The Ramifications of the FBI RAID on Mar-a-Largo

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17th August 2022

By Sharmini Jayawardena 

Update 19th August 2022:

The motives behind the FBI’s raid of President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago are many.  All relate to corruption in our government.  None provide support for the raid. 

President Trump declassified documents related to Russiagate, the Deep State’s attempted coup on the Trump presidency.  He filed a RICO suit against the government.  This scared the bad actors in the Deep State.


Note that this whole time the DOJ knew what President Trump brought with him to Mar-a-Lago, since at least February of 2022.  The FBI sent someone to look into Mar-a-Lago on June 3, 2022 as well.

It’s now believed that the dirty cops were there at Mar-a-Lago to steal documents from the President that he declassified so they can then turn around and prevent the documents from seeing the light of day by claiming they’re part of an ongoing investigation.

Corrupt courts, Corrupt Judges.  Corrupt Justice Department.  But we have God, the truth, and President Trump.” – The Gateway Pundit

When the FBI came to Mar-a-Largo in June of this year, they must’ve planted some items like incriminating evidence  inside of the locker, documents that they later came back with a lock to protect.

Do NOT trust the FBI whistleblowers that President Trump’s team claim are not accountable for what took place at Marl on 8th August 2022. They are all just as  untrustworthy as your regular Democrat !!! Best left absolutely alone, on this matter and left at more than an arms’ length.

The FBI IS COMPROMISED and can not be trusted at this point. For, the FBI can now easily introduce new items to the 11 sets of documents they claim to have taken during the raid. The reason being the Search Warrant not being unsealed long hours after the raid itself took place. President Trump’s attorneys NOT showed the Warrant on the spot. These are very serious causes for concern that create doubt as to the veracity of the actions of the FBI on that day at the raid of Mar-a-lago, President Trump’s  home in Palm Beach, Florida.

The FBI can turn around and say on a later date that look we now find this and this in these sets of documents that we didn’t find earlier on. This can keep on going while the agency keeps hashing this story over and over to harass the President, the Trump team and the Trump supporters. It could very well become worse than just harassment.

If it is true as the FBI claims they raided Mar-a-Lago on a tip off of secret documents being held there from a human source, it is even more revealing, that there is some insidious activity going on with the FBI. The more reason why we must be suspicious of and be alert to possible future espionage activity to be perpetrated on President Trump by the Biden DOJ, (Department of Justice), and not vice-a-versa.

In effect, what is important is not that the President is withholding information regarding nuclear bombs, which falls under the Espionage Act from WWI times, which needs to be rescinded, but that the FBI is involved in espionage activity against the President himself. This is what it all shows in plain sight.

All of the investigations since the wire-tapping from during the 2016 Presidential campaign, have now moved from a criminal investigation to a national security investigation. This is what all of this has managed to turn this raid into. How far have we come.

Who’s the authority that investigates the FBI ?! Why are deep state cahoots of the FBI, Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Brennan, Clapper, (Lisa) Page, Clinesmith, and others still walking this earth with impunity after all the hoaxes they trumped up to persecute Donald Trump using taxpayer funding ?! What a colossal waste of public funds, manpower and equipment, not to mention pain of mind !!!

None of this is even being investigated, let alone investigating Hillary Clinton’s compromised and now destroyed private email servers she used, to deal with affairs of the state while she was Secretary of State in the Obama Administration, nor Hunter Biden’s laptop from hell. We are not even allowed to talk about these egregiously harmful facts. Their corrupt media allies shut us down.

Look who’s complicit now !!! It’s a helluva lot of dirt coming out of the woodwork. Now that they have taken us through this dangerous path, let us investigate some others, shall we ?!

I think all of this ridiculously bad behavior of the the FBI combined constitutes a nuclear bomb attack on President Trump. Now who’s bombing whom here ?! Looks like the FBI and Biden DOJ are national security threats to all of America and the American We the People.

I believe John Durham should have some very real and very hard questions for a lot of these criminal operatives. The Durham Report might be the investigation that is closing in on them and they are running around trying to pin this on someone else entirely.
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