EXCLUSIVE: “Jake Was There, He Knows It All and that’s Why He’s in Jail Now” – Jan 6 Inmate Jake Lang Calls TGP’s Joe Hoft from Jail

In the Spotlight

By Joe Hoft

Published December 14, 2022

First published in The Gateway Pundit

Jan 6 victim Jake Lang is in jail.  He’s a victim because he is being held in custody for nearly two years and still hasn’t had a court date.  He’s a victim because his constitutional rights have been taken from him.  He is unable to share the truth about that day and the events that he is being wrongfully charged for.  He is being psychologically punished by being put in solitary confinement for days at a time.

This is not the America we all knew growing up in neighborhoods, cities, and farms across the country. 

Despite all this, Jake keeps a good attitude because he knows he did nothing wrong and he is close to the Lord.

Jake has been punished for speaking out about his situation in the federal prison system.  Remember he’s been convicted of no crimes.

The communist crooks in Biden’s federal prison system demand that the truth about Jan 6 not be released.  But Jake has found a way to share the truth from behind bars.  His work from jail should receive awards.  He is so courageous.

This past week Jake shared with Joe Hoft from TGP on The Joe Hoft Show.  Jake shared the following (starting after the 15-minute mark – Jake comes on at the 20-minute mark):

You know January 6th has drawn the attention of some of the media, but all of people are cowards and won’t have us on.  A lot of the mainstream media.  You won’t see any Jan 6ers on FOX or the legacy media outlets or New York Post or anything like that.  They don’t want to give us a voice…

You know January 6th was, you know a lot of people want to frame it as some type of disaster or catastrophe or something, I think January 6th was exactly the type of event you’d see in any country, like in China we’re seeing right now where people’s rights are repeatedly abused and you see tyranical despotic regimes coming in to take power, or civil liberties are being eroded and the people stand up.

We came peacefully and we stood up with our voices.  We said enough’s enough.  The capitol police turned on us with weapons against our own unarmed American citizens they swore an oath to protect.  They broke that oath.  They broke their constitutional duty to protect the country from any enemy foreign or domestic to actually attack the American people instead of going against the corrupt politicians on the inside who were more happy than ever to bring another swamp monster Washington DC.   And we were attacked.  We were murdered, four people were murdered that day, unarmed American citizens.

And I had to stand up and I had to defend my country, defend myself and defend all the women.  There was a lot of children there that day and a lot of elderly veterans… a lot of people got unfortunatly got caught up in this beat down by the capitol police.

Jake stood up for America on Jan 6.

Please listen to the entire interview below:


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