Exclusive Audio: TRULY HEARTBREAKING JAILHOUSE INTERVIEW with J6er Whose Son Turned Him In To FBI, Sentencing Monday- He DID NOT Enter Capitol, Nor Commit Any Violence – Biden DOJ Now Pushing for ‘TERRORISM” Charges

In the Spotlight

By Cara Castronuova 

Published July 30, 2022

The Department of Injustice has gone out of their way to completely destroy the life and family of Texan Guy Reffitt. Using techniques out of a Nazi Germany playbook, the FBI enticed Reffitt’s teenage son Jackson to secretly record conversations with his Dad in the family home, asking loaded questions to entrap him. Jackson was the star witness for the prosecution that nailed the coffin for his Father, who wept uncontrollably when he saw his son come to the stand to testify.

We interviewed Reffitt from his jail cell at DC Gitmo (*see full interview recording and transcript below.) Be sure to have a tissue handy, it is truly heartbreaking to listen to. Please click here:


** Please help Guy Reffitt HERE by donating or sending prayers.

More on this story HERE:

These f****** will definitely ALL go to GTMO for doing such despicable and disgusting s*** to innocent people like Guy Reffitt. He has the compounded pain of having to face the insurmountable sorrow of the Biden Department of Justice’s FBI bait his own son into doing such a dastardly act of testifying against him. Doesn’t this so know that he’s been baited in the worst manner possible ??!! A badly brought POS obviously !!!

They, Biden and his administration, and those who support them openly in social media will each of them made to suffer worse in GTMO soon. 

The Patriots want them hanged in public in the real market square by their balls !!!! Let us see Biden strung up and ball-less. 

We pray for the quick release from prison of all political prisoners now languishing in hellholes. We pray Guy Reffitt’s fast release from prison. – Leafblogazine 

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