Chai Cocktail with Golden Raisin-Infused Rum and Vanilla Chai Simple Syrup

By Sharmini Jayawardena 

Here is a crafted cocktail of mine for you to try crafting and savouring: Chai Cocktail !

Try crafting a cocktail at home with amazing ingredients created by you right at your very own bar or on your kitchen counter. It is one thing to keep things easy but impressing takes it up a notch or even two. I’m recently trying out more advanced crafted cocktails, cocktails that you try when you want to pull out all the stops !

What is a craft cocktail? Here’s what it is according to A Couple Cooks: 

“There’s actually some contention when it comes to the definition, but here’s our professional opinion. A craft cocktail is a hand-crafted alcoholic mixed drink made with fresh ingredients and no pre-made mixes. One or more of the following elements might be present:

🍃 Homemade syrups infused with herbs or flowers

🍊Fresh squeezed juices and fresh herbs

🍷 Unique or niche liqueurs

🧊 Craft ice like artisanal crystal clear ice



⚫️ Always use Ceylon Cinnamon 

This Recipe is from Plays Well With Butter.

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