Democrats > find someone your own size to Exterminate!!!

In the Spotlight

By Sharmini Jayawardena

In the wake of this brouhaha surrounding a leaked draft document of the SCOTUS proclaiming their vote for sending Roe v Wade to the Sates to decide, the renowned ‘Law’ on abortion, that has existed for long time in America, I’m calling upon the Democrats who support abortion to think it over.

You Democrats have a proven track record for being the most sissy and corrupt bastards on this planet for a very long time. You can add to that heap, those RINO Republicans who can’t say boo to a goose. These are the likes of Mitch McConnell and Lindsay Graham and the lot.

These sorry excuses for humans are the most cowardly and parasitic entities in existence, along with the Democrats, Nancy Pelosis, the Obamas and the like. They choose to kill the most vulnerable within us – our babies!!!

Can’t these shameless parasites of society just take a good look into themselves just for once?! Can’t they do some self examination, some soul searching if you will, and look into themselves and not be so self absorbed, for just once?!

Yes. I’m talking to the radical liberal Left here. What is the point in you making a great big hue and cry about supporting this marginalized group or that? This environmentally endangered species or that?! When all the babies you kill in broad daylight die showing and exposing, what cruel and heartless beings you truly are.

The Second Amendment to the American Constitution tells us to be brave and strong to protect those most vulnerable in our communities. Our families, our communities and our Country. You can’t even begin to live up to the expectations of this tenant when you have stymied American lives at birth!!!

These are crimes against humanity punishable by the fullest extent of the Law. Know this you lame and intrepid Democrat and RINO superfluities. You really do not count in the greater scheme of things because you are baby killers and #AbortionIsMurder

Murder of those who can’t help themselves. Murder of those who can’t defend themselves. Murder of those who have no voice to speak for themselves.

Come on, be the strong human being you aught to be. Be that person who put another’s life before your putrid convenience for once. What’s going on with you so called people, stop thinking and screaming your brainless heads off saying it’s your body and it’s your choice!! Who put this shit into your heads?! For God’s sakes put someone else first before yourselves. It’s not all about you you and you alone.

Think!!! Think for once!! Abortion is not birth control. Start practicing birth control to stop yourselves from conceiving babies. Do you even know the reason why these Pelosis and Obamas ask you to be the ones to keep aborting your children over and over again?! They ask you to do this so that they can make money off of what they call “human mice” that can also produce avenues to keep themselves youthful and good looking with the consumption of these fetuses and fetal body parts or the products they help produce. It’s always about themselves and this time around, their vanities of all things !

American Democrats and RINOs must really find some beings their own size to murder and kill. Why are you lame jackasses even taking abortion as a solution to solve your ego problems. What earthly reason do you have to hate these babies so much?! The only reason I can see is the fact that they are Americans coz you hate Americans so much. You are all anti-American!

Who’s committing hate crimes, here?

The very entities that say they are fighting against “hate speech” and “ hate crimes” are the very entities who are ridden with hatred and commit crimes against their own kind. You Democrats and RINOs have so much hatred in you that it has turned you into angry disgusting zombies. You are some of the ugliest women in the Country and so are your men! Just look at Bill Clinton now!!! Take a look at Mitch McConnell!!! Even my great great grandad looked peaceful and handsome at your age.

Democrats, you truly must have your heads examined. It’s no wonder the conservatives have such hashtags as #liberalismisamentaldisorder and #liberalismisamentaldisease
It is absolutely true if you take the time to sit down, look back and take a good look at and into yourselves. This is preposterous on your part to be so blind!!! Who did this to you? The Deep State? Why are you surrendering yourselves to Deep State monsters who’s only goal in life is to have total control of this world?! Why are you becoming slaves to the control freaks of the likes of Soros, the Rothschilds and the Warburgs? Do you even know what’s really happening to you?!

I implore you to give up supporting these evil behemoths that have one thing in their minds which is world domination. Entities that have such over the top bloated minds, that think so bloatedly of themselves must be marched off to their very own re-education camps for re-wiring because they have truly got their wires crossed.

We can’t help you if you can’t help yourselves. Us conservatives do not believe in receiving government hand outs in any way because we believe that’s how the powers that be entrap you and abuse you through total control. You have got to start being in charge. Take your lives into your own hands and turn your lives around. Get yourselves a life. Not one where you scream your throats off and meltdown like snowflakes. Get yourselves a real life where you can be free from domination by others.

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