Send Your Money to Bailing the J6 Political Prisoners and Not to The Grifters who Pay Lip Service to Supporting Your Cause

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The grifters play it really safe and they have been doing so for the longest time, for as long as they have remained in the limelight.

They are hardly banned on fake social media except for those like Benny Johnson, possibly. This is because they never deal with the really burning issues at hand. For example, problems facing the January 6ers are the most immediate and important of issues facing the conservative Trump supporters today and anything to do with Trump that goes against the Democrats is denied reportage in fake social and mainstream media.

(I heard Twitter had censored Charlie Kirk and Dan Bongino who’s not a grifter). Alex Jones and Brandon Straka were present at the Capitol on January 6th 2021, but Jones was not arrested and Straka was let off with a slap on the wrist !

The grifters do not support the J6ers and they do not speak about them at their gatherings, nor do they post on the J6ers on their sites. In effect they are the other side of the coin of the Democrat cabal !

If you simply support President Trump, the Democrat hierarchy doesn’t have a problem with it. But if you put your neck out there to support him like the J6ers did, then you are definitely going to be raided at four in the morning by SWAT teams who arrest you in handcuffs in the presence of your terrified children and mortified spouses for walking through the Capitol building, unarmed and innocent of having committed any crime !

Here is what happened on that fateful day in clips and posts.

Why are the Biden regime and the Biden Departments of Justice and Defense so threatened by American citizens who dare to protest a stolen election, that being the 2020 Presidential Election ? The reason is clearly that of the fear of being declared unfit to be the governing. As per the Constitution of the United States, We the People of America have the right to “withdraw the consent to be governed”.

The Biden regime knew this and then speaker, Nancy Pelosi knew this very well. So, the next best thing they could do for themselves was to have lax security at the Capitol on that day and introduce paid actors like Ray Epps to create mayhem within an up until then peaceful gathering.

The peaceful crowd was propelled into disarray that led to violence promulgated by the Capitol Police upon the Trump supporting patriots. They unleashed lethal force on the patriots. Examples being Lieutenant Michael Byrd who murdered four time Air Force veteran, Ashli Babbitt. The other being Capitol Police officer Lila Morris who murdered Rosanne Boyland in cold blood. There are J6 eye witnesses to both these heinous crimes committed by the very people who are authorized with keeping the peace.

Who interviewed these murderous psychopaths into jobs at the Capitol Police? Who engaged them into office at the Capitol Police? They are utterly unfit to do their job to put it mildly. They are murderers.

When are these criminals going to be prosecuted, charged and sentenced? Is the delay due to the fact that evidence will lead them to more important people up the ladder having to be axed ?

Who are these in the hierarchy who are guilty as charged of having instigated and having been involved in the January 6th massacre of innocent American patriots ? Step forwards, Joe Biden, step forwards, Nancy Pelosi, the first and third most high ranking government officials in the Country, at the time.

By now all of us know that you are guilty in the first, second and third degree of having committed involuntary manslaughter of more than two persons at the Capitol on January 6, 2021! You both aided and abetted in these crimes. 

The present Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy has released the January 6th footage  to Tucker Carlson. Let’s see what comes out of it !

Sooner than later you are both going to be caught up in a multitude of crimes, far greater and over and above walking through the Capitol building and protesting a stolen election which is guaranteed by the Constitution, which you accuse the J6ers of having done.

The most prominent of those crimes committed by you being murder of innocent civilians and arresting lawful citizens for having committed no crimes. 

You have called the j6ers, insurrectionists and your feckless supporters in the fake media and elsewhere have called the protest on January 6th, an insurrection. These are both false accusations to cover up your own crimes which at the worst amount to treason for having laundered American taxpayer money through a proxy war, (that is no longer even proxy), fought in a foreign country risking the Country’s sovereignty to begin with.

These crimes amount to the Democrats and RINOs who support you and your entire DNC, guilty of being the true domestic enemies! 

You are practising Tyranny against We the People of America!!! The Constitution calls for both enemies domestic and foreign to be dealt with accordingly.

Where are the grifters speaking out on these important of all issues to the American citizenry and to the Republic? No, they dare not speak out on these burning problems facing the Trump supporting patriots.

The grifters save their skin. Instead of addressing issues important to the American patriot, they go jet setting with the money you dole out to them as “Donations”, for what exactly? The money you willingly give them goes to pay their hefty hotel bills, security details and transportation within the area they are headed supposedly to galvanize the masses to vote for them, door knocking. In other words you pay for their entire upkeep. The grifters are free loading on you just like the socialist minions love to free load on taxpayer funded handouts.

(Remember, it is We the People patriots who need security which has been defunded by the establishment !!!)

These acts of distrust go on with the grifters enjoying top level perks on American conservative money, while the true patriots of this Country, the J6ers, suffer untold hardship in inhumane conditions in DC and other dungeons. Their families are torn apart and left to fend for themselves while their breadwinners languish in what has now come to be known as the American Gulag. You can find and help all January 6 Political Prisoner Patriots at the  American Gulag, HERE. It’s a truly worthy Cause that needs much help and you can also do so by giving to each of the Patriot’s GiveSendGo accounts that they have opened. Leaf Blogazine has covered many of the stories of these Patriots, where you can find the individual accounts to support them and their families.

These are the true patriots and the true Americans who need your help.

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