Biden Prosecutors Tell J6 Political Prisoner Jake Lang He Will Be Detained Indefinitely Without Trial – October Jan 6 Trial Canceled Due to Supreme Court Case! And They Just Arrested His Star Witness

In the Spotlight

By Assistant Editor Sep. 9, 2023

From The Gateway Pundit

On day 974 of Jake Lang‘s incarceration as a January 6 Political Prisoner without a trial, he learned in court today that his October trial is canceled and he will be held indefinitely in the DC Gulag.

Federal Judge Carl Nichols delivered a crushing blow to the Constitutional rights of Mr. Lang by deciding not to let him out on bond yet again (a 28 year old man with no prior criminal history!) but instead hold him inside the Washington DC Jail Gulag indefinitely until the Supreme Court decides his recent case filing – possibly for another 3 years?

Jake left the DC Gulag Friday morning at the ungodly hour of 5:30 am with the 5 Proud Boys: Enrique Tarrio, Joe Biggs, Ethan Nordean & Dominic Pezzola to head to court. They were supposedly being moved to another prison because of their terrorist enhancements at sentencing. When he came back with the devastating news about his trial cancelation, the Proud Boys were back in the J6 Patriot pod!

‘Just another sinister act of psychological warfare to mess with all of us Trump supporters,’ Jake later said about the Proud Boys seemingly pointless removal from DC jail and return later today.

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Also in Jake’s courtroom on Friday we learned a novel type of January 6 defense has been forged, Judge Nichols told Steven Metcalf (Jake’s attorney) that he was ‘inclined’ to grant Mr. Lang’s motion for ‘Hybrid Representation.’ This is is a first ever in a federal room, a ruling which basically permits Mr. Lang to join his own legal defense team and cross examine witnesses and make his own opening and closing statements! Jake has noted he is very excited about this, but who knows when he will even get his shot at justice?

It seems that the Constitutional Right for a speedy trial and to be held without bond (for 3 years!) is non-existent for January 6 defendants.

Even those patriots like Jake, who was clearly pictured saving the lives of two men, Philip Anderson and Tommy Tatum, at the Capitol as well as attempting to save Roseanne Boyland.

The most plausible explanation for the indefinite delay of Jake’s trial can be seen in the government’s recent arrest of Philip Anderson just last week.

Philip, who nearly died at the hands of police at the US Capitol, was Jake’s star witness in his trial, and was arrested after 3 years – less than a month from Jake’s scheduled trial date. Maybe now they want more time to come after Tommy Tatum, who also signed a court-sworn affidavit claiming Jake Lang saved his life.

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