The Delicious Loh Mai Kai (Chinese Dim Sum)

Bundled pork, mushroom, (possibly shiitake mushroom), black eyed peas in glutinous rice. Delicious parcels of food wrapped in bamboo leaf, in this case, presented to me by friends. Thank you 🙏 😊 so much.

This is dim sum had during tea time. A tea time delicacy.

Here’s what I uncovered online about Loh Mai Kai:

“Lo mai gai[a] (Chinese: 糯米雞; Cantonese Yale: noh mái gāi), literally “glutinous rice chicken”, is a classic dim sum dish served during yum cha.[1] The portion size of lo mai gai is generally quite large, so there is a smaller variant created known as jan jyu gai(Chinese: 珍珠雞; Cantonese Yale: jān jyū gāi; lit.’pearl chicken’).”

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