The Traitorous Derangement of the Liberal Privilege Agenda

In the Spotlight

By Sharmini Jayawardena

The Left was once ‘fighting’ for women, calling it, Feminism! What happened? – they are now fighting against women in support of ‘transgenderism’ and asking impertinent questions like “are you with child”, from all men under 60 years of age, entering hospitals for what ever reason. This is happening right now, in that god forsaken place called the U.K.!

I will give countries their pronoun and call them “places”, for the Left being so Liberal about their sick pronouns!!! Does this word even exist – ‘Transgender’???! Who approved its usage???!

That being said, it took one whole year for the nurses in this hospital in this disgusting place called the U. K., to admit to the fact that there was a rape that took place in its female ward! Their nurses were openly lying to the victim as well as the public, in this regard for an entire year. These nurses lied 🤥 to the victim and to all of us, until it was proven on their own CCTV camera footage, that the rape of a woman by a so called ‘transgender’ who was placed in the female ward, actually took place. That the ‘transgender’ actually committed the dastardly criminal act of RAPE‼️

It took these nurses by surprise to be found out blatantly lying to the patients and to the public about the truth of this matter. In my belief the entire lot of the nurses and doctors MUST be sent home with due punishment meted out to them! NOW! The hospital MUST be SHUT DOWN!! It is NOT a hospital but a place where people go to get violently attacked with rape‼️

The punishment for these medical persons in my belief MUST be rape as well! They will know what it means to be raped when they have first hand experience of it and know not to belittle and trivialize women who are raped under their watch, by their own rules!!! They will know how to be accountable for their actions and know what it means to be responsible in the work place, when they experience the crime they perpetrate on others, themselves! This punishment is imperative on them‼️

After all, these liberals vehemently support Islam don’t they?! Ok. Just as well. For Islam practices “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth”, policy when meting out punishment for crimes committed. Shariah Law will prevail in punishing these criminals.

Us citizens of the United States can’t avail ourselves of the use of a bathroom in certain states like California mostly, for the fear of the threat of being RAPED by a so-called ‘transgender’ who’s permitted to use the female toilets‼️

Parents can’t send their children to school in certain states of these United States, for fear of their children being raped by the so called ‘transgender’, in the schools’ bathrooms!!! Those principles, teachers and school boards who actively participate in supporting rape and promoting rape, MUST be duly punished with RAPE and sent home never to return! These schools MUST be SHUT DOWN‼️

Where are these so called ‘social justice warriors’ when women and children get raped at random or otherwise, to champion their cause?! ‘Social justice warrior-ing’ must prevail everywhere at all times if it is true social justice that they are concerned about!? Right?! But sadly, this is not the case. The social justice in the case of the Left is just selective justice which means no justice at al! It is said that justice delayed is justice denied!! In this case – justice denied altogether‼️

It has taken far too long for true justice to be meted out to these criminals at large. They walk this earth with impunity thinking they are beyond and above the law just because they are liberally privileged in having in most cases, the ear and the support of those up on that place called, the Capitol Hill‼️

Those on the Hill, believe they can lie to and manipulate “the masses” at will as they believe “the masses” are nothing but putty in their hands, fodder for them to use and abuse whenever and wherever they want‼️

This tyrannical behavior on the part of those who are in government at the top, upon those whom they are supposed to serve, as public servants, is totally unacceptable and amounts to nothing but, treason‼️

For, these are acts of tyranny perpetrated by the governing, specifically against those whom they are supposed to serve, making them tantamount to domestic terrorists, making these crimes and criminals treasonous traitors, under the Law of the Land‼️

Who ever you may be, nobody in these United States is above the law! Nobody is beyond the law! Least of all the Elite! So, let it be known to these Elite, that their days are numbered and their time is coming sooner than later for them to be sent straight to the gallows!! It will happen to them just like they are holding our Patriots right now in contempt of the Law, in the grotesque dungeons of D. C. and elsewhere, with no recourse to justice and in the worst of all worst inhumane conditions! The only difference being, the circumstances under which the Patriots are held are that much more egregious, as they committed NO CRIME‼️

Those of the Left will all know what it means to be physically and mentally abused and ravaged only when they themselves are attacked and punished in this very same manner – in being raped themselves. In themselves being incarcerated with no recourse to justice under the worst of inhuman conditions‼️

As I mentioned before, Shariah Law is the only answer to rectifying this problem. We need to punish these criminals with Shariah Law‼️

The ‘social justice warriors’ and their brethren should know that this is the ONLY possible way there is, for punishment to be meted out to them who have all but seen the back door to Christianity and Christian thought and beliefs‼️

The privileged liberals are tyrannical in doing what they do to us We The People of America‼️Let it be known that tyranny will await them when due punishment comes‼️

They have the gumption to claim that they ask the impertinent and blasphemous question of whether a man is pregnant or not, of patients who enter their hospitals, ONLY because there’s a “potential risk to unborn children“‼️

This from those who support and openly practice 👉🏻ABORTION‼️‼️‼️

At one point they say they support women against men. Then they support the transgender against women‼️‼️

Next, they want men to be pregnant when they are already what they call Pro Choice, which means they are openly engaged in the business of killing babies through ABORTION 👉🏻MURDER‼️

Can some one please tell me what their logic is, in engaging in this sick meaningless b. s.⁉️

They will and most probably might be asking seniors, if they are pregnant, next‼️That is just so possible in the way in which they are going about DISTORTING NATURE, right now‼️

They will then claim to be mentally unsound‼️

BUT, we are unfazed! We can see reality and the truth right where it is at, right now! Ahaha, we are not buying that crap! “No dementia escape clause” for Biden & Co.‼️

Don’t forget that these persons are employed in public service to serve the public and are being paid in most cases by tax payer money.

What must be the due punishment for criminals, so called ‘activists’, parading around calling themselves ‘social justice warriors’, acting in violation of all decency, commiting treacherous crimes and harming our very existence !? These are dangerous ⚠️ ⛔️ criminals and liars who MUST be dealt with under the severest extent of the law. They are a ruthless and disastrous lot who MUST be stopped at all cost.

An eminent lawyer said this to me: a liar is a greater criminal than a murderer, for he who murders and lies can even get away with murder!!

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