The Making of Wines

By Sharmini Jayawardena

13th February 2023

On a different note, I hope to venture into making fruit wines like pineapple and beetroot and possibly milk wine. These are homemade efforts at distilling the liquor itself from the beginning. It is different from mixing already existing ingredients with already distilled liquors.

My mum used to make pineapple wine in her simple kitchen in basic vessels like large glass jars with lids as I recall. The wine turned out delicious. Sadly, this was one of the things I could not find out more about from her, possibly because a small girl did not see the importance of wine.

I’m going to invest in a fermentation crock and two stainless steel vessels for straining the wine once the fermentation process is over. Since my recipe calls for 3 kg of fresh pineapple pieces about 800 gm sugar and a litre of water I’m going to play it safe and buy a 7 litre capacity fermentation crock, leaving room for the increased liquid as the fermentation process takes place.

My two stainless steel vessels must be able to hold 300 litres of the finishished wine which needs to be strained twice or three times. So I’m going to play it safe once again and get myself to vessels of 500 litre capacity.

I will need 3 glass bottles with caps which can hold a litre each of the pineapple wine to be stored for 14 days before consumption. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to leave it for 28 days for a better result.

So there you go, I’ve got my numbers and figures all worked out in my head for shopping for vessels and ingredients for the making of pineapple wine. 

This is going to be an adventuresome endeavour, I must say.

These vessels will work well for my next wines I’m hoping to make. Those being beetroot wine which will be a lovely red wine and milk wine which I yet need to wrap my head around.

Here’s the fermentation crock I hope to purchase in the 7 litre capacity:

Pineapple 🍍 wine 🍷, here I come ‼️

Will keep you posted on my progress with wine making, especially pineapple wine making.

Cheers 🥂 to the pineapple !

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