him and supports him.” The answer was “none”.

The New Republic merely echoed what was a commonplace Progressive legal Scholarship. [Lawyer] Woodrow Wilson, when president of Princeton University, dismissed and talked of the inalienable rights of the individual as “nonsense”. [Lawyer] Roscoe Pound said in 1913 that the Constitution’s Bill of Rights Amendments, the core of American Civil Liberties, “were not needed in their own day, [and] they are not desired in our own”]

Whereas, per pages 51-53 of “Illiberal Reformers” 2016 by Progressive professor, Thomas Leonard, Progressive Elites view the masses as too stupid to govern themselves, while at the same time viewing themselves as superior to the masses and therefore unaccountable to the masses;

Whereas the Progressive philosophies laid out in these past 2 paragraphs are diametrically opposed to the US Constitution;

Whereas, Progressive Elites created a 4th Branch of Government from 1913-1921 under Progressive President Woodrow Wilson. This 4th Branch being known as the “Administrative State” [ pages 40-49 of “Illiberal Reformers” 2016 by Progressive professor, Thomas Leonard];

Whereas, this Administrative State was intended as the spearhead for a new method of revolution called “Permeation/Gradualism” by which our enemies would slowly, covertly, and incrementally infiltrate our nation over generations so no one generation would experience enough change to be moved to resist, revolt our mount a counter-revolution;

Whereas, creation of this 4th Branch Administrative State to promote Progressive Globalist philosophies and a Progressive agenda antithetical to the US Constitution; constitute Treason, Sedition and Breach of Fiduciary Duty by all persons who have taken the oath to support and defend the US Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic;

Whereas this seditious and treasonous Administrative State exists to this day as various Administrative Agencies that were formed initially and since, and the many County and City Administrators, as well as Administrative Judges that were sent out to advance the Progressive Globalist Revolution;

Be it heretofore resolved,

1) All Republican Party Candidates shall take an oath to dismantle the entire Administrative State as a requirement of party endorsement;

2) That the Republican Party Platform shall be amended to reflect the party’s commitment to immediately dismantling said “Administrative State”.

Available online here in English, lengua española and 中文 (the 3 most spoken languages in America.)
RESTORE OUR REPUBLIC Next Meeting 3/6/2022

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