The Mystery of the Pepper, Solved

By Sharmini Jayawardena

Hi Everyone,

I’m calling out to all those Sri Lankan food bloggers, especially. I have effectively solved the mystery of the pepper!

Banana Pepper
Banana Pepper Plant

Your Banana pepper is a capsicum annuum cultivar. It is good in pickles, stuffed or eaten raw. 

The Banana pepper might be a close relative of the Hungarian Wax pepper, which is also a capsicum annuum cultivar!!!! These peppers are good in pickles and eaten raw.

How anal!


Hungarian Wax Pepper
Hungarian Wax Pepper Plant

Ok. The Charleston pepper stands alone! It is a species of pepper, created in the pepper lab and grown in the pepper groves of Charleston, South Carolina, USA, and not a capsicum annuum cultivar. Hurray to the Charleston pepper!

They are good as pickles and stuffed. They can be eaten raw by those who can muster the courage for its heat !

Charleston Pepper
Charleston Pepper Plant

You get the hot and sweet varieties in all three peppers. There’s more, far more to the chilli than just these three peppers, however.

I believe all of these peppers 🌢 are good either pickled or stuffed and made in to a curry* or simply made into a curry, or stuffed and fried into finger food or eaten raw.

*The recipe for stuffed capsicum curry will follow soon. Stay peppered πŸ˜πŸ˜‹

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