Kahlua on the Rocks

By Sharmini Jayawardena 

               How to Make Kahlua on the rocks.

1.Get your garnish ready by peeling a broad piece of orange peel with a peeler. Place it on a board and remove excess pith from the rind.  Cut the peel right around the edges to form a rectangle.

2.Pick up your best whiskey glass 🥃 and rub the rind all around the rim of the glass.

3.Add three large ice cubes 🧊 🧊 🧊 to the glass. 

4.Pour Kahlua half way over the ice.

5.Twist the orange peel over the drink to bring out the zest and slide it into the glass.

6.Include a lemon balm leaf to add to a deep aroma. I picked mine from my garden 🪴.

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