How does this work out ?? How to Un-unionize the Democrats

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By Sereniti James 

20th June 2022

The Biden Administration Supports Green Energy. Elon Musk Makes ⅔ of All EVs in America. Tesla NOT invited to White House Meeting on EV. Democrat Party is Heavily Unionized, says Elon Musk. How to Un-unionize the Democrats ???

“Elon Musk has been on a tear against the Democrat party, a party he once supported and identified with.

“The general public is not aware of the degree to which unions control the Democratic Party. One does not need to speculate on this point,” he said.

“Last year, Biden held an EV summit where Tesla was explicitly not allowed to come, but the [United Auto Workers] was. So, Tesla has made two-thirds of all the electric vehicles in the United States,” he said.

Tesla, which is owned by Musk, is not unionized, which Musk says is because of “negative unemployment” in the Bay Area, which means his employees can pursue other opportunities if they want to.

“So, deliberately excluding us from an EV summit at the White House — but including UAW — tells you everything you need to know,” the CEO said.

“They have so much power over the White House that they can exclude Tesla from an EV summit — insane,” he said.

He was annoyed that Biden praised GM CEO Mary Barra at the summit as the leader of the “EV revolution,” in a quarter when GM made a mere 26 electric vehicles. “That’s some next-level insanity,” he said.”

Heres’ Adam Andrzejewski of on this factor.

Patriots, start joining your school boards and everything that amounts to a group through which the Democrats and RINOs dominate the populace. Here’s what your school board members are up to 👇🏻

“Prosecutors are seeking a one-year prison sentence for a school board member, [Guillermina Fuentes], in southern Arizona for illegally collecting four early ballots during the 2020 primary election.

But if probation is imposed instead, prosecutors said the judge should then enforce a provision of Guillermina Fuentes’ plea deal that bars her from holding public office while on probation. Fuentes and another woman, Alma Juarez, were scheduled to be sentenced Thursday afternoon on a ballot abuse conviction in Yuma, but the hearing has been postponed until Sept. 1.

Authorities say Fuentes, a former San Luis mayor, ran a sophisticated operation using her status in Democratic politics in the Arizona border city to persuade voters to let her gather and, in some cases, fill out their ballots. But the crime she admitted in court last month does not involve filling out ballots or any broader efforts.

In a court filing Wednesday, prosecutors said Fuentes “appears to have been caught on video running a modern-day political machine seeking to influence the outcome of the municipal election in San Luis, collecting votes through illegal methods, and then using another person to bring the ballots the last few yards into the ballot box.”

The criminal ballot traffickers will continue to roam the streets, able to funnel more ballots and steal the August 2nd Primary Elections.

As The Gateway Pundit reported, Mark Brnovich received the video evidence months before the 2020 General Election, and he still allowed these criminals to remain free and steal the Presidential Election. Brnovich is doing it again, letting Arizona down.”

These are grave crimes for which the criminal had not been found guilty of in the case of two felony charges for forging ballot signatures on envelopes, and sentencing only for the lame charge of one count of ballot abuse. It is not clear why the two charges were dropped ‼️‼️‼️

Patriots MUST break the stranglehold of the Left from within those groups. This has got to be done if you are to see any real change happen inside our Great Country.

Work your way into the inner workings of the unions and dilute those sick entities. They pretend to support the workers or the members of the unions when all of their actions only go to harm the company or government body you work for. The more unionized you get, the more your employer loses. When your employer becomes financially weak, the organization you’re working for will be shut down !!! They then make you beholden to them, by making you dependent on government handouts. This is simple common sense. I guess common sense is the most uncommon sense in these times. 

I get it, you guys don’t want your employer to prosper because he makes you work. You want to get handouts from anyone who allows you to sit at home and do nothing. That’s the reason why you want the government to prosper. But this doesn’t work in your favor either. It eventually ends in you being a kept ready slave who will have to say “yes” to every single demand on you from then on. Ultimately you find yourself having no say in matters pertaining to your life whatsoever.

Is this where you want to be ? Just think about it for a moment.

From the COVID-19 Virus that created a pandemic the world has moved on to a global food crisis with the onset of the Ukraine war instigated by the Biden regime. Nobody knew that a food crisis was in the offing. But obviously the Global Reset and it’s World Economic Forum and the Rockefeller Foundation, did. 

The Rockefeller Foundation was aware of the onset of a global famine:

“”For some context, economic fascism, as personified by the regimes of Nazi Germany and fascist Italy, encompassed government-mandated “partnerships” between business, government and unions organized by a system of regional “economic chambers,” and a philosophy where “the common good comes before the private good.”

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