Jill Biden says “We didn’t see it coming”

In the Spotlight

By Sharmini Jayawardena

18th July 2022

…that’s because they expected some trillions of dollars to fall in to their lap !!! That’s not going to happen!!!

Well really ? You were expecting the real money to the counterfeit money you printed and robbed off of the United States and the American people to drop into your lap just like that, right? But it didn’t happen coz we the people had got to it first. The money belonging to We the People, rightfully. All 30 trillion of it !

Not all of your fake advisors from Black Rock, Black Stone, Vanguards or any of your other institutional investors could advice you as to the veracity of that, could they, now ? Well and good because when We the People come right back atchya with a vengeance, then you will know what it means to suffer the dire ire of We the People.

You cycled all around Delaware hoping the numerous cycles around will get you the desired results. You know like your “circle back” Psaki. Some sort of Illuminati ritual that didn’t work for you, sadly. You did everything possible that you ever could by creating transgenders and distorted the human being multiple times with multiple gender transformational surgical procedures put into effect in your hospitals by your chosen medical professionals starting with Fauci.

Your chosen cahoots in medicine funded gain of function research in Wuhan, China and in bio-labs in Ukraine and other places in the world, hoping to depopulate the planet’s population. You unleashed a deadly Virus in the Corona Virus or the Covid-19 and its numerous strains, that you helped produce, hoping to wreak havoc on the population. But it didn’t work.

You are about to release the next lethal Virus in the form of a variant to the prototype but will it work ? It is left to be seen. Monkeypox and some other alphabet variants are on the cards right now. These are all sent to you by authority and by authorization of your familial groups of the Global Reset via the World Economic Forum and the One World Order, of which the World Health Organization is part of. You are meeting but nothing is happening to get the real trillions into your pockets. You thought all of your plans for money laundering would bring it to you. It didn’t.

“Jill Biden, 71, spoke at a fundraising event for the Democratic National Committee (DNC) in Nantucket, Massachusetts on Saturday.

During her speech, the “doctor” tried to rally the troops by making excuses for the numerous crises under Joe Biden’s presidency.

However, she gave up the game after just a few seconds in, saying “we never saw it coming” before quickly catching herself.

“The President had so many hopes and plans for things he wanted to do, but every time you turned around, he had to address the problems of the moment,” Jill Biden said.” – Slay News

Yes. The Supreme Court dealt a blow to your sick schemes and plans which sealed the deal for the People and the Planet in securing the end to your intended population crisis. Now We the People are on to your next challenge directed at depopulation of the Planet. That being Climate Change !

You are destroying the food facilities, oil facilities and the farms, sending them up in flames to add to the financial crisis that you have helped create in the form of the recession brought on by inflation. A food crisis is in the offing. People will be forced to cut down consumption and stop wastage which is actually going to save the World. Your Plans have ONLY gone to serve us better. You are promoting a furtherance of your BBB or Build back better, but its taking place in the form of #MAGA or making America Great Again. This is exactly what the People want.

Don’t forget, your political ideology through it’s many agencies created over consumption to begin with, through globalization. Your actions propelled the globe into an out of control production machine making people consume three times more than they should, just because everything was being produced in such large scale proportions.

Your husband created both the border crisis and the Covid crisis for America. He promised to settle both problems in 100 days of having presumed office but he failed miserably in solving either of those problems. Did he even mean the words he spoke ? He has certainly succeeded in making the Virus multiply by extending the laws to include children as young as three years eligible for your most widely spread vaccination program to date !!! 

People of the Country, the American citizens are literally dropping dead having observed your husband’s vaccine mandates while he keeps the U. S. Southern border wide open as wide as kamala Harris’s wide open vagina to all people’s of this planet !!! What is happening ? 

Men are getting pregnant under your husband’s administration and he’s keeping the border wide open and at the same time he is promoting abortion ?! In what realistic world does all of this happen simultaneously, at the same time ?! To what end ?!

You condemn the SCOTUS supporting Pro-Lifers on states having the say on abortion and not the federal government, and move to kill babies of American citizens while allowing millions of illegal aliens to enter and remain in the Country ! In which ever way you may put it, it never seems to sound logical nor intelligent.

This will definitely help the numbers for the Democrat Party when it comes time for the Midterm on November 8, 2022. Why would you worry over any of the hardships and turmoil the American People are facing right now with your husband’s puerile methods of administration. The illegal aliens you support so much are being given star class treatment in star class facilities around the Country while us Americans suffer at the hands of his obvious hatred of the American We the People ! Where is your patriotism ? You only favor nepotism.

Are you NOT Americans ? Are you all a bunch of “pariahs” in your husband’s own words to describe another state ? You might as well belong to some other planet for all that We the People care, because you are known purveyors of rigging Elections and violators of Election Integrity Laws all over this Country. 

The reason why you have brought in caravan loads of illegal aliens into the Country is ready evidence of the fact being true. This is much unlike how your Big Tech operatives of Silicon Valley disrepute, call us Patriots out, for posting what they call going against their so-called “community guidelines”. Yes. They would rather call everything that Conservatives post to social media as such thereby avoiding saying the word, “Untruth” !!! 

You are now being taken to the cleaners in the form of Big tech and Big Government being slammed with a lawsuit by two attorneys general:

“A federal judge has greenlighted an investigation into major Big Tech companies over allegations they have been colluding to stifle free speech.

The federal judge approved a lawsuit that was filed by attorneys general Eric Schmitt of Missouri and Jeff Landry of Louisiana.

The ruling will allow investigations in the case to move forward.

The case alleges that the oligarchs of Silicon Valley, including Facebook, Twitter, and Google, colluded with Democrat President Joe Biden’s administration in an effort to violate the First Amendment rights of American citizens.

The suit, which was initially filed in May, names Biden and several of his top officials and agencies, including Jen Psaki, Anthony Fauci, the CDC, the NIH, the Department of Homeland Security, DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, and many others.

The lawsuit alleges that the Biden admin conspired with Big Tech companies to enforce speech and thought conformity on the Internet.

… “The government can’t violate the First Amendment by suppressing speech, and the government can’t outsource that also to the Big Tech partners,” told Fox News at the time.

“The second way they do it is the direct collusion that we see now and Jen Psaki in press conferences has told us with her own words that they’re working directly with Facebook to flag, quote-unquote, disinformation.

“And this has played itself out on a number of different fronts, whether it was the laptop from hell, election integrity issues, certainly during COVID with the origins of COVID and then with the efficacy of masks.

“So those are just a few examples.

“But in this lawsuit, we’re essentially alleging that they’re violating the First Amendment, and they’re doing it with their big tech partners, and it needs to stop.”” – Slay News

On a different front Governor Greg Abbott of Texas is rousing the ire of Muriel Bowser mayor of Washington DC by busing tons of illegal aliens to where they belong, in DC, because Texas does not allow the entry of illegals to their State. Period. Maybe illegal alien entry is ok by Biden and his Democrat Party members.

Absolutely it is accepted policy for the socialist globalist Demcorats and RNOs. This is the way they intend to win the upcoming Midterm. If you want them, then house them in your own jurisdictions as you call them. Let’s see what happens in the Election outcome. Republicans are confident and some are not so confident. Those who are not confident are those who are worried that nothing has been done or achieved in decertifying the rigged 2020 Election ! They claim the Republicans have only engaged themselves in creating humorous memes. That’s all ! 

So, “We didn’t see it coming…”, is all bunkum. They very well knew what was coming, made it happen that way but didn’t expect the results that turned in the favor of We the People. Let us see what happens in the near future.

Meanwhile your husband’s plate is over brimming with illegal alien issues for mayor Muriel Bowser and Washington D. C., treason amounting to pumping American tax dollars to fight his flaggering proxy war in Ukraine, recession brought on by rising prices and inflation, ‘woke’ capitalism by managed decline of the supply system.

At least one thing adds up for the Democrats. Biden is in occupation of  the White House fraudulently. That fact equates with their love of illegal aliens !!!

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