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27th October 2019

Sharmini Jayawardena 

Executor means 👇🏻

According to Wikipedia: An executor is a person responsible for executing, or following through on, as assigned task or duty. The feminine form executrix may sometimes be used. 

An Enabler is a person or thing that makes something possible. 

Examples of Enabler in a Sentence:

“The people who run these workshops are crime enablers”.

• A person who encourages or enables negative or self-destructive behavior in others. For example:

“Being an enabler to an addict does more harm than good”.

— From the online dictionary.

See also 👈

And 👇🏻

— From the Merriam Webster Dictionary

Is this the same as a Mole?

The definition of which is 👇🏻

A spy who gradually achieves an important position within the security defenses of a country.

“A well placed mole was feeding them the names of operatives”.

Just a little something interesting to read on 👈


Then there’s also this 👇🏻

Here’s a good example of how government uses and abuses agents provocateurs. The Notorious
Ray Epps !!!!

Updated on 30th August 2022:

See more below ⬇️

“We think they are paid agitators, paid provocateurs,” said Tommy Tatum, an independent blogger who was in attendance.”

This is also how they launder the money they have made through illegal syndicates and bring the black money back in to the mainstream, whereby they turn in to millionaires overnight. All their insidious activity goes unchecked and unnoticed and everything is back again hunky dory!

But this is not going to go on relentless and unnoticed anymore. Concerned people are acting fast to bring these criminals to book. They are working overtime to bring these syndicate operatives to justice!! They surely will make these scum, pay! 

It will happen, and happen soon!

Thought these images below will be of some interest that would conjure up memory of past knowledge of having encountered Agents Provocateurs !


Why did the people concerned give the brand name  Agent Provocateur to this product ? Presumably a perfume. Were they expecting some response from those who wore it to bear upon those delighting in its scent ? What was the reason this particular name was picked for this product ? I think we can guess at how far reaching this whole saga actually is.

Bewitched by its scent it provokes the worst in its receptors possibly, unbeknownst to the inhaler, sadly. Is this another arm of the Satanists and their numerous insidious rituals ?

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