The True Republicans are yet to Take Over the Reins

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By Sharmini Jayawardena 

2nd March 2023

It’s been over a month since the Republicans took  over Congress, however, nothing much has been achieved yet. Some of them have introduced new bills, but they were intending to do much more. What is it that is holding them back ?

According to representative Lauren Boebert (R-CO), Republican speaker Kevin McCarthy has delivered as promised by handing over the almost five years worth of video footage on the January 6th 2021 debacle to Tucker Carlson of Fox News. 

Why did the Republican representatives use such sensitive information pertaining to the January 6th patriots, as a bargaining point or a point for negotiation, for Kevin McCarthy’s appointment ?!

We are dealing with people’s lives here, People !! The news doing the rounds now is that Carlson has handed over the video footage to a hot shot lawyer ! What has either Carlson or a lawyer got to do with assessing and evaluating the material that should be made available to the public ? Let the People be the judge. Why did the representatives even use and abuse their positions of power to trivialize, mishandle and mismanage such an important issue for Trump supporting We the People patriots of America?

Who is inside what is now known as the American Gulag ? They are American citizens who are not guilty of having done any wrongdoing as the American Constitution guarantees them the right to protest their grievances at the Capitol premises, to Congress. Every American citizen has the right to present their grievances to Congress, which in this case was the Stolen Election of 2021.

What they didn’t get right was that they did not follow the requirement presenting a Declaration of Causes, of their grievances, in writing.

The patriots who gathered at the Capitol on that day were non violent, nor were they intending to resort to violence. It is easy for interested parties to twist a given situation where crowds gather and quickly turn them into a disastrous situation. This is what  happened on that day, on 6th January 2021. This is exactly what the reams of video footage reveal and expose. FBI operatives are fraught in their actions to turn a perfectly peaceful event into an absolute riot on this occasion ! 

If you take a look at the profiles of every single one of the patriots who have been arrested and locked up under the worst of conditions, you will find that not one single one of them has ever had a criminal record nor is there any evidence of any one of them having been involved in any civil disobedience or any such actions.

What is the reason for this ? It is clear that the likes of the patriots who are being wrongfully held, wrongfully punished and prosecuted are law abiding citizens who acted well within their constitutional rights on that day.

Even if they are being held for walking through a restricted building, they did so for having been there on that day at that time for a very valid reason, and that being protesting a stolen election. Given these realities, why would any right thinking person want to arrest and lock up any persons for having exercised their constitutional rights?

That being said, the American patriots who gathered in Washington DC to protest a stolen election did not do so to riot and create mayhem. That was not their reason or purpose in gathering there, nor was it their intention. They gathered there to make sure the election results of the states that were contested or the electoral college votes were not counted and to make sure those results were decertified. 

Mike Pence, the traitor, cared nothing for the American People and even less for the Republic of which he was the Vice President. He was only interested in seeing that president Trump did not win the Election. He was busy carving out his future in politics for himself. In other words Mike Pence was doing the bidding of the shadow government or what is known as the Deep State. In effect Mike Pence falls into that trite category of persons within the Republican Party who are identified as RINOs or Republican In Name Only.

The truth is that even though the Republicans have taken over the reigns in Congress following the 2022 Midterm Election, where the Republicans expected a red wave, there was only a red ripple ! Those who entered Congress on the Republican ticket from the ranks are few in number. This may be due to both election malpractice or election and voter fraud and due to the Republican voter having lost faith in their existing representatives.

We the People have lost faith in the grifters who have achieved celebrity status on the backs of the conservative voter. We the People have lost faith in the goody two shoes Republicans who are supposed to represent us in Congress but know nothing of what their constituents think and feel.

If you are still wondering, the larger number of Americans are focused on the American citizens who are being held in captivity for having exercised their rights. 

The Constitution does not give us rights, rather it gives us the freedom to exercise our rights and that’s exactly what the patriots did on that day. 

We the People of America are one hundred percent behind those who have been suffering in garbage prisons for no fault of their own. These are the type of citizens that We the People want representing them.

Let us bring about a new culture of real People representing real citizens. Let us see the January 6th patriots representing us in Congress.

Let it not be, the soon to come, next chapter in the political saga of our Country. Let it be the real deal.

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