Biden Under Fire after Illegal Border Crosser from Honduras Arrested for Rape of Teenager

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David Hawkins    May 18, 2023

From Slay News

A migrant from Honduras, who entered America illegally and was released by Democrat President Joe Biden’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS), has been arrested for raping a teenage girl in Prattville, Alabama.

29-year-old illegal alien Grevi Geovani Rivera-Zavala has been charged with rape in the first degree.

The federal government has a detainer on Rivera-Zavala for deportation proceedings, Kaitlyn Sweat, a Prattville Police Department investigator, said in court.

She testified that federal government sources told her he illegally entered the U.S. at Eagle Pass, Texas, in November of 2021.

District Attorney CJ Robinson said: “We’re not interested in negotiating with the feds.

“They can take custody of his body when DOC (Department of Corrections) is done with him.

“We aren’t going to negotiate for a lesser charge so the feds can deport him.”

The judge told Rivera-Zavala:

“You will not have bond in this case.

“And if the state is successful, and you are convicted, I hope you never get out of prison.”

According to WSFA:

A court deposition shows the incident happened Saturday inside a restaurant located on Cobbs Ford Road.

The victim told investigators Rivera-Zavala forced her into a stall in the women’s restroom, held her down, and raped her.

District Attorney CJ Robinson said the teenage victim did not know Rivera-Zavala and the incident was a random attack.

Rivera-Zavala has a criminal record in Honduras, Robinson added.

He was originally detained at the Texas border in 2021 under a different name but was later fingerprinted and allowed into the country.

According to The Montgomery Advertiser:

The girl went to the bathroom, where she saw another woman she didn’t know.

When that woman left, the victim reported that she noticed a man walk into the bathroom, where he then locked the door, forced her into a stall, and raped her, Sweat testified.

Sweat said the girl told her she tried unsuccessfully to kick and fight him off.

She also told Sweat she told him, “No,” several times.

After leaving the bathroom, the girl returned to her relatives at the table and told them what happened.

They began to look for the man from the bathroom.

Police were called and the girl identified Rivera-Zavala as he attempted to leave the business, Sweat said.

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