President Trump Files Massive Lawsuit Against Hillary Clinton

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Former President Donald Trump on Thursday filed what might be best described as an archlawsuit of grievances against myriad actors associated with the Democratic Party, the FBI, and Russiagate.

The named defendants in the 108-page civil lawsuit include, but are not limited to, Hillary Clinton, the Democratic National Committee, the Democratic Party law firm Perkins Coie, that firm’s former partner Michael Sussmann, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Fusion GPS, Christopher Steele, former FBI Director James Comey, former FBI agent Peter Strzok, former FBI attorneys Lisa Page and Kevin Clinesmith, and former deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe. Also sued are several “John Does” and unknown corporations.

The Thursday lawsuit alleges the following 16 counts, but not all counts are alleged against all defendants. Here is a list of the claims and a sampling of some of the named defendants:

(1) RICO law* violations;

(2) RICO conspiracy;

(3) injurious falsehood;

(4) conspiracy to commit injurious falsehood;

(5) malicious prosecution;

(6) conspiracy to commit malicious prosecution;

(7) computer fraud and abuse;

(8) theft of trade secrets;

(9) violations of the Stored Communications Act;

(10) agency (e.g., that Clinton acted as a principal and directed her agents to harm Trump);

(11) respondeat superior (e.g., that Perkins Coie “is vicariously responsible for the torturous conduct of its agents, servants, representatives, employees and/or contractors”);

(12) respondeat superior/vicarious liability against the DNC;

(13) respondeat superior/vicarious liability against the Clinton Campaign;

(14) respondeat superior/vicarious liability against fusion GPS;

(15) respondeat superior/vicarious liability against Orbis Business Intelligence LTD;

(16) respondeat superior/vicarious liability against Neustar.

*Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act

The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act(RICO) of 1970 seeks to strengthen the legal tools in evidence gathering by establishing new penal prohibitions and providing enhanced sanctions and new remedies for dealing with the unlawful activities of those engaged in organized crime.”

“But the lawsuit itself contains several dubiously blurry assertions. After balking that “Trump and his campaign were forced to expend tens of millions of dollars in legal fees to defend against” the “contrived and unwarranted proceedings” which resulted from the probe by Special Counsel Robert Mueller into whether or nor Russian agents and operatives influenced the 2016 election, the lawsuit characterized Trump as having been “exonerate[d]” by Mueller’s findings.

“Justice would ultimately prevail,” the lawsuit alleges. “[F]ollowing a two-year investigation, Special Counsel Mueller went on to exonerate Donald J. Trump and his campaign with his finding that there was no evidence of collusion with Russia.””

According to Leafblogazine, just because Special Counsel Robert Mueller goes on to exonerate Donald J. Trump, does NOT mean Mueller can get off scot free. Mueller along with those who engaged him in this most insidious, most injurious of injustices MUST BE BROUGHT TO BOOK AND PUNISHED TO THE FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW. This MUST BE DONE so as to ensure that never again will an employee of a government agency paid for by tax payer funding, and members of a political Party and such a Party, ever engage in such treasonous actions, ever again.

The Judiciary is duty bound to PUNISH those guilty to ENSURE that these gross criminal acts committed against a Nation and its’ People, these gross criminal acts committed against We The People of America will NEVER EVER BE RESORTED TO EVER AGAIN.

The Judiciary is duty bound by AMERICA 🇺🇸, NOT TO CREATE SUCH A PRECEDENT ‼️

“Based on recent developments and the overall direction of Durham’s investigation, it seems all but certain that additional indictments are forthcoming.”

“Clinton attempted to shield her involvement through a barricade of agents working on her behalf.
Once retained Perkins Coie, was tasked with spearheading the mission to find or fabricate proof of a sinister link between Trump and Russia in the lead-up to the 2016 Presidential Election.”

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That’s right Mr. President hit them where it hurts most and get them by their b****. Even though technically none of them have the b**** or the brains for it. Definitely not to get through this one! They only have cunning. That’s all they’ve got!

Us patriots are all hoping 🤞and praying 🙏 for these crooks to be brought to justice and shown the hangman’s noose for the outright treason they have all been committing and getting away with for far too
long ‼️

These b******* MUST be brought to justice so that never again will the likes of this tripe think they are above the law ‼️

These trashy globalist elite have gone on far too long thinking they can cheat We The People and toss our great Constitution in the garbage 🗑 .

Let’s see who’s going to be tossed in the garbage now ‼️


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