Some Thoughts That Persist: Electricity, Petroleum, Disease, Insurance, Share market, Business, January 6th, Freedom, Ethan Nordean and the J6 Patriots

In the Spotlight

1st May 2023

By Quill 🪶 ‘n’ Inkpot

Those who upended Nicola Tesla’s Electric power and brought forth petroleum as the better source of energy and the solution to the need for increased power and energy, also gave rise to disease brought on and created by that very petroleum. David Rockefeller, the Warburgs and the lot that created and ran the Council on Foreign Relations, and continue to do so, are the guilty.

Through petroleum, they created and  introduced numerous diseases that culminated in the deadly and hated cancer which was mostly incurable. These sources became the foundation on which the Insurance business was largely built upon which mostly benefited the business through its numerous insurance policies from Life Insurance to Business Insurance to Health Insurance. These policies were issued to those who felt the need to secure a future guaranteed by Insurance. The knowledge that if their lives fell apart there was always that insurance policy that ensured you would not have lost everything, for having one drawn in your name, was satisfying.

Later, insurance became imperative and no one in America could live without health insurance. The many governments over the decades with their many efforts at finding a solution for issues pertaining to health, failed. A viable solution to these problems have not been realized through the decades even until today ! The humongous problem of healthcare in America has not yet been solved.

If you know what is good for you, never put your hard earned cash into insurance policies. Who better than yourself when it comes to being your own insurer ?! (Motor insurance may be the only policy you need to have if you own a car or other vehicle). 

The monthly premium that insurance companies grab from you, for a Life Insurance policy, increases in proportion or even more, to inflation, supposedly, and you end up paying a hefty sum to these parasites, over a long period of time. Ok, you were young and insecure about your future and who knows if you will meet with some accident or not, are the thoughts going through your head, when you succumb to the insurance agent. So now you become a sucker to what the insurance agent dangles before you. He coaxes you into buying the Life Policy and as you go along you have invested so much with them you don’t want to pull out, either. Then you wait patiently for the maturity of the Policy, which gives you a mere fraction of what you have actually paid over the years, to those who live by the slight of hand.

Apart from insurance the issuing of stocks and shares to the public of various privately owned companies which paid no dividends for these shares for which the given individual paid hard earned cash, was yet another scheme of the elite, let’s say, that fell just short of being called a scam.

Those who had knowledge advised the foolhardy only to buy shares that gave them dividends. You must buy these or invest your hard earned money in gold. Gold is the most liquid next to barefaced cash ! You can keep it in safe custody with you or deposit it in a bank’s safe deposit box. No questions asked.

You can always mortgage your gold if you need cash for an emergency. 

If you are lucky enough to have a value added product lined up for you in your portfolio, through inheritance or through your own creative ability, you need to put all your money into your own business venture and not into other people’s business ventures, out of which you are given only a minuscule part, through the issuing of shares of those companies. You are also made to believe one way or another, that doing business is  very difficult and hard, so as to discourage you from going into business.

Never buy a car if you possibly can live without one. It’s far worse than bringing up a child unless it is bought outright brand new. Then you are relieved of paying for its never ending maintenance bills and the spare parts racket. Renting a service that provides chauffeur driven cars is the better option. But you have to have the discipline for it. Walking to and from short distances is best. Alternatively, use a taxi or a cab hailing service.

You don’t need to buy a house at all. Developers and real estate agents and the entire shebang that runs the property market including the government will make you feel inadequate unless you purchase a house and that too on a loan they may arrange for you. There’s no law that says you have to own a house. By the time you pay back the loan you would’ve reached the last years of your life and then the house is only good for your next of kin to enjoy for free, and you would’ve paid three times the actual cost of the house itself to the banks from which you secured the loan !!! This is outright highway robbery.

All of the issues relating to yours and your families’ health must be carefully and cleverly handled by you. You must not outsource it to hospitals who don’t even bother to keep a record of your health’s history with them. You are supposed to do that yourself as well, by preserving the Prescriptions !!! This is nothing short of being preposterous on the part of these bogus hospitals.

Your family physician who runs his own dispensary/ clinic is the best bet where your health is concerned. You must also make sure you maintain optimum health within the household. Carefully monitor your family’s health by feeding everyone well, going for exercise/ working out, and taking adequate rest. Also take care to observe a healthy regimen of hygiene at all times. This will save you much time, energy and money that would otherwise trickle into the hospital coffers, turning them and the health insurance company into millionaires.

Learn to live a frugal life while enjoying every bit of what it affords you, avails and offers you. You will be surprised at how much you save, and how much happiness the whole exercise brings you. It will also leave your mind free to pursue more fun and interesting pursuits. 

Now, my mind wanders off to a quantum leap, to Ethan Nordean who’s my most fave of all Proud Boys whom I very proudly support. Ethan Nordean and other patriots who have now come to be known as the January 6ers are the American We the People patriots who had the courage to challenge the stolen 2020 presidential election on 6th January 2021, at the Capitol premises in Washington D. C. They are now languishing in a prison so horrendous it has come to be called the American Gulag !!! The Gateway Pundit says his trial is on Monday. I believe it is today and I am praying 🙏 🤲🏻 for the quick release from this horrible prison, of Ethan Nordean, and those other patriots like him who are in terrible trouble. I’ve been praying for their quick release from the American Gulag since the time they were sent there !!! 

I hope 🤞 and pray all of the patriots will be released from this dreaded place and be sent back to live long and happy lives with their families, fast. I’m hoping my idols will soon be freed. They should never have been sent there to begin with. Biden and the administration must be charged with treason for the crimes they have committed against these American We the People. They continue to act against the great patriots who were at the Capitol on January 6th 2021, to fight for their unalienable natural rights, as guaranteed by the Constitution!!! The truth and  veracity of this reality is quite clear.

Set All J6 Patriots Free ! NOW !!!

Soon, the patriots are going to be free and they are going to be the next true Republican stalwarts of a new and bold Republican Party, representing We the People in Congress. Until this happens the political scenario in America will suffer for lack of real pride and courage. The J6 Patriots are the true leaders of We the People of America.

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