J6er and Underwear Model John Strand Gets 32 Months in Prison for Walking in US Capitol – and Then Catching DOJ Prosecution in NUMEROUS BLATANT LIES (VIDEO)

In the Spotlight

By Jim Hoft     Jun. 3, 2023

From The Gateway Pundit

On Thursday J6 defendant John Strand was sentenced to 32 months in prison – almost three years in prison.

John’s crime was walking inside the US Capitol with his client who he was protecting, Dr. Simone Gold. He refused to plead guilty to crimes he never committed. Then he caught the Biden DOJ in several manufactured lies during his trial.

So they gave John, a former underwear model, 32 months in prison!

Emerald Robinson interviewed John Strand this week before his sentencing.


On Thursday, John Strand went to court for his sentencing.

Serial liar AG Merrick Garland and Matthew Graves want John in prison.

Their narrative about him was all a lie. He did not assault police. He did not threaten the police. The video he released proves this.

This is what they do in tyrannical regimes.

This is America today under the illegitimate Biden regime.


John was sentenced to 32 months in prison — for walking in the US Capitol and catching the DOJ in numerous lies.

The regime does not like those who push back against their authority.

John Strand walked into the US Capitol. He left when he was asked. He committed no violence. He threatened no one with violence.

Marxists don’t play.



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