Slow Cooking Garlic: Garlic Curry

By Homecook Sharmini Jayawardena

This is a side dish or accompaniment to be eaten with boiled rice.

🟫 For the first time I’m using my terracotta pot for cooking. I seasoned it by dunking it in water overnight and drying it completely. Then I roasted some freshly scraped coconut in it, until it became a dark brown. I tossed it all out and when the pot cooled down completely, I washed it out.

Do not use detergent, scouring pads or steel wool in cleaning and washing an earthenware, terracotta pot. Just wash it out with water and clean it out with your hand.

(I bought my terracotta pot at the Asian store.)

Now for the garlic curry.


3 large knobs of garlic cloves

1 tsp spice mix

½ tsp turmeric powder

½ tsp chilli powder

3 sprigs curry leaf

½ medium size onion

1” piece Ceylon cinnamon

Few flakes of Maldive fish

1 to 2 green chilies

½ tsp sea salt

Coconut milk


L to R: Spice mix, Ceylon cinnamon and green chilies, Maldive fish flakes, turmeric powder, chilli powder


1.Clean and wash garlic cloves. Cut the tops off. Place it in a bowl.

2.Add all dry ingredients into the bowl and mix well. Leave to marinade for five minutes.

3.Add all contents from the bowl to the terracotta pot.

4.Add thin coconut milk or the second squeeze to cover the garlic.

5.Cook on medium fire until it simmers down almost dry.

6.Add a splash of thick coconut milk and let it simmer down. 

7.Check for seasoning.

8.Serve in pot.

WoW ! My terracotta pot stood the test of seasoning and cooking in it. It did not crack !!! From now on I will be doing more cooking in this pot that I treasure very much.

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