EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW With Indicted January 6th Protester Who Released Zoom Call EXONERATING Proud Boys From SEDITIOUS CONSPIRACY — TELL-ALL VIDEO

In the Spotlight

Indicted Air Force Veteran and Proud Boy AJ Fischer spoke to the Gateway Pundit via video conference regarding the video he released to us that provides proof that the leaders of the Proud Boy drinking fraternity did not commit a seditious conspiracy or plan on going inside the Capitol on the day of January 6th, 2021.

Rather, the “seditious conspiracy” planning meeting the Biden Regime alluded to in multiple indictments and court filings was more like a disorganized Zoom frat meeting of locker room chatter, planning for self defense against violent Antifa attacks and discussion on how to stay out of trouble and sober the day of the January 6th rally.

Help Air Force Veteran A J Fischer for his legal expenses while he awaits trial here.

Please see our exclusive interview with AJ Fischer here as he awaits trial from home:

Read and view the whole story at The Gateway Pundit link below –

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