Pirates vs the Republic – Which Side are you on? & The Floodgates Have Opened. Pain Is Coming

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These two videos were shared by Don T. Mashak.

The words below are by Sharmini Jayawardena.


It is true I shared this video below with all of you, our Leafers, out of the need for all of us to learn about the so called Laws governing us right now, as against our God given Natural Laws. It is true I agree with all of that these women say about corporeality of our Nation, which has been transformed in to a corporation, and thereby the lives of that of We the People. I agree with the pirates not having jurisdiction over all of us. Leaf Blogazine has written about this in numerous past posts. The most illuminating on this subject being the the following ⬇️on constitutionality.

Yet, when Barney on this video brings to their notice, (towards the end of the video), the horrifying story of the lady who has suffered untold tragedy in the hands of pure evil, who has abused and tormented her since she was an eight year old child, to be used as a breeder of children, who in turn are being abused, this horrific practice that goes on in Florida, they say nothing about it !!!!! This lady is now thirty or so years old and is being kept in a prison over there, with the assistance of the judges there, who are in cohorts with the mafia !!!Absolutely nothing do they say about it !!!! If these women can’t help this lady suffering in a Florida jail possibly, how can we take anything they say seriously ????? They come across as being equally evil as those whom they point a finger at, sadly !!!!

These two women’s response, to this on going tragedy, or the total lack there of, is shocking to say the least.

Why are they not giving us contact information on Barney, who knows everything about how to beat the gross System that has taken away all of our rights, that we are all entrapped in ? Very sad !!!

Start forming your own Committees of Correspondence, People. You are your only hope.

That being said, Here’s What I Take Away from Watching Pirates vs The Republic:

There are three tiers of the law. Air, earth and water. Air is Trust Law. Earth is Equity Law. Water is Maritime or Admiralty Law.

Our Courts, the lawyers, judges and the police including everything that goes to support this system are the pirates. They belong to pirate court. They have no jurisdiction over you or your children and your moveable and immovable property.

When you are born they give you a birth certificate denoting ownership of yourself by them. You are given various documents in the form of marriage certificates, drivers license, and so on to prove this very need for them to own you. For owning you will oil their apparatus that makes tons of money for them. All of these pieces of paper only go to prove that you’re a dead person not living.

However they have no jurisdiction over you as they are all foreign entities opposed to the original constitution.

The birth certificate unless signed by you gives no authority for them to own you. There is no legally  binding contract.

The passport is the only document that further enhances your presence or existence as a living person with the right to move around in far away places.

Issuing summonses on a person is an illegal act. What you do when you are issued one is to show up in courts without legal representation. The moment you hire a lawyer it means you have accepted you are a dead person.

So you show up in courts and the judge will declare that you have committed this and this offense against the state of Texas. You say but your honor, I have brought the state of Texas with me and you put your twenty or so friends that you have brought with you on the witness stand.

You ask each of them: have I harmed or injured you be having done this act ? And each of your friends say no not at all. To which the judge has to respond with a dismissal of the case !!!! This is what must happen and should happen and will prevail in all future dealings with these pirate courts in the future when people become savvy on the fact that they are being cheated of their very rights as living human beings.

So you see, all government agencies like the DOJ, DOD, FBI, CIA, FDA. EPA, CDC, and the lot are all foreign entities. The UN and the WHO and all of its arms and branches worldwide are all foreign agencies as far as American nationals are concerned and do not have to comply with their laws and orders.

I’ve always felt like we’ve been short changed by these agencies and those who work or represent them as it felt like injustice to me. It felt like they were unjustifiable in everything they did and didn’t do to us and that these agencies needed to be dismantled. This I felt was especially so since they are all paid for by our tax dollars to work against us and that felt to me as being severely unfair and unjust.

While reading R. Buckminster Fuller I felt the same thing was being exposed by him and I wrote about it. I am sharing it here.

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