Joe Biden:The Biggest Drug Trafficker and Drug Peddler on the Planet

In the Spotlight

By Sharmini Jayawardena

The Internet abounds with Joe Biden provoked drug abuse hurled at children who are forced into mutilation of their anatomy/ genitalia calling it gender transformation surgery and pumping them with drugs that are called puberty blockers, all over America, to deform and distort their sex at birth. This is a part from his massive fentanyl injection into the Country, that is killing millions.

I hope you recognize this weapon of mass destruction

Here’s Texas, one state that has come together in joining 18 other states that have banned Joe Biden’s criminal abuse by human mutilation on the most vulnerable in our communities, the children:

The number of young Americans being killed by the deathly and deadly fentanyl is far greater than deaths caused by motor accidents and gun violence.

Joe Biden is the only rabble head of a country who willfully and deliberately brings in mass scale drug infusion through an open borders policy, into a country. The drug cartels and the human trafficking cartels are having a field day and are fully operational, courtesy Joe Biden and his Biden Administration.

Shame, shame, shame on you Joe Biden !!!

How can you say you are ready to run for a second term in office when you have already flummoxed your first stolen term in office ?! You pretend to be a dementia patient but that’s not going to cut it. You are deliberately proving to be useless so you can run the Country into a rotten state and a useless mess. Your aim is to make America the worst that it can ever be and into a third world hellhole.

Well, We the People are not going to just watch and wait until you do this to America. We the People will make sure we employ ballot harvesting or whatever sordid means you run and ‘win’ your elections on. We the People will do what it takes to win in the upcoming 2024 Presidential Election.

You, Joe Biden and your gang of daylight robbers are a bunch of zombies who are high on drugs of every sort. You now want everyone else to also go on the same route to destruction. You want to create a Country full of druggies run by a druggy and his drugged administration.

Children are maimed by anatomical/ genital mutilation without their parents’ knowledge or consent, creating a future generation of non breeds as Americans. A breed called the LGBTQ…rst, who are incapable of performing as whole human beings and are walking our streets, aimlessly. Joe Biden is fast  making zombie land a reality.

They blame it on mental illness and homelessness. But the stark reality is that these none breeds are all high on drugs.

He has the audacity to thinks he’s God when he says there are not two genders but multiple genders created by him and his administration ! Who the hell are you to act God, you scum !!

You will soon drive yourselves and ride into a pathetic and meaningless mass of blubber. This point in time in history will go down as the decadent period of America, with distorted beings indulging in orgies marking the end and the fall of a socialist ‘progressive’ era.  

The other such period in history that comes to mind is none other than the Roman Empire which has not recovered since. So there you go, the demise of an entire civilization or the lack thereof, is being paved and shown the way to its end.

Their claim to being diverse and inclusive, is actually a one way street. The one way street to nowhere, to no avail and never to return. Before long, they will be forlong and forgotten or only remain as a dirt mark on the map of history.

Where is the diversity and inclusivity when you dismiss your political opponents as, “mega MAGA …” ?! By cutting off a good 81 million voters from your midst, you are making yourselves nothing but exclusive and elitist. 

That’s who you truly are, a bunch of exclusive drug addicts high on fentanyl and bent on making other people’s children pay for your excesses and your political agenda. You are none other than a hive of activists who govern by anatomical and genital mutilation of children who are unable to decide for themselves. You govern by and through drugs and fentanyl addiction.

Your elitism is going to be the death of you.

It is human anatomical/genital mutilation.They want to disfigure the human being. They are not satisfied with that which God created. They want to play God in the name of creating an abomination.

George Floyd, a fentanyl addict who helped create so much mayhem even after his death, is lauded with a statue to his memory being erected in Minneapolis, while statues of Great Revolutionary Heroes are brought down unceremoniously and toppled into rivers and waterways in some god forsaken states. 

We need to punish these bastards for the criminals they are. All those who mutilate the human being and desecrate public property in the name of private gain or any gain must be given three life times behind bars or preferably, the death sentence.

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