The Dire Need to Establish Discipline and Respect 

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By Sharmini Jayawardena

Vintage Photo of a Traditional American Family

Why is today’s America and the World at large so completely devoid of discipline and so absolutely lacking in respect for authority ???

This path to ill discipline has been initiated by today’s American culture so totally lacking in its upholding of tradition and traditional values. They then can it, and sell it through mass media to the rest of the planet’s gullible people who swallow it with no questions asked. Through this method the American socialists have spread the most ill disciplined and disrespectful culture ever to exist to all and sundry around the world. They have a very lilting term for it: Globalization !!!

Through globalization the American politicians of the radical liberal Left have ruined the entire planet. Their ready excuse for everything dastardly that they do, is none other than the climate change HOAX. No right thinking person disbelieves that some change to the climate will occur as the planet moves into the future. But these socialists use and abuse climate change to explain away all of their numerous and vast excesses against the planet and its inhabitants. It is the current buzzword. Weaponization !!!

The socialists who pursue the World Economic Forum policies, thereby become believers in depopulating the human population. That’s only the tip of the iceberg. Their willing icy cold mascot, Greta Thunberg is used, to project the impression that all of the world’s children and young people are also in agreement with the so-called belief that the world is fast melting away into oblivion. Therefore climate change has got to be addressed. The only ones melting however, will be the ones who are promoting the melting by mass scale everything, including “snowflakes”. 

The socialists use and abuse children at will, to fight climate change, to promote transgenderism and gender transformation, to be disrespectful to their parents and adults, while at the same time promoting the practice of abortion among the very young and vulnerable in our community. Why do these so-called adults act in this ludicrous manner ?

In schools, these very same children are taught that their gender identity and decisions pertaining to their gender have got nothing to do with their parents. Further, parents are derided and arrested as being terrorists if they appear at their children’s school board meetings and challenge this ignominy by accusing the principal and teachers of undermining their authority with regard to their children’s wellbeing.

These very same socialists are also those who are involved in child sex trafficking, child organ trafficking and child sex abuse, perpetrated all around this planet. It is abhorrent, infuriating and absolutely unacceptable that adults in positions of authority and power are the very people who are guilty of committing these grave crimes.

You lead by example and here are the examples for our children to follow !!!! What can you expect from the children in turn but utter ill discipline and disrespect !

What message are these people conveying to impressionable children ? It is criminal negligence on the part of these people, from the Country’s president right down to the substitute school teacher at your child’s school, to push this form of abuse on your children, which in turn promotes ill discipline and disrespectfulness among the children. 

What kind of society are they trying to create when they condemn all tradition and traditional values, the value of respecting adults, practising religion and being respectful of them, being ethical and civic minded ? What kind of society are they claiming as being healthy for your children to grow up in, where the president of the United States openly indulges in sniffing and kissing children and women in public ? What kind of society are they trying to build when they promote drag queens, drag queen shows, drag queen carnivals, school books on sex and sex with any given number of genders, which are openly offered and dished out copiously for your children to indulge in ?  

What are you as parents and adults doing to quell these obnoxious abominations that are forced upon your children and yourself ?

It is quite clear. You, as sensible adults in America, have been treated with such disrespect,  disregard and disdain through decades and it has now reached its nadir ebb. You are at a place in history where you can’t even speak up for the rights of yourself and your children at school board meetings, without being condemned as a white supremacist by district judges !!!

We didn’t get to this point by chance. We are every bit responsible for the horrors that are taking place around us. We sat and watched while the world around us was literally falling apart, refusing to act to make that change possible. It was always someone else’s child or concerning someone else, never you. Well now, it has come to your very doorstep and you are still not taking action. 

Go home to your wife and children and start educating yourself as well as your family, on American history, civics and ethics. Teach your family how to develop good morals and a sound character in each of them, first and foremost. Start praying as a family. Make family time where you can all interact with each other without outside interference. Love your family. Play board games together as a family. Indulge in hobbies.

As the head of the family, read on everything that contributes to building a just society with traditional values, today. You can find everything you want online at the click of a mouse. It is all up to you. Inculcate the need for discipline in your children and your family, then take it to their school and the larger community. Start forming your Committees of Correspondence and Safety like the Founders have advised us. You can depend on each other to save your county and your state and then your Country by the actions you take today. 

Establish a sense of gratitude for all that you have and you are, and instill a sense of duty among the young people as well as among the elderly so they can find solace in their own contributions to society by doing so.

Sadly, taking care of the elderly in America has been turned over to old folks homes, and no on takes care of their elderly parents in their own homes anymore.

It is time that women stayed at home caring for their families and their elderly, and only go out to work in the teaching and nursing professions.

Make sure the foremost image your children hold in their minds is of yourself and not that of some character in a game or a movie.

 Here are some interesting and valuable advice worth following from years gone by:

(The following article is given in retyped form below.)

Here I am retyping the article above so that it is legible:

Twelve steps to follow for raising kids

DEAR READERS: I am on vacation, but have left behind some of my favorite columns from the past.

DEAR ANN LANDERS: Several years ago, you printed Twelve Rules for Raising Children. I carried the column in my wallet until it became so dog-eared and yellowed with age that it is no longer legible. Please print it again, Ann. It’s worth a repeat.

San Antonio Mother

DEAR MOTHER: Here it is. Thanks for asking.

1. Remember that a child is a gift from God, the richest of all blessings. Do not attempt to mold him in the image of yourself, your father, your brother or your neighbor. Each child is an individual and should be permitted to be himself.

2. Don’t crush a child’s spirit when he fails. And never compare him with others who have outshined him.

3. Remember that anger and hostility are natural emotions.

Help your child to find socially acceptable outlets for these normal feelings or they may be turned inward and erupt in the form of physical or mental illness.

4. Discipline your child with firmness and reason. Don’t let YOUR anger throw you off balance. If he knows you are fair; you will not lose his respect or his love. And make sure the punishment fits the crime. Even the youngest child has a keen sense of justice.

5. Remember that each child needs TWO parents. Present a united front. Never join with your child against your mate. This can create in your child (as well as in yourself emotional conflicts. It can. also create feelings of guilt and insecurity.

6. Do not hand your child everything his little heart desires.

Permit him to know the thrill of earning and the joy of achieving.

7. Do not set yourself up as the epitome of perfection. This is a difficult role to play 24 hours a day. You will find it easier to communiente with your child if you let him know that Mom and Dad can err, too.

8. Don’t make threats in anger or impossible promises when you are in a generous mood. Threaten or promise only that which you can live up to. To a child, a parent’s word means everything. The child who hos lost faith in his parents has dificulty believing in anything.

9. Do not smother your child with superficial manifestations of “love.” The healthiest love expresses itself in day-in, day-out training, which breeds self-confidence and independence.

10. Teach your child there is dignity in hard work, whether it is performed with callused hands that shovel coal or skilled fingers that manipulate surgical instruments. Let him know a useful life is a blessed one and a life of ease and pleasure-seeking is empty.

11. Do not try to protect your child against every small blow and disappointment. Adversity strengthens character and makes us compassionate. Trouble is the great equalizer.

12. Teach your child to love God and to love his fellow humans. Don’t SEND your child to a place of worship. TAKE him there. Children learn from example. Telling him something is not teaching him. If you give your child a deep and abiding faith in God, it can be his strength and his light when all else fails.

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