Social Media Star, Father of 8, Inner-City Youth Advocate, Trump Supporter Detained for Jan. 6 Protest Speaks Out from DC Jail

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By Cara Castronuovo

Published February 4,2022 at 8:15am

by Kelly Wilde

Kash Kelly became famous in 2020 as an outspoken conservative anti-gang activist with hundreds of thousands of followers on social media. He was outspoken about his love for America and for President Trump. He never would have believed that he would become a political prisoner of the country he loves so much.

Kash Kelly, a January 6th prisoner at DC Jail, in Washington DC before his arrest and detainment.

Kelly was one of the men rounded up by Biden’s DOJ last January and thrown into the Regime’s dungeon- also known as DC Jail. Over a year later, Kelly still sits in his tiny solitary cage in DC Gitmo, along with the rest of the January 6th detainees awaiting trial.

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His videos—like this one—went viral and he garnered millions of views before his detainment:

Kelly travelled the country from Washington, DC to Beverly Hills, CA speaking out against the BLM/Antifa riots and against inner city gang violence.

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He even visited the notorious Compton neighborhood of California to speak to Bloods and Crips about President Trump.

He is a devoted father of 8 and a motivational advocate for young black men especially.

Kash has no violent charges [] stemming from January 6th, nor is there any evidence he committed any violence or vandalism that day. Yet he has been held in terrible and inhumane conditions, away from his family for more than a year, at the DC jail since his arrest on January 21st, 2021.

Kash Kelly, a popular “All Lives Matter” and Trump Activist. speaking to an audience before his detainment at DC Gitmo.

The following is a letter written by Kelly addressed to the Gateway Pundit audience:

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Abuse, violence, drugs, death, struggle, pain, and fear. All these things shaped me as a child. I grew up pretty rough in a place known as little Waco. I was basically born throwing gang signs and raised thinking I was destined to die young as a gang banger. I officially joined the ranks at 16. By that time I had seen a lot of death, violence, drugs, and life to make me numb. I had already been homeless, addicted to cocaine, alcohol, and pills. I was mean, hopeless, and angry. I’d been behind a gun more than a few times and in front of one many of those times in shootouts. I was the poster child for troubled inner city youth times 10. A product of my environment. At 17 I was locked away in a boys school for a home invasion. Believe it or not I am grateful for this. I think it saved my life. I learned I had a baby on the way while there. I obtained my GED with honors. I read the Bible entirely and many other books. I started to see life differently. I felt for the first time hopeful like I had a choice. I decided then and there that I’d be the father to my son I never had. I told myself I’d make better choices so I don’t die like my dad and leave my son like I was.

Fast forward 10 years. I was now married with 5 children, stable job, a pillar in my community, dedicated to keeping kids away from gangs, and even respected by the police in the community I once thought a coffin. Then I was arrested on an indictment of conspiracy to distribute narcotics. Not because I sold drugs, not because the police caught me with drugs, Nope because the guys who I told kids to stay away from got indicted and to save their own skin mentioned my name which in our system constitutes me being involved. Never mind the fact that I left the gang almost a decade prior, or the fact that I was openly against gangs and gang violence, or the fact that I never had the drugs they said I had. So I was charged and released on house arrest awaiting trial. I continued being a father and continued my positive advocacy.

I stayed on pretrial release for 4 years. I continued my role as a dedicated father, pillar of the community and even more. I got into politics more than ever before. I spoke out about corruption and against the violence from the 2020 BLM/Antifa riots as well as corrupt cops that give a bad rap to the great cops. I was blessed to have captured the eyes and ears of America and other countries. So much so that I had the opportunities to speak at and attend Trump rallies across America. My message was simple. Unity!!! My mantra was, and is, “Unite, Don’t Fight” and “Be The Change”. I even started vid cast with other amazing Americans across the country. We were a team geared towards uniting people as well as making them aware of political problems in our country. Then came Jan 6.

Two months after what I believed was a rigged election I attended another Trump rally. It was the same vibe as all the others I’d attended. Americans there in support of a President we believe in for the things he stands for. It was an amazing show of support and an electrifying feeling. As I marched down the street being stopped by people for pictures and to say hello to others in cool apparel. Not once did I think “I’m gonna end up in jail”. While there I maintained my nonviolent stance, I maintained my support for good cops. Yet as I stood on the grass near the Capitol what I witnessed shook me. Police shooting pepper balls and spraying mace at a crowd of people who supported them all 2020. I watched a crowd scream to the police, “Why are you doing this?” The response was flash bangs, pepper balls, and massive spray cans of mace to a crowd of peaceful protesters. That’s when I walked away and talked to injured people. Within 20 minutes I hear someone say, “They are letting us in!” I watched the cops stand aside and allow people in. Eventually I went inside as well while the police stood there and made me think it was OK. When I got about 2 minutes inside I took pics and one with a statue of which I was standing with on its raised stone base. That would be my sin. I also prevented a confrontation between some cops and protesters. Once I had to do that and to tell a few guys not to destroy our own house…

…That’s when I knew I needed to leave. So I did. On my way out I saw cops swarm in full riot gear. I asked if I could leave and they helped me out the window because the door was barricaded. Once outside I told everyone to not go inside, that its gotten out of control, and that SWAT was in there. Obviously there is so much more I’d like to say but can’t right now. Why?
I am currently locked up in the DC jail on a criminal complaint of 2 misdemeanor offenses. Also serving a 48 month sentence because of the previous charges I was being held on pretrial release for. Because the judge felt my being in DC on Jan 6 was “shameful, an attack on democracy and based on my false belief of a rigged election”, instead of being sentenced to home confinement I was sentenced to 48 months in prison. Stripped from being that great dad, role model, positive influence, and pillar. In the media I am called a white supremacist, gang banger, domestic terrorist, drug dealer, and other things. Yet I’m a black American, anti gang activist, anti terrorism God fearing father of 8 who changed his life around and beat the odds that said I would die before the age of 18, not take care of his kids, and never amount to anything. Being locked up sucks and I miss my family, but I still believe in this country, in our system, and in God…

Like everything else in my life meant to break me, I will overcome. We will overcome as a nation. Now, I believe in all I stand for, but if I turn out to be wrong then I apologize. Until then, Unite, Don’t Fight! and Be a Street Light! Only you can be the change you wish to see in the world and when you get stressed out, pray my fellow Americans, because without God everything falls apart.

Peace and Blessings, Kash L. Kelly

Kash is a true Patriot who supports President Trump and our Constitution. He has been incarcerated for over a year. He is in desperate need of assistance due to being deplatformed, demonetized, and being unable to support his children from behind the bars of DC Gitmo. Anything that you can provide for this amazing Patriot will be very greatly appreciated. Go to We all stand together.

You can learn more about Kash Kelly and his activism before his detainment at DC Gitmo here:

Youtube: Kash Kelly The Streelight

Twitter: @kashleekelly1

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