Pirates vs the Republic – Which Side are you on? & The Floodgates Have Opened. Pain Is Coming

In the Spotlight

These two videos were shared by Don T. Mashak. The words below are by Sharmini Jayawardena.


It is true I shared this video below with all of you, our Leafers, out of the need for all of us to learn about the Laws governing us as against our God given Natural Laws. It is true I agree with all of that these women say about corporeity of our Nation, which has been transformed in to a corporation, and thereby the lives the of We The People. I agree with the pirates not having jurisdiction over all of us. Leafblogazine has written about this in numerous posts. the most illuminating on this subject being in the the following ⬇️on constitutionality.

Yet, when Barney on this video brings to their notice, (towards the end of the video), the horrifying story of the lady who has suffered untold tragedy in the hands of pure evil, who has abused and tormented her since she was an eight year old child, to be used as a breeder of children, who in turn are being abused, this horrific practice that goes on in Florida, they say nothing about it !!!!! This lady is now thirty or so years old and is being kept in a prison there, with the assistance of the judges there, who are in cohorts with the mafia !!!Absolutely nothing do they say about it !!!! If these women can’t help this lady suffering in a Florida jail possibly, how can we take anything they say seriously ????? They come across as being equally evil as those whom they point a finger at, sadly !!!!

These two women’s response to this on going tragedy, or the total lack there of, is shocking to say the least.

Why are they not giving us contact information on Barney, who knows everything about how to beat the gross System that has taken away all of our rights, that we are all entrapped in ? Very sad !!!

Start forming your own Committees of Correspondence, People. You are your only hope.

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