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By Sharmini Jayawardena

Today marks the Ides of March, March 15th, when the soothsayer tells Julius Caesar, the Emperor of Rome, that he may face death on this day. The soothsayer returns Caesar’s disbelief of this, with, yes, the Ides of March are come, but not gone!

Leafblogazine posted this ⬇️ about the Ides of March in 2018.

Caesar is assassinated on March 15th, by the closest of his political allies inside of the “Senate”. Since then the Ides of March has left an indelible mark on politics, for all time.

Something more ominous is about to happen in the world scene of political dilemma that involves and impacts the entire planet, right now. The war being fought by the west in direct opposition to Russia, in the Ukraine, is going to bear very bad results for the NATO alliance.

The domino effect of waring America, that sets itself against its directly opposite enemy, they like to call Russia, is inevitable. When ever the United States has a weak head, it is far too obvious that the only solution to all of the problems created by his Party and himself, ends in a war situation! Right now America ‘headed’ by Joe Biden, has no actual plan to solve problems they themselves create for themselves and the rest of the planet.

The Democrats under Joe Biden have spiraled through a fraudulent assumption of office to the White House, having held a fake Election in 2020, brought on by the Covid-19 fiasco. They have gone from there to the exacerbated COVID-19 ‘pandemic’ and its economy to the barebones, lockdowns, to inflation brought on by rising prices due to bad policy decisions in shutting down gas pipelines, mainly the keystone pipeline. These bad decisions have resulted in unemployment having skyrocketed with and on top of the Covid-19 related mandates. All of this culminating in gross unemployment and inflation numbers!!

Not forgetting the Afghanistan debacle and now the U-crane mess to launder their money, a path they have to follow doggedly, having started this charade of events in the first place. So the democrats go from revolution to counter-revolution unabated, as professed in the Saul Alinsky playbook, Rules for Radicals, with no end insight. All of this in one year of having presumed office in the Oval Office‼️

Can you think of a worse situation the world has faced in a very long time, than this! No! It is beyond belief that a bunch of people who have combined together to form a ‘Government’, is absolutely at a loss to put matters they themselves disrupted, to right!!! As Benny Johnson wraps them up – “…a coalition of the dispossessed. It’s simply a bunch of people who have been cobbled together that don’t actually like each other, that have totally differing opinions and world views, that have totally different sets of agenda items they wish to accomplish and things they want to do…”, !!!

Further, a never happened before “trust deficit”*, between America or rather Joe Biden and the West Asian leaders 🙌🏻👏🏻😂🤣🤪 who did not pick up Joe Biden’s calls* but both of whom, the Saudi and UAE leaders, spoke with Putin, points to a very scary end for the globalists!!!

According to Steve Bannon on War Room, the Saudis may consider moving to the Yuan, the Chinese currency. Let us wait and see how these moves affect both socialist globalists and the west Asian countries‼️ It may be a very bad move on their part‼️

These very weak characters and their weak charactered actions or inactions in their case, of Joe Biden and Co., are going to bring their Party and all of the Global Reset to a very bleak and ugly place with no return. It is definitely going to be the end of the socialists the world over and of the communists for as long as forever, bringing them to a grinding halt!

They have unwaveringly and unfeelingly taken us all on this very rickety and rocky road with absolutely no respect or regard for any of us. They did so purely for their fiduciary and other prevaricating benefit to themselves and their generations alone and for no one else.

Americans experiencing a hundred percent hike in their grocery bills, are not about to give these people another chance at ruining their economy and their Country. They have another thing coming if these democrats think they can return once again after the Midterm election in November of this year.

I somehow suspect something large is about to happen even before November of 2022! That’s my gut feeling. There’s no saying it’s going happen though.

We The People are stomaching the unpalatable of all unpalatable scenarios dished out to us with no remorse whatsoever shown on the part of the perpetrator, democrats.

Oops 😬 🙊 😅 is the Covid-19 resurfacing once again?! Who knows. As of yesterday, Jilin province in China is under lock down to maintain China’s zero-covid goals, as they face a new outbreak of the Virus 🦠

“China locked down 51 million people amid a Covid outbreak in the northeastern province of Jilin and the southern cities of Shenzhen and Dongguan,” ABC News reported.

China is facing its worst Covid crisis since 2020, when the world witnessed the first ever of such lockdowns, in Wuhan and the adjacent area. Two years on, it’s sending an area where 24 millions people live, along with Shenzhen, with 17.5 million and Dongguan with 10 million in to lockdown, once again.

Is the world about to witness its next big Covid outbreak? It’s left to be seen. If this is the case, then brace yourselves for a NO RETURN back to “normal” ever again for the planet! We are going head on into a place from where we will never return.

What did they say?! Do NOT mess with Russia. Then they bring on China! The Ides of March have truly made its mark for the new great again for the planet and all of its inhabitants, for sure.

We have to have the stomach for it as from there on we are going on to Make America Great Again.


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