Audit The Pentagon. Audit the FBI and Audit the Clinton Foundation. Hold Them Accountable.

In the Spotlight

By Sharmini Jayawardena

An unaccountable amount of US taxpayer money is going to Ukraine just because Biden wants it to go there to process his money laundering of unaccounted for funds he and son Hunter Biden have made in the past so many years.

It is clear the Biden Family who are called the Crime Family just like the Clintons and the Obamas with all of their corrupt Foundations, have syphoned money flowing from all sorts of unverifiable sources all over the world, to their nonprofits. 

Last week, the Ukraine once again received a tidy portion of US taxpayer funds, and this time, for an error of the Pentagon ! How can these people even be real ?! Are they not held accountable for this error as they call it ?! 

Under whose purview does holding someone accountable to We the People fall ? I believe they come under the numerous Congressional Committees that are responsible to see that funds, especially tax dollars are used properly.

Just look at these personages who decline to perform their duties by their Country and their People even after they have been elected ⬇️

According to Wikipedia, the Committee on Oversight and Accountability is the main investigative arm of the Government of which the Republican representatives are all part of. The work pertaining to this committee of the United States House of Representatives is very clear. There is no necessity for tippy toeing here.

The Committee, created and formed with broad jurisdiction and legislative power, is one the most influential and authoritative panels in the House. It’s chair is one of three in the House which commands the ability to issue subpoenas without a committee vote or consultation with the ranking members

Also according to Wikipedia, “However, in recent history, it has become practice to refrain from issuing unilateral subpoenas.” Why ?!

Carolyn Maloney (D-New York) served as acting chair of the committee following the death of Elijah Cummings (D-Maryland) on October 17, 2019;[3][4][5] she was elected chair a month later.[6][7] Representative Jim Jordan served as ranking member from January 3, 2019, until March 12, 2020. On March 31, 2020, Jordan switched to become the ranking member of the Judiciary committee instead. Representative Mark Meadows served as ranking member from March 13, 2020, until March 30, 2020, when he resigned his congressional seat to become White House Chief of Staff.[5][8] Representative James Comer (R-Kentucky) was selected to succeed Meadows on June 29, 2020. Comer became Chair when Republicans regained control of the House majority,[9] with Representative Jamie Raskin (D-Maryland) being elected as Ranking Member.[10] Politico reported in late January that Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-New York) would be appointed as the Vice Ranking Member.[11]””

Just look how these elected officials have declined and abandoned this position of power and authority, multiple times, one after the other, with absolutely no rhyme or reason !!! Look how they themselves have lent themselves to the very abuse of power, by omission, that they were meant to investigate in others, in the very process of declining this most powerful position in the House !!! 

Note that omission has as far reaching consequences as commission in these matters of public importance. I find the Republican representatives as well as the Democrat representatives, both been equally guilty by omission in this case. If the checks and balances put into place at the inception by our Founders are to have effect, then every part of it must be made to work properly and accordingly for those concerned to be held accountable.

With regard to the Republican representatives in Congress obtaining whistleblower evidence in the case of investigating the FBI, it is already rendered weak and flimsy when they do this, to try and eviscerate the inner handling of the Agency. Why are the representatives taking the most arduous path to glean information in the case of these foreign entities ? Further, they are already putting tax dollars into this operation and worse, they are doing so by putting the lives of the whistleblowers and those of their families, at grave risk. As a result of coming out to Congress on the truth regarding the Agency, and offering themselves for interrogations by the representatives, the whistleblowers have put themselves out there unduly. They have done this, in the process of speaking out about the four investigations on Hillary Clinton herself, that were shelved four times, by the FBI, according to the Durham Report. The interrogations could easily have been averted if the representatives had traversed the correct path by conducting audits and issuing subpoenas to those concerned. Why are these people so afraid to issue subpoenas on Deep State cahoots ? This is the million dollar question ! 

Conducting audits is by far the best way to unravel the truth of what’s going on in an entity. Why is it that the Republicans in Congress are not willing to take that path even while they have all of the power vested in them to do so, as I’ve stated above ?

Speaking of election integrity, and what’s going on with Kari Lake in Maricopa County, Arizona, she boastfully spoke of her forthcoming trial in an interview with Piers Morgan on Uncensored, while she was in the UK attending the coronation ceremony of King Charles III. Why does she have to go in for trail when the Maricopa County ballots have already been audited in the immediate aftermath of the 2020 Election ? What have the Arizona Republicans done with that wealth of information they collected in that audit done entirely on Arizona taxpayer money ? Where is the transparency ? These elected officials must think We the People are sitting ducks for all of their malpractice.

Elected officials and those who are under oath of office can’t be allowed to run through taxpayer money like it was their own inheritance to do so, without being held accountable for it !!!!

The Commissioner of Elections should be the only authority in charge of verifying elections and in engaging personnel to do so. Who appointed Jovin Pulitzer and The Cyber Ninjas to audit the vote in the numerous states in which they did ? This factor is important to consider as otherwise the Audits fail in their authoritative state, to be accepted as fact, and thereby becomes liable to be deemed unacceptable. I believe this happened in many cases.

Even if Kari Lake were to win the case this time, on signature verification numbers, will she be able to make some real arrests that would lead to punishing the culprits and restore and reinstate the results of the 2020 Presidential Election ? 

Why is it that these people’s only interest is in occupying the limelight at taxpayer expense and not in finding real solutions to real problems ? I’m not sure if Kari Lake is spending her own funds for the Lawsuit.

Don’t forget that all of these officials also get paid in full for their negligence with none other than taxpayer funding !

There is the other gnawing problem of We the People being asked to donate to a Fund created, to mitigate the loss of employment and for other losses incurred by the FBI whistleblowers. All of this would not have arisen if the representatives had taken the proper course of action on this, by directly calling for audits of these entities. By failing to take the right action, the representatives have put the whistleblowers in grave danger as well. These congressional representatives are totally irresponsible in the manner in which they conduct matters of public importance. Why ?

Doesn’t it ring not right to ask We the People to pay for congressional excesses ?

Has a single one of them come forward to give up their congressional pay towards the whistleblowers while asking the People to contribute to alleviate their fate ? Have they ever lost a job, limb or life in serving their Country and People at the highest level ? Are they even capable of delivering the goods for America and the American People ?

They are a sorry lot who think no end of themselves and their bloated egos. Doesn’t it ever occur to them that they have to lead by example ?

Once again their actions are not going to bear any real results and everyone concerned, which is everyone in the Deep State, is going to go scot-free, thereby ending yet another failed and wasteful effort.

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