The Fifth Column

In the Spotlight

By Sereniti James

“What is a fifth column? An enemy clandestine group or faction of subversive enemy agents who attempt at all cost to undermine & destroy the fabric of a nation’s solidarity, technology, beliefs, military strength, integrity, world view, infrastructure, morality, defenses, economic & societal stability by any means at their disposal…fifth column…aka; Trojan horse. traitors. pirates. spies. terrorists. thieves. exploiters.
collaborators with the enemy. mercenaries. infiltrators. saboteurs. subversives. foundations. sedition. underground guerrilla movement. Right now in America we have all the above plus much more eating away at America from the inside…America’s enemies foreign & domestic.”

From @Standupnow on Instagram

It all boils down to the Deep State, now operating in its many guises, in a coup attempt against the Constitutional Republic, by toppling the Constitution, We The People and the Country.

Are they succeeding? Nope! A definite and absolute No! Why? Because the conservative patriots are finally awake and challenging them. They are resisting the socialist Darwinist ‘progressive’ globalist elite at the very core. This they cannot suffer. This they cannot stand!

When the elite get attacked at the school board level by public school parents not only of white children but of recent immigrants of Afghan and Iranian descent and by Taiwanese American parents, the elite start getting worried. When the inner city Black American who bears arms to protect his family from the Chicago area, starts to speak up at school board meetings, they start to worry.

When the chaos the liberal Left created for others, start to turn against them, they begin to worry. They never expected their car to be hijacked by “these criminals” the radical Left themselves moved to foster. When the middle class liberal parents find they are unable to get their children in to coveted colleges due to “Affirmative Action” they themselves helped support, they begin to worry.

The radical Left did not mean for these actions on their part to one day directly affect themselves and it’s happening!

This is happening all over America, with democrats in so called blue states, start removing their Biden signs, the Left knows the game is over. Yet, they will never stop revolting as the revolutionary mindset knows nothing but. They carry on from being revolutionary to being counter-revolutionary. And their’s is not even a traditional Revolution! They have been revolting to bring down the Republic through what is known as – “Permeation/ Gradualism”.

“…this Administrative State was intended as the spearhead for a new method of revolution called
“Permeation/ Gradualism” by which our enemies would slowly, covertly, and incrementally infiltrate our nation over generations so no one generation would experience enough change to be moved to resist, revolt or mount a counter-revolution;” – Don Mashak

“Our Country is founded upon Natural Law, (Law of Nature, (1st paragraph, The Declaration of Independence). The Bill of Rights essentially reduces some of our unalienable Natural Rights to writing. The 9th Amendment protects those unalienable Natural Rights not reduced to writing.” – Don Mashak

We now see the Body Politic festering and corroding from within. It is seen disintegrating from inside out. This is not a good place to be, for the socialist democrats. They fear gravely that come November 8, 2022, they will be properly obliterated by “the masses” they so abhor. That they will be forced by their very hands, to live by a set of principles totally antithetical to their radical thinking, that of traditionalism and nationalism. These long since tried and tested beliefs and values are indeed wholesome. They are indeed strong and good for the human species.

As with the socialist Darwinist ‘progressive’ globalist elite who sought to further their ‘revolt’ against We The People, so will they destroy themselves by their own seeking. They will be consumed by the very ‘revolution’ they themselves employed against others. They wanted ‘revolution’ with no bullet spent. So moot it be!!!

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