Radium Girls

In the Spotlight

By Don T. Mashak

Please Watch “RADIUM GIRLS” (2020)

Too many of you dont want to believe the PROGRESSIVE GLOBALIST Elites, DINOs, RINOs & Useful Idiots are as evil as I say they are. (http://rebrand.ly/SDAgenda)

The EVIL PROTAGONISTS in this movie are the PROGRESSIVE GLOBALIST Elites who believe the rich have the right to exploit the masses. 

 You can FACT-CHECK my Perspective of Reality by asking yourself each day, 

“Does what’s occurring in the world make more sense from the Perspective of Reality that I paint, or the machinated Perspective of Reality that the Progressive Political Establishment and Progressive Mainstream Media paints?”. 

 Follow your own instincts.

Those were my thoughts. 

Thank you for your time. 

In Liberty, 
Don Mashak 
The Cynical Patriot 
Rt 1 Box 231 
Albertville MN  55301

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