We Need To Get Back Our True Future: Word Distortion, Word Salad and what you will of the Democrat Lunacy and Hypocrisy

In the Spotlight

By Sharmini Jayawardena 

12th July 2022

The socialist globalist cabal has hijacked, nay misappropriated our environment, stolen our rainbow and ripped apart our language and we need to get them back for ourselves. We need to take them back like we own them. Like we did when we were smart and no whimsy moron could lay claim to them.

Today’s (July 21st 2022), news says:

I never went to this rotten dictionary for anything of importance anyway. I always knew it was a fake dictionary.

Let’s harken back to the days when America was great. Hence the need to make America Great Again !!!

How we get back our future, our true future, is by shedding our society off of its cruel and mean streaks. Streaks like socialism for starters. Depopulation among other crimes like thieving, looting, arson, murder, maiming were all cruel streaks that the communists and socialists who were the ‘progressive’ globalist elite knew how to do and did do. They need to be removed from our midst and our atmosphere cleansed of them.

To achieve this is to set out to group together and kick them where it hurts most. Form your own grassroots group:

Us conservatives will make sure no blood is shed. For, we hold the guns and we know what it means to spill blood. Blood is a substance that was so clean, when it was clean blood, that it could make dirt evaporate to the touch of it. So, spilling blood meant purification without having to absolve your crimes. That was not the way to go.

Each one of them out there who had committed a crime, grave crimes against humanity, had to pay for their sins for having done so. Meaning, having committed a crime. Which meant saying “Sorry”, but that was not enough. The word had to be followed by a rider, “It will never happen again.” That was the important part of it all. That rider.

Having said that, it was not enough just to go along as if nothing happened. They had to pay penance and penance was almost always having to do jail time with or without torture. There was also the punishment of death for the worst offenders.

Now that the New Age and not the New World Order was dawning as in Great Again, we were considering the odds of having to unleash those punishments on the criminals. Wouldn’t it be more indignant for them to be held accountable in a way that shamefully incriminated them. In other words, place them in GTMO and have them forced into watching how we were going ahead with our plans for Making it Great Again ?! The snowflakes would truly MELT !! The Great Melt Down would be here to stay !!

We will have special tv that will have a dozen cameras focused on them that will relay their every move to those of us who are doing everything possible to Make it Great on the planet.

She was a writer and no amount of sacking the language she used to write her thoughts down with would make them winners for attacking her language. They will perish as they have dared to abuse language to convey their crimes to the world. This, they should never have attempted. “Racism” never existed until they created it to divide good men and women. All that it takes for the socialists to win this, their outrageous war on the Patriots, is for good people, good men and women to do nothing ‼️‼️‼️

Look how hideous these so called racially inclusive and diverse socialist communist Democrats truly are – I like to ask this very salient question – Are there whites in their terror group called Black Lives Matter ? The answer is emphatic, NO !

Are there blacks in their terror group called Antifa ? The answer once again is emphatic, NO ! And that’s how HYPOCRITICAL the Democrats and RINOs truly are ‼️‼️‼️

They ruined our society by creating the word “transgender”, through which they went on to destroy the world that God created, with man and woman at the helm. Thereby they almost destroyed our families and corrupted and abused our children’s minds in their very primary schools. 

They created ‘Pride Month’ in June right before July, bismerging the real month to be proud of for having gained Independence for all Patriots of America !  4th of July which we proudly celebrate. The day on which we gained freedom from the clutches of lunatics just like the totalitarian socialist Democrats and the RINOs themselves. 

In the month of June they have drag queens performing for children who gape at them in disbelief ! What butchery of decency is this ?! What debauchery !!! The socialist globalist demoncrats are a disgrace to themselves by which they want to disgrace society itself. But that’s NOT happening as us Patriots and conservatives are on to it and on top of it. Check out how we strike them down here, here and here.

Sexaulizing themselves and the sexualization of children and adults alike leaves a truly dirty streak in our society. It leaves us with a gross lack of the intellect which is over and above what we all need to live our lives sensibly and intelligently. This is the reason why the socialists are unable to comprehend anything of importance to our livablity with intelligence and they lack the knowledge of the simplest of aspects regarding life. They think with their dick and with the c-word. Therefore their intellectual power is an absolute zero.

They excel in turning everything good into evil by focusing on the libido and the libido alone. They created Satan as worthy of being worshipped and denounced God who represents good. Their Satanic rituals brought upon evil, misery and horror on the people, turning them into mass murderers and criminals in the process of doing so. The deathly energies and negative vibrations that they expel into the atmosphere when they dabble in these rituals cannot be more emphasized.

They created the word pedophelia and pediphiles which has since been removed from the lexicography by them, as their secrets were exposed to us. They are covering and hiding in shame now for having their immorality and unethicality having been made transparent. Evil likes darkness and abhors the light. They thrive in doing evil deeds in secrecy. They survive by secretly doing everything that is destructive of this planet. 

They created the acronym LGBTQ…rst and claimed that God created them. How dare they use God’s name in vain whenever it suits and benefits them to do so. They do not believe in a God and everything they do and do not do goes to prove it. Such as Abortion for example. It would be good to trace the origin of the word Abortion. 

The horrific events that ensued in the aftermath of the Roe v. Wade decision to overturn the Constitutional right to abortion, upheld for nearly a half century, by the Supreme Court of the United States on Friday, June 24th 2022, is a landmark court decision in the United States. Note that 24 adds up to 6 and June is the sixth month on the Gregorian calendar and the year 2022 also adds up to 6 ‼️‼️‼️ Number six is the Devil’s number. 6 6 6 

This being a huge blow to the socialists, marking the death knell to their very existence. The other incident marking their death knell being the demolition of the so-called Georgia Guidestones in the state of Georgia which many Patriotic Christians wanted demolished for the longest time. BRAVO to the demolition of that Satanic edifice ‼️‼️‼️ 👏🏻 🙌🏻 🙏 💪🏻 🔥 🇺🇸 ❤️ 🤍 💙 🎯

The socialists created the word Feminism and broke up marriages and families by sending women out to work while their children suffered in the hands of child minders. They created competition between men and women at the workplace and in their marriages which ended in divorce and broken families. Today we have armies of step fathers, step mothers, step brothers and sisters !!! Why did we ever circumb to these socialists’ lunacy ?!

Us humans are better than these half breeds for socialist globalists who call all of their regressive behavior as being progressive. There’s nothing progressive about anything they do and don’t do.

They can’t even manage to keep the environment alone. They must destroy that as well. Their confusion has destroyed Nature which they have twisted into calling the environment in their twisted minds. They root for Electric Vehicles or EVs but do not invite Tesla the largest producers of EVs in America, to their White House Summit on the subject. Why ? Are they that much ridden with hatred ? 

In the same breath they call everyone other than themselves out as being hateful and using “hate speech”. It is they who attack justices of the SCOTUS and conservative representatives in Congress in broad daylight. In fact they are ridden with hatred for all those who do not take part in their divisive narrative and their political ideology. When will their hypocrisy end ?!

These socialist globalist democrats have divided not only America and Americans but they have spread their ugly evil hive mind all across the world. 

Let’s take a look at this altogether new language called “Bidenese” as propagated by the fake POTUS, Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. himself:


Where are these people even from ? Are they even people to begin with ? Lookie here 👇🏻

“Democrat Vice President Kamala Harris has received widespread mockery after she gave confusing “word salad” answers during her latest interview.

Harris’s baffling remarks have been bashed by both Republicans and Democrats, however.

CBS News correspondent Robert Costa asked Harris, “When you look back, did Democrats fail – past Democratic presidents, congressional leaders – to not codify Roe v. Wade over the past five decades?”

Harris said: “I think that, to be very honest with you, I do believe that we should have rightly believed, but we certainly believe that certain issues are just settled.

“Certain issues are just settled.””

LOL !!!

Slay News says:

“Ex-Hillary Clinton Adviser Mocks Kamala Harris over ‘Word Salad’ Interview: ‘What Is She Saying?’”

Is this stuff even real 🤔 😂 🤣

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