J6 Political Prisoner, Young Father, and Former College Football Player Mason Courson Sends Letter to The Gateway Pundit from His Prison Cell – PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN

In the Spotlight

By Margaret Flavin

Published February 3, 2023

From The Gateway Pundit

Mason Courson, like many, went to Washington D.C. on Jan 6, 2021, to stand and listen to his President speak, with no ill intent. Unfortunately, the 27-year-old who was born and raised in South Florida, found himself in a situation he never imagined.

** Please help Mason here.

Mason’s mother Angie shares, “He is man with a strong Christian faith, an incredible father, son, and brother, and loves his country, believes in freedom, a true patriot as we are all now called.

He is the oldest of three kids. A big brother to one sister, one brother, and father to a beautiful 3 yr old son.

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He excelled both academically and in athletics, including playing college football. Loves reading and history. Mason is proud of his Cuban roots and immigrant maternal grandparents who were honored to become US Citizens.

Mason is being held without bond and is unable to support his 3-year-old son that he had 15 days a month before he was arrested.”

Mason with his mother Angie

To return home to be with his young son and family, Mason has taken an open plea, pleading guilty to one count of interference with an officer.

His sentencing date is March 31st in DC.

This is another story of government corruption and abuse.

Our hearts go out to Mason.  Please help this young man if you can.

** Please help Mason here.

Mason wrote the following letter to The Gateway Pundit readers:

Hello Gateway Pundit Family. My name is Mason Courson from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. I am a Jan 6’er who has been detained since December 14, 2021. Currently I am incarcerated at USP Lewisburg in PA. I am thankful to God every day that I am here now instead of the hell hole that was Northern Neck Regional Jail in VA. I spent over 11 months there and went almost a year without going outside, having a piece of fruit, having  books, or being able to work out, not to mention feeling safe. Finally here in USP Lewisburg I have decent food, can exercise, go outside, read books, and have a piece of fruit once in a while in the morning, and no longer fear for my life. My journey has been a long and painful experience, truly a nightmare. Not only has it been terribly rough for me, but also my family. I am a father, a son, and a brother, who’s family has always come first.

Like many others you have heard about by now, I awoke at 5 am with dozens of FBI and SWAT outside my residence calling my name on a loudspeaker. I was in shock and terrified. I stepped outside with my hands up praying to God I would be ok. Agents were all yelling, “Don’t do anything stupid or we’ll shoot!” I could not believe I had rifles and several lasers pointed at me. Then several of them asking where my son was. To this day I still thank God that he was not there, and that my little boy was safe and sound, and avoided this traumatic experience. My freedom and life were flashing before my eyes.

It took two weeks in a very unsanitary county jail to see a judge. Once I was in front of a judge I was told I was a terrorist and a threat to society. That was heartbreaking and humiliating to hear because I have always considered myself to be a protector, a family man, and a man that loves this great country. I volunteered at my church on their venue control team for years and spend all my free time with my loved ones. I have former law enforcement and military in my family and respect and believe in law enforcement and our armed forces strongly. What I was hearing in the courtroom was an inaccurate description of my character. A complete lie.

I was then thrown in solitary confinement with no books, no recreation time, no showers and phone calls were only two times a week. Prosecutors telling me I was going to get over a decade in jail. The thought of that was to say the least distressing. I already missed my son, over ten tears, I could not even imagine. My son recently turned 3 years old and the thought of not being able to raise him is unbearable. My son needs his father.

I started writing this letter when I was at Northern Neck. This is a place no one should ever have to be in. I was a Federal detainee, not found guilty of any crime, in a regional jail not a federal prison, surrounded by murders and pedophiles. There were several times I feared for my life. My life was being threatened by groups of other inmates. I refused to do drugs and for that other inmates threatened to jump me. I witnessed, several people, get stabbed and beaten so badly I feared they were going to die. I was directly told, “You see what happened to the last white guy” and yes I did, the stomped his head in to the point I thought for sure he was dead. Let me mention, nothing was done, except the white guy was taken to the clinic, and thankfully he is still alive, from what I heard. I worried that at any moment I could have been next. I was moved in August from a pod I had been in over 5 months with perfect behavior, and no explanation given as to why. After that I was moved around that jail about 8 times. The guards deliberately told inmates what we were in for, we were targeted, called racists, white supremacists, and that we are getting a slap on the wrist for our crimes as insurrectionists. Guards made sure everyone knew we were Trump supporters and how terrible that was. Our lives were threatened because we stood for something we believed in, constantly harassed by inmates and guards. Strip searched at 3 am for no reason in front of entire pods, cells constantly checked and turned upside down. One guard even told us directly, he could touch us in any way he wanted to and no one was going to do anything about it. Not to mention live cockroaches in my food more than once, and even when there were no roaches in the beans, the food was not edible, making commissary the only option.

I developed anxiety and depression, had trouble sleeping, was nervous all the time and had requested to see medical for this 4 times with no reply. Not to mention the many other medical requests that either went completely ignored or were extremely delayed and just unacceptable.

I feel like I can not get a fair trial, nor can any Jan 6’er, and I contemplated if an open plea was the best option for me. I can not plea guilt to charges I did not do. But, what options are we given when juries in DC have not been fair at all. I have a sentencing date of March 31, 2023 and pray God is with me and I can move forward with my life after that day. My family is suffering and has also received death threats. I am so worried for them. Please include them in your prayers as well as my son. I am hoping my letter throws a spotlight on the plight of Jan 6’ers. I hate asking for help because I have always provided for myself. My bank accounts were closed by Wells Fargo a few months after my arrest. My family is struggling to support me. Any help to assist me in getting through this storm is greatly appreciated. I am forever grateful for any and all support. Letters I have received have kept me going. Strangers have turned in to friends.

This is an issue every American should be concerned about. Regardless of your views. Our rights have been taken away from us. It can happen to anyone and that should have every citizen researching and speaking up for change. It breaks my heart to see the country I love so much in these very dark times. I am confident that together, as patriots, we will see the light shine again. Bright days are ahead. Trust in God and we will perservere. God bless you all and God Bless America. 

-Mason Courson

@J6Phoenix (TRUTH Social)

You can get updates on Mason from his mother on Truth Social @J6Patriotmom.

** Please help Mason here.

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