Do The Insane Climate Change Protectors Want to Save Humanity or Save the Climate?

In the Spotlight

By Sharmini Jayawardena 

Here are two articles I chanced upon in just one morning on the Netherlands euthanizing autistic patients and the climate hoax promoters linking cancer treatment in America to climate change !!!

Are these the same people who are promulgating the reduction of the human population like the World Economic Forum cahorts ?

Do these people even know anything of how the balance is maintained by Nature ? Are they even guided by those who know real science ?

When you want to act God and go about meddling in the objectives of Nature, real strange things begin to happen and the world will begin to topple in a sense that will be disastrous to all of us living on this planet.

These power hungry, greed ridden New World Order by One World Government perpetrators and globalists don’t care a jot as long as their sick goals are met. They will go all out to see that it is met as well.

Klaus Schwab and his retinue of greedy men and women and who knows, transgender, as well, (I wonder if they ever invite them to their meetings 🤔), have no knowledge about what they have blatantly chosen to dabble in.

You have to allow Nature to take its course. People have to be given a fair chance at maintaining their lives. If autism is in existence, then we need to address it by treating it and allowing the patients to survive and not die. I’m sure with all of the new technology that is involved in medicine today, autism can be treated and cured. 

These people are using euthanasia to cull the humans, as a step towards keeping the population numbers down, in some wacky solution it would curb climate change ! Later, it will be euthanizing another lot of patients with some other disease, (diseases created by the predecessors of these very WEF globalists), and it will go on, now that they have started with autism.

Nature will not take this interference lightly, either. However, some would say that humans are Nature as well and that Nature is using the human to do its bidding.

But this is not necessarily true. When humans go ahead and eliminate certain pests, they create an imbalance in the natural world by getting rid of a species that was put in place by Nature to control another pest. Then this pestilence thrives, devastating its surroundings in doing so. This kind of result has shown us time and again that humans should have little or no say in curtailing the numbers on the planet of every kind of being.

Further, what is the good in protecting the climate at the detriment to its benefactors ? If stopping climate change should be beneficial to the inhabitants of this planet, why are they also curtailing the population that can supposedly benefit from it ?

These are two mutually exclusive factors. Interfering with the climate of the planet will only create mayhem among the populations of the species that exist on it. No man, woman or transgender can lay claim to be able to master the nature of the world’s climate.

That being said, why are these bogus climate czars even attempting to cull the species that involve themselves as well ? What if Klaus Schwab is diagnosed with cancer in the coming future ? Is he going to let them euthanize him willingly, by making the required medications unavailable to his doctors ?

What Klaus Schwab is proposing is directly detrimental and counterproductive to himself ! (Well, i.e. if he’s human to begin with, and not Satan !!!)

Who are the people from amongst those who want to cut down the human population, who will come forward to go first ? Will Bill Gates or George Soros or Richard Branson or any of those who support culling species, be ready to take that first step to cull themselves, for the sake of climate change or any change, for that matter ? What about the ‘progressive’ judges ?!

The answer is most definitely, NO !

These are the elite and the henchmen of the elite, who live off of the backs of ordinary people whom they refer to as the masses, to whom they also dare to believe they have the right to LIE to ! That is exactly what the elite are doing when they want the rest of us to give up our very lives to satisfy a lame theory of theirs. Just because they want to prove themselves right, they want to murder the rest of us.

Control the Sun ?!!!! My foot !

Very soon, when We the People start holding the reigns, let us see who goes to the gallows first ?! 


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