Time has Runout to Make the Commissioner of Elections Accountable for Announcing Election Results in America

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By Sharmini Jayawardena

UPDATED on 20th September 2023: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/09/wow-newly-obtained-evidence-shows-key-signatures-are/?

UPDATED on 5th September 2023: https://njtoday.news/2023/08/30/robert-f-kennedy-jr-proposes-free-passport-ids-for-americans-who-want-one/

Vote in person with a paper ballot by Hand and Count your Votes by Hand

What is the Institution responsible to conduct and carry out an Election in America ? Why has there been no separate government department allocated to do this arduous and important of tasks, for so long ?

The Media is hardly the means by which reliable and accurate information can be disseminated and we have seen and know that they are anything but independent and impartial, when it comes to telling the truth. So, why is it that many governments have come and gone and no concrete steps have been taken to see that this most important of tasks relating to Elections, which is announcing the Election results, been addressed ?

When one person is tasked with the duty of announcing the results of an election, that person becomes accountable and that person will also have to be 100% certain that the results are correct. To that end he or she will also put into effect the process of creating an accurate Electoral Roll.

Elections are the most important of matters governing our lives as citizens of this great Republic. Yet, no living president nor senator or representative has come forward to see that this matter is expeditiously and accurately carried out. It should be handled by the House of Representatives as it is in the interest of all concerned that Elections are performed with integrity and announced with even more integrity to the public. If the Elections held so far have not been held in a just and true manner, well then now is the time to rectify it since it has not been done so far. The Committee on Oversight and Accountability, being the most powerful committee in the House, must take measures to ensure that this is done promptly. The Committee must also see to it that Elections are carried out and counting is completed by the next day, the early hours of which day the results must be announced to the public by the presidential mass announcement method. I have heard that the president has a means by which an important public address can be made to the entire Country in times of necessity, right from his Oval Office. This announcement can be made by the Commissioner of Elections. The Elections Commissioner is not an elected official.. 

Election by democratic means was held in Athens, Greece, first, to the best of our knowledge. The Athenian democracy came into existence around the 6th century B.C. This election was a direct election rather than a representative one like we have today. 

Athenian democracy … in the Greek city-state (known as a polis) of Athens, [comprised] the city of Athens and the surrounding territory of Attica. Although Athens is the most famous ancient Greek democratic city-state, it was not the only one, nor was it the first; multiple other city-states adopted similar democratic constitutions before Athens.[1][2] By the late 4th century BC as many as half of the over one thousand existing Greek city-states might have been democracies.[3]

Athens practised a political system of legislation and executive bills. Participation was open to adult, free male citizens (i.e., not a metic), who probably constituted no more than 30 percent of the total adult population.[4]

According to Wikipedia, “[in Britain] The first general election held since the Union took place was between 30 April 1708 and 7th July 1708. At this period elections did not take place at the same time in every constituency. The returning officer in each county or borough fixed the precise day (see hustings for details of the conduct of the elections)”.

Although modern day democracies are founded on the same principles as that of their Greek forebears, the present day American system most importantly takes its cue from such Native American systems as the Iroquois Confederacy.

The very first Election in America was held in 1788-89. This was the very first Presidential Election. It was held from Monday, December 15, 1788, to Saturday, January 10th, 1789. George Washington was unanimously elected for the first of his two terms as president, under the new Constitution ratified that same year. In that same election John Adams became the very first vice president.

According to Wikipedia, “This was the only U.S. presidential election that spanned two calendar years without a contingent election and the first national presidential election in American history.” The fact that it was the very first election, the unavailability or scarcity of required resources at the time, must have been the reason for this length of time having taken to announce the results of the very first election. “

Around the same time elections were held in modern day Athens, in Greece, in the aftermath of their September 3rd 1843 Revolution. The election resulted in the “Third of September National Assembly of the Greeks at Athens“. The new assembly promulgated the Greek Constitution of 1844 in February, according to Wikipedia. However, not much else is known about this Parliament and its history. In effect the American Election is the very first presidential election to be held in modern world history.

The current Elections Commissioner of America is Ellen L. Weintraub. It is imperative that the task of announcing forthcoming election results be entrusted to her and her august Department. 

That being settled, let us go on to discuss how an honest election at any given county in any given state in America must be held.

All election workers must be drawn from those serving in any of the government’s state secretaries. For example, the State Secretary’s office, Transport Secretary’s office and so on. Those election workers functioning at the bottom must also be drawn from these Secretaries and be supervised by elections supervisors also drawn from the Secretary’s offices. The overall proper functioning of the Election must be supervised by the Elections Commissioner’s Office and it must fall under their purview. 

They must also, in connection with the U.S. Census Bureau, maintain the Electoral Rolls pertaining to all eligible voters in every American county of every state. This must be done months before the actual Election takes place. This will give enough time for attending to address verification, deletion of ineligible voters from Electoral Rolls and the deletion of all dead persons from Electoral Rolls, copies of which are to be made available to all relevant Voting Centers. 

This may be an additional task for the Elections Commission to perform but a very important one nonetheless. They are presently only tasked with monitoring campaign finance issues and that does not require all that much work, either. 

It is not for nothing that it is called the Federal Election Commission.

The infrastructure required for conducting the election must also be obtained from the very same secretaries. Afterall, this is a We the People run election, for We the People. Taxpayer money is used in running elections.

Voting must be done in person and on election day. NO mail-in-ballots are to be made available, except for those engaged in essential services which includes election workers, and the military. 

Voting Centers must be situated in a way that voters can walk to the polling center from their homes.

Private groups, NGOs and nonprofits will NOT be allowed to infiltrate Elections in any way at any stage of the Election. The People are more than well equipped in every way to handle their own Elections and do NOT need interference from any entity whatsoever. The Elections Commissioner’s Office will educate all those concerned on how the Election must be conducted.

The next Election, which is the Presidential Election 2024 is not farther away from us and what have we done to eliminate any of the fraud perpetrated in the previous elections, to make sure election integrity is observed ? Going on as if nothing went wrong and presenting yourself for more elections is but a foolhardy exercise and MUST be STOPPED, forthwith. What is the point in going in for more elections without cleaning up the elections that were already been held and found to be fraudulent ?

It is time for America to clean up its Electoral Roll, to begin with !!! 

In my belief an election nominee must be able to win votes of We the People without having to resort to electioneering and fundraising for campaign funds !!! What’s the earthly good in campaign funds but for those influencers to impact on elections, through influencing. What’s the good in campaign funds when everything in the Country is being run on TAXPAYER FUNDING anyway ?!!!!! This is absolute lunacy !

Cleaning up time is here and here to stay !

Let there be absolute Transparency and Accountability in doing all of this. Let us protect and secure our elections

This is the very first of my possible future articles on how to govern.

The other problem facing America today is that the ‘elected officials’ are beholden to mega conglomerates with their campaign finance influencing, and the importance of the voter has been pushed to the other end. Further, the voter is unable to see the big picture and unable to see America as a whole and not as a bunch of scattered counties and states. We need to see the big picture while working for the smallest county.

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