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By Don T. Mashak

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Those of you who follow me have heard me talk about 3 rich, old white guys who fund & run (, Progressive Globalist Coup

This coup is a paradigm shift in the methods of warfare. Rather than using traditional sudden, overwhelming force, the Fabian Socialists promoted a paradigm shift to “Permeation”. Permeation warfare calls for slow covert infiltration of the target society so the no one generation experiences enough change to be moved to resist, revolt or mount a counter-revolution. This method avoids the sights, sounds and smells of traditional warfare that signal & alert the masses of the need to take up arms and defend themselves. Fabian Socialism, Progressivism & Nazism began as Social Darwinism. 

When the world masses rejected the evil Agenda of Social Darwinism, US Social Darwinists rebranded as #Progressives & vowed to keep their true agenda hidden. Instead, they would advance their agenda hidden in legislation and policies that would appear to be in best interests of the masses.

Thus, early Progressives openly identified themselves as “Progressive”. (e.g., 1st Teddy Roosevelt in the Republican Party, and then Woodrow Wilson in the Democratic Party.) But as time went by, it became clear to the general public that the Progressive Globalist Agenda is antithetical to the foundations of the Representative, Constitutionally-Limited American Republic.

Back in the day, the Republican Party Base demanded the preservation and continuity of the Constitution, Natural Law, the Natural Rights of the Individual, & other principals and traditions of America. This being reflected in the platform the Republican Party Base demanded via Democratic Process. When it became clear to the Republican Party base that Progressivism is antithetical to Constitution & Republican Party Platform, Republican Party Progressives rebranded as “RINOs” to distance themselves from political fallout. Still Later, journalists began referring to Democratic Party Progressives as “DINOs”. This was done to make the Democratic Party base realize that the agenda of Progressive Globalists departed from the original Agenda of the Democratic Party, & to weld into the American Public’s mind that #RINOs = #DINOs = #Progressive #Globalists. They are the same. For those who are paying attention, this means the majority in Congress is not Democrats or Republicans, but rather Progressive Globalists. Just add the number of RINOs & DINOs together to prove this to yourself.

Progressive Globalist Elites preside over all of this. #Rothschilds, #Soros & #Rockefeller are the 3 rich, old white guys at the top of the Progressive Globalist Elite Pyramid. The Progressive Agenda is primarily financed by the Rothschilds “Debt Based Fiat Money” criminal conspiracy. The Rothschilds own all but 2-3 of the central banks in the world, including the privately owned US Federal Reserve (Banking) System (#FEDBank). If you read “Illiberal Reformers: Race, Eugenics & American Economics in the Progressive Era”, 2016, by hardcore, practicing Progressive Professor, Thomas Leonard, you will learn that these 3 white guys and the Progressive Agenda are/is #Racist, Xenophobic & Sexist. Progressive Globalist Elites assert the masses are too stupid to govern themselves. Ergo, Progressive Globalist Elites superior to the masses. Progressive Globalist Elites and their Educated Progressive Globalist Technocrats are NOT accountable to the masses (pages 51-53, Ibid.). Progressive Globalist Elites assert that the concept of unalienable rights of the individual is “Nonsense”. (Pages 24-25, Ibid.)

All of this Progressive Globalist thinking to be implemented slowly, covertly and incrementally over time to prevent the masses from being alerted to the need to defend themselves.

These 3 old, rich white guys’ end goal is a #NewWorldOrder under #OneWorldGovernment (#OWG). #Socialism & #Communism (#Marxism) are merely incremental steps toward their vision of their goal of a New World Order(#NWO). The final vision of these 3 rich, old white guys for their New World Order is the perception & management of humanity as a single #SocialOrganism (Pages 101-102, Ibid.), rather than comprised of independent individuals. As an analogy, the masses will be expendable worker bees, with no rights, serving the Progressive Globalist Hive Community in a role determined by the wealthy Progressive King & Queen Bees to be the best use of their talents and skills. This is the New World Order envisioned by these 3 rich, old, white, Progressive Globalist guys.

Is this the future you desire for your children, grandchildren and humanity? 


The 2 major parties have been compromised by these 3 rich, old, white guys by cash & blackmail. The 2 major parties and our government, Judiciary & Law Enforcement have become domestic enemies. These 3 rich, old white guys have divided and conquered the masses using #CommunityOrganizers to covertly stir up trouble & division among the masses by pretending to be organic members of various demographic groups. And, then exploiting the trust & credibility created by being seen as a member of the target demographic group, to use covert PsyOps upon that particular demographic group.

The masses must stop allowing themselves to be divided and conquered. IMHO, the first step must be meeting in person locally, without politicians present. The First order of business to ESTABLISH A COMMON TRUTH. This should be an effective Counter-Measure to the deliberate division and conquering of the masses by the Progressive Globalist Elites. You must cross party lines, with #CenterLeft & #CenterRight being the most workable marriage of perspectives. This is the natural majority representing 67% of folks in the middle of the Political Spectrum. Once a Common Truth has been established, plot a course of peaceful remedy by Democratic Process.

I know this is intimidating, but if you love your children and humanity, you will look deep down into your soul and find the talent and skill to participate and move your group forward in a positive direction. If great Statesfolks (Statemen) arise among you to prevent division, each participant must find it in themselves to overcome their shyness and fear of judgement, & put out the fires of division. Eventually, these local groups must connect and unite with others around the country.

Our Founder’s called these groups, “Committees of Correspondence”. Eventually, Individuals from among these groups were elected to serve in what became the “Continental Congress”. Why reinvent the wheel, if a model with proven success has already been invented? Per Ben Franklin, “Unite or Die!”

The End.

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Those were my thoughts. 

Thank you for your time. 

In Liberty, 

Don Mashak 
The Cynical Patriot 
Rt 1 Box 231 
Albertville MN  55301

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