Here’s How the Demoncrats will Out Manoeuvre Themselves into a Victory in the Midterm

In the Spotlight

By Sharmini Jayawardena

There are two factors to be addressed here. The Midterm on coming November 8, will be sullied by either a new viral attack of a new strain of the Covid-19 or an altogether new one. By this the Demoncrats will ensure the need for drop boxes, and signature verification and voter ID not being a requirement to cast your vote, along with a plethora of other voter fraud instruments. They will claim they are making it easy for minority and so called marginalized groups to vote! The same card the Demoncrats played in the 2020 Election, only with a minor difference.

Or, this other factor is also a possibility. The Demoncrats may spin an entirely new tactic, that being climate change. This, the next challenge up for humanity, brought to them by none other than the Democrat Party itself! In the end it will be up to each one of the countries of this planet to prove how effective they are in battling climate related chaos, created by the globalists.

There is also the belief that their next manufactured crisis will be energy shortages and outages.

These are all possibilities that will once again turn the Election around to bring them a victory!

All that the conservative grifters have done so far to put to right the matters arising from the above and to put a stop to obstacles that will be hurled at the conservative Republicans in coming weeks and months are, none other than lulling them into complacency. This, Election maneuvering, as they’ve been doing for decades.

For, if the conservatives acted upon the injustice been done to them by the Democrats, and they resorted to real action, matters would be put to right and there will end the grifters’ never ending source of funding – the anxiety ridden disconcerted conservative Republican who is their cash cow ‼️‼️‼️

The grifters dish out to the American middle class, exactly what they want to hear and exactly what they want the grifters to give them. That’s to act the nanny claiming they are secure in the hands of the grifters, and patting them to sleep so that no feathers will be ruffled.

The conservative Republicans want the grifters to be their idiot box bringing to them their own version of Operation Mockingbird that does not demand too much mental or physical effort on their part.

Either it’s the government Big Brother or it’s your own brand of Big Brother as in the conservative grifters, telling you how you have been cheated by the government Big Brother and how much action or inaction you must engage in!!!

Either way, the losers are the conservative Republican voters who do not want to face the Truth of them being taken for a good ride over many decades by both Democrats and RINOs. Even if some of them have awakened to the Truth about all of this, they will be happy just posting a meme on social media.

Will posting memes to social media solve the burning issues, especially on the 2020 Election fraud⁉️ Don’t you have to form your #committeesofcorrespobdence and unite to address these issues like the Founders did back in the seventeen hundreds⁉️

The conservative Republicans are even ever willing to part with their good and hard earned money in exchange for the grifters playing the nanny role. They just want to be mollycoddled in to their comfort zone that does not require any real action to be take by them to change the existing status quo that is responsible for all of the ongoing mayhem and lunacy that comes out of Washington DC.

The conservative Republicans will do anything that will ensure that they do nothing about anything. With the Election laws not having been changed in any of the states of these United States, barring but a few, the result of the coming Midterm is a foregone conclusion.

Absolutely nothing has been done by the former president Donald J. Trump to make sure those who deserve a victory will be ensured one. There is nothing much he can do either, as he’s not in government, that could make him change legislature. He’s doing the only thing he can do and that is filing law suits against all those who dealt injustice on him for as long as he was in the Oval Office, besides forming his very own social media platform, which is huge.

Hopefully, when he does get back in the Oval Office, he will have nothing to do with administrating Truth Social!

That being granted, except for Florida and Texas, and most recently, in Missouri, I believe no legislature of importance has been passed especially in the area of Election integrity, since the Demoncrats took office, in either Democrat run states or in Republican run states. This is absolutely saddening. The fact that a document so sacrosanct as the United States Constitution is given very little respect by those on both sides of the isle, is stupefying.

Without this august document, nothing significant can be achieved in the Country either. The Demoncrats know very well that they no longer need to depend on real voters for their existence. The Demoncrat minions will stand to lose the most and suffer backlash the most from this debacle.

I believe they know this and they don’t want to face it. This being the reason why they go in to spasms of hysterical outrage whenever one of their ‘pet’ issues are destroyed by the simple application of the intellect by either side, when ever few times it happens.

Examples of this being the draft decision by Republican justices of the SCOTUS to place Roe v Wade in the hands of the states, having been leaked, which the Democrat hierarchy themselves would’ve engineered. The other being the stymying of the filibuster rule being overturned, orchestrated by Democrat senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema.

The Democrat hierarchy knows they no longer require real voters. This was made evident to them by the way in which playing every trick in their radical playbook of Rules for Radicals, fell right in to place in the 2020 Election. The matter is so obvious that patriots now know that election rigging has been going on in America for decades without the grassroots knowing anything about it. All of Republican We The People have been turning a blind eye to these important factors due to lethargy and inertia, and also due to work, and other day to day exigencies. In other words, Big Brother has made sure that you will be kept otherwise occupied!

That being said, it is guaranteed that voters are no longer needed for election victories to take place! Machines and mules are capable of delivering one!

Why do you think you need fundraisers for elections? Why do you think vested interest and lobbyists pour millions of dollars into the election machinery? It is explicitly for the purpose of paying dark money to mules who drop fake ballots in to drop boxes as shown in the documentary, 2000 Mules, also to ensure the operation of other corrupt election practices. Electioneering is also a lucrative form of money laundering.

Ask yourselves that question – why does a law maker even require mountains of money to run for his next election, if he has carried out what his electorate sent him to Washington DC to do, in the first place?!

These are very salient questions that need valid answers from both sides of the aisle.

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