Let’s get the RINOs out of here

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By Sharmini Jayawardena 

RINOs RINOs RINOs everywhere you look in America ‼️‼️ We The People MUST get these Republican In Name Only turncoats out of office ‼️ FAST ‼️


RINOs are the reason America has come to this state of despair, disparity, desperation, distortion, degeneration  and disrepute. 

They are within America and the world over. They create the climate in which the Democrat cannibals are able to thrive. They aid and abet in all of the Democrat injustices and unconstitutional actions and inactions. We The People MUST get these RINOs out before November 3rd 2022 turns up.

Flush them out of your school boards, counties and states right now !

The RINOs were created by the Democrats to make sure the Republicans will be forever diluted. To make sure there’s no way a true conservative Republican will ever come to the executive. In the recent past Americans have seen the two Bushes, father and son both RINOs and Clinton, a Democrat and an out of state non-entity put forward by the DNC or Democratic National Committee, by the name of Barack Obama and now his vice president Joe Biden, holding the reigns. These rinos and democrats have ruined the Country in every way over the decades.

The only exception being the presidency of Donald J. Trump, who was NOT a career politician coming through the rungs of government bureaucracy, pandering to demands of the establishment. Trump being a populist, with a  proven track record of having built a sound economy, now stands as the best choice of candidate for presidency being fielded by any party. Over and above all else remains the fact that Trump is an honest to the core leader, as honest a man as one can get. 

The Republicans also have a great statesman in Ron De Santis, current governor of Florida, who could easily be a good running mate for President Trump in 2024.

Looks like the Republicans have it all made to run and win the races in the November 3rd 2022 Midterm and the 2024 presidential election. What could possibly go wrong ?

Any of the following factors can deal a tragic blow to the Republicans, apart from the most important factor of getting rid of the rinos, as they prep themselves for the coming elections.

Massive Election fraud in 2020 and voter fraud not having been decisively and permanently exposed, addressed and decertified.

No action having been taken to establish election integrity and no election laws being put in place to ensure free and fair elections in the states, in future elections.

Conservatives not having to date formed their committees of correspondence !!!

Where’s the protection in the event of any planned tragedy targeted at the Republicans in the future ?

Where’s the protection for conservatives in the event of a resounding victory for the Republicans ?

What is the guarantee that the votes will be counted accurately this time around even with planned hoards of poll watchers and election lawyers going to be  present on that night ?

What is their Plan B in the event the same hanky panky rigging goes on as in 2020, in 2022 ?

It will be already too late to get organized to meet any of these demands on the Republicans, by then.


We The People patriots need to gather themselves together way ahead of the coming Midterm if any valid outcome is to be had for them. Think about it. Do something towards this end.. 

A fellow patriot put forward the Convention of States to me recently. That will not do. The Convention of States is already infiltrated by RINOs in Minnesota in the form of RINO Pete Hegseth, in case you are unaware of this very important fact ‼️

RINOs are everywhere and conservatives are not seeing it. Amongst us right now are those who have in the past voted for both or one of the Bushes, for example. They may still hold within them, the guilt of having foolishly done so. 

Besides that, there are definitely voters amongst us who are rino supporters even though we don’t see them. They are in our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter groups, watching us, not saying a thing. Of course rino voters are there amongst us if there are rinos holding office ‼️

We The People must weed the rinos out and take stock of who they are and how many of them there are out there. It is not possible to achieve this acting solo. We are strong in our numbers. This is why we must form the committees. Very important.

RINOs make it possible for election fraud to go on. Take for example Georgia Governor, Brian Kemp and Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger ‼️ These two rinos are the reason that We The People are hard pressed to call the 2020 Election null and void in Georgia. 

“The first standing Committee of Correspondence was formed by Samuel Adams, [cousin of John Adams],  and twenty other Patriot leaders in November of 1772 in Boston in response to the Gaspée Affair, which had occurred the previous June in the colony of Rhode Island.”

“These Committees of Correspondence were intercolonial standing provincial governments. The first of these provincial governments was formed in November of 1772 in Boston. Since the end of the French and Indian War, the city of Boston had become the hotbed of radicalism in the American colonies, so it was no wonder the first Committee of Correspondence was formed in Boston. In late 1773, the Boston Committee of Correspondence was charged with managing the “tea crisis” and was the driving force of the December 16, 1773, Boston Tea Party, which was carried out by the Sons of Liberty. The Boston Committee of Correspondence and the Sons of Liberty worked in conjunction with one another; the majority, if not all, of the members of the Boston Committee of Correspondence were also members of the furtive Sons of Liberty. The Committees of Correspondence were established on the notion of diplomacy and served as a springboard for action, whereas the Sons of Liberty were an underground organization which operated in secrecy and used force, intimidation, and took physical action. The Committees of Correspondence rallied colonial opposition against British policy and established a political union among the Thirteen Colonies.”

We can do the same today while we find ourselves in the cusp of a new kind of revolution to face the most daunting of forces, that being what has come to be known as the deep state of the globalist cabal which leaves no stone unturned in soughting to completely destroy the patriotic We The People of America and the American Republic ‼️ 

We must take stock of our options and move forward with forward thinking, to be prepared for the upcoming Midterm Election. Now ‼️

The only Committees existing as of now are Restore Our American Republic Meetings which have been formed in St. Paul and Twin Cities, Minnesota ‼️

Let us see committees being formed in other states as well.

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