Why has the Left Retained Blacks to Act Stupid?!

In the Spotlight

By Sharmini Jayawardena

First, it was Kamala Harris as a hideously imbecilic VP, who laughs, nay guffaws, at people and children being harassed and abused at the US southern border, claiming she has no plan to relieve them of their misery, brought on by herself and her Administration. Her ludicrous behavior goes all the way up to making fun of refugees in Ukraine! When she’s called upon to speak, she engages in nothing but, Word Salad! A remarkable feat of accomplishment for the United States Vice President! All she can do is laugh in the face of human tragedy created by her and her own Party, the Democrat Party, the DNC, alone. This, having been aided and abetted by the RINO Republicans!! Her credentials include 👉🏻The controversial U. S. Attorney General in the state of California!

Btw, her Wikipedia page has been changed multiple time and now reads to state her background as “African American and Asian American”, which is false. Her father is of “Jamaican-American descent and NOT black American which is a markedly different. Read all about it here, and hear.

Enter ——- Juicy Smolley who can’t enact a fake hate crime for crying out loud, claiming to be a professional actor of Hollywood fame! Shame! Shame! Shame! He couldn’t effectively fake a fake hate crime to save himself! Faking a hate crime in and of itself being a hate crime. He would cry out at the verdict that he was “not suicidal”. The purpose of such an expostulation can only point at the many successfully engineered “suicided” missions blatantly executed by Hillary Clinton. What’s going on here?!

The dramatis personae expands in to more weak actors with them engaging Lightfoot all the way from Chicago, who dons the predominantly Scottish traditional garb, the kilt, to celebrate the most important Irish festival, that being St. Patrick’s Day!!! Guess s/he was trying to make a point to all of us, that s/he bears nothing at all underneath it all!! Lol!

Were it not the Democrats who held us up for what they called “cultural appropriation”, not so long ago?! They indulge in language corruption at will.

The circus 🤡 🎪 goes on with comic relief developing in to a slap in the face by Will Smith, one professional actor to another, Chris Rock, not professional enough to deter us from seeing the fakeness of it all!!! This, on the most important night of all for professional actors, the Oscars, which btw, conservatives have stopped watching of late. It is absolutely unwatchable with all of them readily lapsing into and waxing eloquent on politics they know little of. Politicizing an event that pertains to the arts 🎭 👉🏻Totally lacking in taste.

That slap was definitely a 👉🏻Lights, Camera and Action…, resulting in a far too quick 👉🏻Cut… as, it was a take directed by the likes of a Joe Biden, who’s fumbling, mumbling and blundering all over Europe, these days.

People are quick to run away with the idea that Joe Biden is a dementia patient. I beg to differ. He was caught on film by the press, cycling away with Jill Biden in Delaware, where he has been going in to hiding lately. I ask you all, the very salient question 👉🏻Could a dementia patient cycle of all things, with all of the coordination it requires? I believe the answer is an emphatic, No!

“Research has proven that sufficient exercise is important for people with dementia. Read in this article how cycling with dementia is an option with the special needs bikes from Van Raam.”

And this is how it looks 👇🏻

Special needs bike

And NOT this 👇🏻

A friend summed it up aptly ⬇️

“he’s not all there but he knows what he’s doing to Americans and America! NO DEMENTIA ESCAPE CLAUSE FOR JOE!!!!!…”

So, there you go.

With that having been gotten out of the way, the Democrat bimbos are engaging once more in trivializing issues that have to be dealt with, by more than an iota of seriousness and import! They want to make a mockery of all of us, Republicans and conservatives, as that’s who these Liberal democrats who are 👉🏻a bunch of clowns, think we are – a mockery!

The liberal elite believe, “the masses” are too ignorant to establish truth for themselves, and therefore they can be “lied to” and be manipulated! They believe it doesn’t really matter what form of the reality they hurl at you. They believe “the masses” will swallow it all with more than a bit of ludicrousness! This is how far these hypocrites, politicians, have gone to make a mockery of, We The People!

Well, they got it all wrong this time around! The Democrats better know that we are no longer their slaves on their plantations, believing and obeying every word the socialist masters, spew. We are far gone from those times when the masters could beckon us to do their bidding at their beck and call. No more apologetic withdrawals and moving along to get along, here.

Next in line on the socialist freak show, is the very erudite woman, (?), who doesn’t know if she’s a man or a woman 👉judge Ketanji Brown Jackson. (Now, I thought the blacks were all suppressed and all of that and do not receive an education, well?!). The sad fact is that s/he acts in this most ludicrous manner even after having received an ‘education’!).

Ketanji Brown Jackson grossly fails at being a lawyer and least of all a good one at that, when she can’t seem to come up with a rightful comeback or rebuttal to the Senates’ questions put to her, at the Senate Judiciary Committee’s confirmation hearing. This, for her confirmation to the highest court in the Country, the Supreme Court of the United States. This is Biden’s nominee to the SCOTUS.

I believe a fledgling law student would have done better than this woman? Man? In between thing? Fruit? Flower? Vegetable? As she can’t seem to be able to say what a woman is!!! She says she’s not a biologist!!! Do not belittle biologist, Ketanji B Jackson, stick to the Law that you don’t seem to be any good at‼️

What a shame! What misery, we are treated to!

This is a darn shame on the once most sought after system of education, the world over. The American education system, that through the decades has been brought to this, by successive socialist democrat and RINO lead governments. It stands at this ludicrous juncture at this present moment, with parents fighting for their children’s and that of their own rights, for a true education to be afforded to their children. An education sans Critical Theory‼️

Since CommonCore was introduced by these psychopath democrats and RINOs, to replace the existing curriculum, sadly, nothing has been the same in the area of education, let alone anywhere else, in America and around the world. Certainly, these psychotics are the very living embodiment of this very ludicrous system they have introduced to our midst! What a disaster!

The list goes on ad nauseum, people. Be it in the groups, ‘women’ or black, the end result has been the same. When Race becomes imperative, life becomes disparate, in every sense of the word.

How did any of these people manage to climb to the top of each of their respective careers, with this kind of addle brained thinking?! Your guess is as good as mine. This is what it means to be governed by Liberalism! This is what has come to be known as – Liberal Privilege! Corruption at every level!

You are liberally sub-standard. Liberalism encourages, nay fosters, nay demands, sexual degeneracy, sexual promiscuity, sexual perversion that gives rise to a gross decline of the human intellect. As they say, when you think with your dick, in this case your vagina, stuff happens. These are the means by which the liberals climb to ‘the top of the ladder’, as it were.

They seriously believe that sexuality is a subject to be taught in all of its profanities, in schools at classroom level to our children! They started this in the 60s, by teaching sex education to American children in schools in most of America, while the world gasped at the path they were headed in.

Teaching this crap to our children will end with our children being exactly like them 👉🏻Brain dead!

What did they say, the show “ain’t over till the fat lady sings”?!

Just when you are about to call it a wrap, here comes the prima donna, Bianca Castafiore, in the black 👉🏻the narcissistic megalomaniac 👉🏻Elie Mystal, correspondent of ‘The Nation’. Hear what s/he yells 👇🏻

““During a Wednesday, (March 2nd, 2022), appearance on a talk show for Salon, Mystal argued that the Constitution was drafted by “a bunch of rich, white politicians making deals with each other,” who owned slaves, and didn’t allow any non-White people into the room to have their voices heard, leading to his view that the nation’s founding document has been “given too much deference.”

“It’s certainly not sacred, let’s start there,” Mystal responded. “The Constitution is kind of trash.”

This guy is a piece of work. He clearly hasn’t studied history and his comments are anti-White which at any other time would be referred to as racism.”

He was retorting, “While discussing his new book: “Allow Me to Retort: A Black Guy’s Guide to the Constitution,”

“Mystal then continues to explain his ridiculous reasoning behind calling for the greatest founding document ever to be created to be thrown out.”” – TGP

Mystal is grotesquely mistaken here, what with h/er mistaken identity and mistaken education and mistaken position in life!

S/he must be told and taught that people who looked like h/er in the seventeen hundreds were not interested in the Constitution nor knew anything about it except for a few who bothered to educate themselves. Those who looked like him and did educate themselves, didn’t think like him anyway, then, and don’t think like him now, today‼️‼️‼️

All of the above ⬆️ Efforts, failing at achieving the desired results, proving to be nothing but utter anti-climaxes of all time‼️

All acts pivoting on the verge of the anti-climactic descent over the cliff ‼️‼️‼️ Let’s give them all the proverbial nudge, then ‼️

Curtain falls!

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