MUST READ – Our Most Important Report of the Midterm: Election Fraud, It’s Voter Roll Manipulation – Not Ballot Gathering!

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By Joe Hoft
Published December 9, 2022

Guest post by Jay Valentine

If you do not embrace, with both arms, that Leftists and RINOs use a multi-faceted, 40 years-in-the-making, industrial-scale voter fraud system, centering on voter roll tampering and manipulation, aided by elected officials, NGOs, protected by the mainstream press and conservative controlled opposition, you cannot be part of its remediation.

This week, we have a glaring example of the Republican money-gathering class demonstrating how clueless it is about this reality.

Our friend Ned Ryun, from a conservative organization, said Republicans need to adopt an absentee ballot-chasing strategy.  In Breitbart, of course.  This nonsense is the popular position promoted by most of the establishment Republican media, the GOP establishment, and even several Trump supporters: – Sean Hannity, Harmeet Dhillon, Matt Margolies, and Victoria Marshall (Federalist) to name a few.

They just don’t get it!

Democrats with RINO Republicans and NGOs control access to voter rolls.

There is one overarching rule they share:  no America-First candidates.

They know who voted. 

They identify infrequent voters; when that person fails to vote, they offer their concierge service – they vote for them.

We just finished the Fractal analysis for a state, where an America-First candidate, with a 10-point lead, lost a statewide election.

You be the judge.  You tell us, here, if chasing ballots would have changed that outcome.

** 42,000 changes to the election rolls within weeks of the election – most were illegal.

** 21,000 new voters added to the election rolls, within 29 days of the election – almost every one is illegal.

** 8,000 voters appear to live in a business – each one would be illegal.

** 1,951 people received ballots at one address, and then voted from a different address – every one is illegal.

** The Republican candidate – with an 11-point lead in the polls – lost by around 21,000 votes to a woman who was afraid to debate her!

People, this data was from a single county!  Think what the state analysis would yield!

Let’s go to Florida.

Don’t believe the hype that Florida has a clean voting system, made pure by the current administration.

In Florida, teams found a street that did not exist – except for getting mail-in ballots returned.

Ballots were mailed to those citizens and never found the voter.  Voter registration cards were sent on a different date.  A perceptive postman saw one of the names and knew the recipient.  He delivered the card and its recipient alerted the voter integrity team to the fake street.

The Florida voter integrity team, one of the best in the country, dug in and found a street name had been completely made up – to be a ballot gathering bucket.

Did the Leftists do this?  Probably not.  The goal was to keep an America-First candidate off the November ballot – and keep her off they did!

People, this is not a Democrat – Republican thing.  This is a “we are in power” and you’re not thing.

Every state where we evaluated voter rolls produces tens of thousands of phantoms – who remain on those rolls.

Let’s visit Texas.  In Dallas, we ran tests showing people who voted in-person on day 3 of early voting had their ballots changed on day 11 to absentee.

Who can do that?

Election commissions.

The Breitbart Fallacy says the problem is mail-in ballots – so track them better.  Only Breitbart, the controlled media, and others, could believe such nonsense.

You can track ballots all you want, but the Leftists and RINOs have an inventory for every ballot a GOP operative finds.  Leftists have as many ballots as they need – they operate at industrial scale.

The second fallacy is “those who count the votes win the elections.”

The correct statement is:  those who control election rolls determine who wins.

We get into this more deeply at

There is a growing separation between two narratives:  chase ballots to win or stop election commissions from manipulating voter rolls.

The demarcation is this:

There is inherent, industrial scale, voter fraud baked into every state’s voter rolls.  The number of phantom voters, addresses, fake people, people voting from illegal places like a hotel is 5% – 15% of the entire roll – in each of the dozen or more states we tested.

That means any America-First candidate running for statewide office must win by an extraordinary margin or the Leftist ballot manufacturing industry will swamp them.

In swing states, election commissions are often controlled by Leftist NGOs.  In Wisconsin alone, they found a Leftist organization ran the 2020 race from a hotel room accessing the Wisconsin voter rolls.

The Republican legislature in Wisconsin knows it, they gain from it and they keep voter rolls filled with phantoms they can use when needed – like a recent state rep primary.

Then there is ERIC.

ERIC is an originally a Soros-funded entity running voter rolls for 31 states; now 29 because Louisiana and Alabama woke up.

Please join me in Googling the times the GOP elites spoke publicly about the dangers of ERIC.  I’ll wait.  Still waiting.

Both sides are in on it.  That is why so many Republican states have their voter rolls managed by ERIC.

The GOP elites don’t get their hands dirty doing real electoral work.  They are in the money-raising business.  They have lots of allies in the controlled press.

Do not let them mislead you.

You are in the fight of the ages.

As in any life-and-death struggle, if you do not know what your opponent is doing you will fail.

Your opponent owns access to voter rolls.

Leftists have a field organization of hundreds of people – in every swing district, paid to get those ballots from apartment buildings where they accumulate the day the mail arrives.  They visit homeless shelters, register vagrants who depart the next week – but who receive ballots eternally.

The GOP is not going to have some Kiwanis guy, in Dockers and Penny loafers pick up those floating ballots.

Our Democrat pals will have a college kid or drug addict pick up ballots for which he will be paid $25 each.

Get it now?

Guess which government record set is not polluted by constant jiggering by Leftists and RINOs?

Good guess!  County property tax records.

It is these property tax rolls that remain the gold standard for integrity – because they are visible to everyone – they have government officials constantly checking them – and any citizen can challenge them!

Corporations must have their financial records reconciled – income statement – cash flow statement – balance sheet.  If not, someone goes to jail – like the CEO and CFO.

Those property tax records, showing 123 Main Street is a laundromat – when compared real-time with the voter rolls – better not have any voters living there!

We did an experiment 3 months ago with Texas counties.  We compared the tax records with the voter rolls and the inconsistencies were staggering.

We and the voter integrity teams from 4 states are now doing this at scale – then taking this to every state.

Compare voter rolls with the tax records and see if they reconcile!

Then compare them with all sorts of other databases – like the Federal Election Commission records of every donation.  Do they match?  Is someone using one address to write a check and another to cast a vote?

This was computationally impossible before – the costs to run this would be staggering.  But, with Fractal Programming, we can process every voter roll against every property tax record on computers the size of a shoebox.

Want to make elections secure?

Stop the ability of election officials to manipulate rolls by comparing rolls to property tax records – every single week – and show every change!

We may be in living through our generation’s Valley Forge.

Winter is breaking!

Jay Valentine can be contacted at  The website is

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