On Being Fundamentally Flawed

In the Spotlight

By Sereniti James

When you consider the first few tenants of right living and right livelihood, that being, truthfulness and honesty, not taking what does not belong to you or not robbing from others, refraining from taking the life of another, refraining from sexual depravity, refraining from over indulgence in intoxicants; liberalism and the liberals come out on top of the list of deviants.

The liberals can tick ✅ every box on the list above ⬆️. This is not being puritanical or prudish in observing the tenants of right living. This is to say, liberals and the liberal mantra they subscribe to are fundamentally flawed. The socialist Darwinist ‘progressive’ globalist elite are the liberals and liberal activists. Liberal privilege is just this which they indulge in voluminously and to their own detriment.

As we see them today, they are mired in their own ill bred, indecent, amoral and unethical depravity that they are unable to see it for themselves. This is their liberal privilege they refuse to stop 🛑 ✋🏻 themselves from indulging in, going headlong into destroying themselves in the process of being so.

Their moral turpitude stems from openly and vehemently admonishing the practice of religion or more specifically they have a rabid abhorrence of Christianity‼️ They not only go on to deny themselves the blessing of the Faith, but also go on to deny others the ability to practice their own faith. This is unethical and unconstitutional at the same time.

This is no better seen than in the manner in which the liberals aggressively moved to install mandates on social distancing in churches in some instances, limiting the number of the congregation during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is said that in normal times, churches in Europe were found empty even on Sundays, sadly proving that the adherents of the faith no longer believe in it. The Moslems who have invaded these parts in their hoards say they will turn churches into mosques and convert all Europeans in to Islam. This is yet to be seen and will never happen.

To digress –

What sort of act constitutes “moral turpitude” can vary greatly according to the situation and the exact terms of a contract, let’s say. But the Clause is seen often “invoked in cases involving clearly non-criminal behavior and/or allegations for which there is insufficient evidence of a conviction, (assuming the alleged act is even a criminal offence),…since offences which are defined as involving moral turpitude are considered bars to immigration in to the U. S., (and Canada).”*

Liberals sought to depopulate the world through their globalist agenda of the so called, ‘Great Reset’, which in itself is unethical even though they claim to protect the environment and everything that exists within it. Introducing the COVID-19 Virus 🦠 to the world was a start. But will these globalists live to see the light of day is altogether another matter. They may very well be consumed by their own actions and we could use their very methods to reach our own goal of making each of our countries great again. Once they have got rid of the most of them, i.e.

The globalists deny others that which they grant themselves liberally. They believe they can “lie” to “the masses”, and manipulate them, while demanding the “masses” adhere to presenting facts by setting fact checkers on everything that We The People conservatives post to social media. This, with Facebook finally being pushed to admit that it is all, “protected opinion” in courts. Let’s hope that investigative journalist, John Stossel wins the defamation case against Facebook. This would be a great day for all citizen journalists out there.

The liberals are seen taking that which does not belong to them openly and widely! It is self evident in the case of all the fake ballots they cast for themselves at the 2020 Presidential Election!!! Where is the ethicality and honesty they claim to posses when they act to desist honesty at every turn, in plain sight?!

Joe Biden and his Administration look on while fentanyl and other methamphetamines that carry the Made in China label, are brought in to America in the hoards through the southern border which is as wide open as Kamala Harris’ wide open cavity, oral and otherwise is, allowing the free flow of drug trafficking in to the Country‼️‼️‼️

Sexual degeneracy and sexual depravity are among the liberals’ gravest of offences. Nowhere in the Constitution or in the Bible, is transgenderism given a licence to practice!!! This is the liberals’ most egregious of all offences. It truly offends those who live by laws of Nature in every way. It is totally and completely unacceptable behavior on the part of the liberals to present a gross aspect of humanity, the grossest there ever was! I believe it was only in the end of the Roman Empire did the world witness such a grotesque distortion of the human being.

Yet, they ask us – Didn’t God create all beings? Then didn’t God create the transgender? The answer to that being – God created the perfect human being, who chose to corrupt himself – Genesis!

It is irksome to even state the definitions they give these offensive practices. Pronouns, gender bending, gender neutrality, gender fluidity, age fluidity, and the list goes on. They distort our true nature and genders to create a monstrosity of their own making. The worst part is that it has infested the very nucleus of our society such as in the military, on which the headlines read as such ⬇️

US Army Announces Mandatory Training on Pronouns and Gender Dysphoria – While Russia Invades Ukraine, Surrounds Kiev*‼️

This shameful and disgusting distortion is truly going to see the end of the liberal globalist hegemony. Those of us who do not subscribe to their distorted thinking are labelled as homophobes, homophobic, misogynists, islamaphobes, racists, and the like. While they lord over others, calling themselves, social justice warriors, virtue signalling, pro-choice, and the like.

Trafficking in everything that goes on is all that these globalists know how to do, looks like. Human trafficking, child trafficking, drug trafficking, leads them through to and in to doing all the criminal activity the globalists ever know how to do and excel in doing.

International Women’s Day is on March 8, and I’m not about to march through the streets of the City, claiming we have gained anything of value for us women.

The Liberal Democrats are fundamentally flawed at the core, and their CommonCore education is not about to save them from this dilemma they have got themselves into. Very soon we will see these socialist Darwinist ‘progressive’ globalist elite go down the slippery slope of no return. The communists will follow.


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