There is A Reason For What Actually Took Place at The Capitol Grounds on 6th January 2021

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By Quill🪶 ’n’ Inkpot 

16th january 2023

As reported by conservative journalist Taylor Hansen in The Gateway Pundit, his Twitter thread reveals how the Capitol Grounds were breached 19 minutes prior to President Trump’s address to Trump Supporters, concluded on 6th January, 2021 !

The January 6th (Un)Select Committee did not want to hear testimony offered by Taylor Hansen because he had the Truth about what happened to Ashli Babbitt as he walked alongside her to the Capitol on that fateful day.

I’ve seen footage of Ashli Babbitt herself saying to Hansen or another reporter that “President Trump has spoken and now we are heading on down over to the Capitol”. 

According to Hansen’s Twitter thread:

 “Capitol Grounds were breached 19 minutes prior to Trump’s speech concluding.


For over an hour, a continuous barrage of concussion grenades, tear gas, pepper spray, and other crowd munitions were deployed on the crowd.


I was hit by multiple rubber munitions and maced into absolute oblivion, even while wearing visible Press Credentials. 


The Police were 10x more aggressive than I have ever seen at any riot I covered in 2020.”

Here’s the moment I had to put out a man that was on fire after the USCP bombarded the crowd with explosive munitions.


In under 30 seconds, over 4 munitions were thrown into a peaceful crowd.

Everything the Media and Establishment is telling you about January 6th is a LIE.”

All these words being said are True. Yet, there is an underlying and hidden reason why all of that what happened that day, did happen. The Universe itself was revolting against a Stolen Election which the patriots had come to see being decertified. However, this was not happening in the hands of the establishment RINOs* and DINOs* in charge inside the chambers of The Capitol ! So, it is safe to say that the Universe itself somehow wanted all of what happened that day to happen, in the way it did on January 6th, 2021, at the Capitol Grounds.

According to The Constitution of the United States heralding their final Petition for Redress of Grievances as reduced to writing by the Founders on July 6th, 1775, there has to gather at the Capitol a number that amounts to 10 million patriots as a percentage of the present population, in order to present our grievances to Congress, and sought redress for our grievances, if a peaceful effort to remedy grievances are to be sought. 

Nancy Pelosi and the entire Establishment of RINOs and DINOs did everything in their power to invalidate the legality of We the People patriots and Trump Supporters, who gathered at the Capitol on J6, to prevent a withdrawal of the “Consent To Be Governed’, at all cost ! 

It is noteworthy that the American patriots and Trump Supporters who gathered in DC on J6 were not organized and did not come prepared with a written document, such as a Declaration of Causes, seeking Redress for their Grievances, to be presented to Congress, as required per The Constitution, if peaceful remedies were to be sought. J6 happened purely as an ad hoc occurrence, as a call by President Trump, who himself was perhaps not aware of the process required to peacefully address grievances of the “masses”. This, and the fact that everything took a turn for the worst so quickly, being the primary reasons for why and how J6 failed to garner any redress for the grievances of the patriots, that being a Stolen Election needing to be decertified. So, what happened on January 6th was exactly that and those who knew about these matters very well, like Nancy Pelosi, were determined to stop this constitutional process from taking effect, somehow.

So shall it be!

If the gathering in the Capitol Grounds on January 6th were allowed to peacefully gather and not return to their homes until their grievances were met, that being the decertification of the fraudulent results of the 2020 Presidential Election, then today we will be having a rightfully elected president sitting in the White House.

The peaceful crowd that had gathered who were unarmed themselves were subject to violent and lethal force by The Capitol Police who were not following crowd dispersal and crowd control protocol but resorting to violence themselves against the patriots of America. This violent disruption by paid actors of the FBI and the Capitol Police themselves points straight to the tyrannical Biden Regime acting directly against We the People of America !

This is TREASON !!!

The Establishment RINOs* and DINOs* both, did everything possible to make the STEAL happen. They did this with every ounce of might they could muster. 

The Capitol was not given the security it required to avoid a situation like that which occurred from happening on that day. 

The Establishment RINO Vice President, Mike Pence, was alerted to certify the results at whatever the cost to the patriots, Trump Supporters and to the Republic.

The DOJ and the FBI were galvanized to create the very violent and disastrous situation that erupted to take place by engaging operatives like whom we now know as Ray Epps, for one, to rile up the crowd. 

They literally trumped up the situation to suit their purpose and serve their goal of installing the fake president, Joe Biden, into office.

According to Taylor Hansen:

Tayler Hansen



Jan 7

“For over an hour, a continuous barrage of concussion grenades, tear gas, pepper spray, and other crowd munitions were deployed on the crowd”

Concussion grenades, tear gas, pepper spray were hurled at the peaceful crowd, forcing them into believing that the momentum that had gathered moving onwards was a natural occurrence, which it were and were not at the same time. 

The patriots were determined to have their voices heard on that day and that was a certainty, but not in the violent manner and way it was twisted and turned into by the cahoots of the establishment RINOs and DINOs of the United States of America !

The Establishment showed a crass neglect and total abuse of power, government overreach and a grosse lack of transparency in the aftermath. 

The reason why the Establishment behaves in this high handed manner is precisely because they are tyrannical tyrants. In the days of The American Revolution there was a way and manner in which they disposed of these tyrants and that was by confiscation of the tyrants’ liquid assets and solid property, followed by death by public hanging !!!!

Having done this, with the rightful acquisition of their ill gotten wealth, the rightful Government can then pay due and adequate compensation to all January 6th political prisoners and their families for the numerous heinous crimes committed against them from which they have suffered immensely !!! 

The results both within the chambers of the Capitol and outside in the Capitol Grounds were damning for the patriots. They have paid the ultimate price for both not having their aspirations met with the certification of the Election results, and the results they were forced into on the Capitol Grounds, as in Ashli Babbitt’s murder by Capitol Police Lieutenant MIchael Byrd, the brutal death of Rosanne Boyland at the hands of Capitol Police officer Lila Morris, witnessed by many patriots on that day and the deaths of at least three others, including the death of a Trump Supporting Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick

Further, there were many instances where the Capitol Police dealt lethal force on patriots and Trump Supporters as witnessed by them, as in the case of patriot and Trump Supporter, Derrick Vargo, for example.

Therefore, the results for the patriots and Trump Supporters have been double jeopardy for them !

As the Establishment continues to make false arrests and mete out false charges against the American patriots the way they do right now, what are they hoping to achieve ?!

Tyranny of the People by a Government that was not elected “… Of the People, By the People, For the People …”*, is what we see. 

“Experience hath shewn, that even under the best forms of government those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny.”

Thomas Jefferson

The Democrats in office and those who benefit from them being there, who are their henchmen who helped install them in government, be it the lobbyists and corporate media, the military industrial complex, corporate business and BigTech have all been willing partners in stealing the Election and stopping the America First Movement from achieving their goal of Making America Great Again from ever happening.

However, not all of their might, the financial, political, legal and defense juggernauts that they have mustered and wield against the patriots, have yet brought the Democrats and RINOs the results they hoped for.

Those results would be realized in Globalization with a One World Government by a New World Order ! It obviously has something to do with an insidious Satanic ritual that they are all engaged in, so that more money will fall into their coffers, even as they launder money through a proxy war fought in the Ukraine !  

What we see daily in America are more patriots and Trump Supporters being unconstitutionally and unlawfully arrested and wrongfully charged and sentenced. What we see today are Cruel and Unusual Punishment being meted out to veterans, members of patriotic groups, who are the Oath Keepers, the Proud Boys and other innocent patriots and Trump Supporters.

These unmitigating conditions continue to be hurled at the patriots making life impossible for them whom the Democrats constantly wage war on, those whom they continue to punish in the grossest way and manner in which they do, just because they disagree with them !

Patriots are made of sterner stuff unlike liberal snowflakes, whose feelings are supposed to be easily “hurt” ! These same liberal snowflakes fail to see how their own dastardly actions are literally killing those others just because they believe in a different ideology ! The liberals have taken their supposed ideologies far too far ! They are a seedy, cruel and evil bunch that see the world with blinkers on and want everyone else to do the same ! This is the tragic irony of this entire situation.

I believe the Universe has a plan in place for these bozos to be roped in and chained and shackled to GTMO one day soon !!! This is the ONLY reason why these Democrats in office and their cohorts are made to carry on with their unbelievably offensive and tyrannical plan against those whom they oppose.

Disagreeing with another’s view or world view is NOT a CRIME !!! Identity politics will not stand the test of time. Obviously, these RINOs and Democrats are not Americans. Americans are governed by their First Amendment Rights, as given to them in the Bill of Rights, guaranteed by The Constitution.

When the time comes for justice to be dealt, there is no reason why anyone will disagree on dealing them the very same blow, with the same yardstick that promulgate injustice against the patriots, today. I’m afraid, extreme circumstances call for extreme measures.

That day is coming really soon for them !!! Democrats and RINOs from the level of the streets right up to and into the White House – Get ready to go to GTMO !!!

However, to begin with, will the McCarthy Administration act to establish transparency, to preserve the dignity and honor of the American patriots, by releasing important J6 footage, where the Pelosi Administration failed ?! That’s the question !

*Republicans In Name Only

*Democrats In Name Only

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