And…God created Man

In the Spotlight

By Sharmini Jayawardena

I’m no authority on Christianity or the Bible, but as the story goes God created Adam, in his image, then, God created Eve with Adam’s rib. The story goes on with Eve having committed irreversible and incontrovertible Sin by being lured and tempted by the Serpent into taking a bite off of the apple that he dangled at her, which is seen as the Devil.

That been said, one socialist on Facebook said to me that God created homosexuals. No.God didn’t create homosexuals. Socialists created homosexuals out of thin air just like they created fiat money out of thin air. A dud !!

What is Fiat Money? Well, it is money that is printed with no actual value in gold backing it. Just like the Biden Administration is doing right now. They print reams and reams of this worthless paper money sending inflation sky rocketing. Your money has no value while the goods you purchase with this money are very high in price.

Similarly, your homosexual partner is a farcical entity as he or she does NOT bear any real value. Even though homosexuals partner with persons of their same sex, these relationships still identify as the female aspect of the relationship and the male aspect. In any given homosexual relationship. there still is the one partner who represents the male component of the relationship and the one who represents the female. Why the claim to sexual bias and the so called binary identity, if you are actually not living out that scenario?

Homosexuals literally hate heterosexual people. Yet, the moment they enter into a relationship of their same sex, most of them crave having children. How do they have these children? This blasphemous practice that has been going on, further encouraged by political and social structures is stupefying.

Homosexuals have children through In Vitro Fertilization with the help and assistance of heterosexual human beings. Yet, they hate them! Where will this lunacy end?!

Who created homosexuals? Not God, as the troll above on Facebook insisted He did! God would never create abominations of his own creation which he created in his image. Homosexuals were created by the Socialist Darwinist ‘progressive’ globalist elite !!! This point must be driven home to those who have been grossly misguided, mislead, and misdirected, on their path to seeking the truth about this matter.

Just as the socialists created fake subjects like sociology, human resource and political science, to name a few, they created material to be thought in these areas of study, so that those who pursue these subjects had something to occupy their minds with. So those colleges that offered these subjects in their curriculum had something ‘tangible’ to teach them. This is the sole and singular reason why and how homosexual behavior evolved over the centuries to culminate in the widespread practice of it that we see today. The widespread study of it as it exists today to be found inside subjects such as sociology, is how this practice proliferates.

Further, if I may add to this fiasco, the fact remains that what Sociology and sociologists have foisted upon us human beings, which is homosexuality, is in fact directly opposed to religion. These religions in particular being, the Christian and Islamic faiths.

While it is blasphemous to both call yourself a lesbian and a Christian, it is also “haram” in Islam to be a practising homosexual adherent of the Faith! These two aspects don’t go together. They are directly opposed to each other. They are in conflict with each other.

If you read the facts about the very new Foreign Minister of Australia, you will find she’s a lesbian of ethnic Chinese origins who claims to be a practicing “Christian”. Now, she doubt duped the voter because she “came out” with the fact of being a lesbian only after she was voted in as a Senator. Why did she withhold this information from the voters up until that time?!

The voters no doubt felt betrayed but just as in everything else, very few people on this planet are willing to fight the good fight to the end. In effect they are mostly short changed but carry on regardless of the unkindly and unjust blows they are constantly dealt. But this should not be!

This is the reason I’m writing on this sad and bewildering topic as I find there’s grave injustice being meted out to the electorate by their so called representatives which has gone on unabated for a very long time. This betrayal, which has got to be eradicated fast.

These are the surreptitious and insidious methods that socialists employ so as to distract, side track and de-rail conservatives all over the world. Us conservatives MUST take heed and follow up on all wrong doings and all wrong done to us by our elected officials or soon to be elected official who MUST NOT be allowed to go scot-free with cheating you.

Betrayal is the worst form of weaponized tactic that the socialist/ communists employ to drive you into submission! Let not that be your own story. Let your own story be one of courageous victory, followed through to the end.

Tyranny knows no bounds ! They demand your total submission through the act of Subjugation !

Keep Fighting the Good Fight, Fellow Patriots !

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