US Feds Caught Trafficking Children at US Border in Huge Operations

By Don T. Mashak
Don Mashak
The Cynical Patriot

This Investigation evinces that our US Government is engaged in or complicit in trafficking huge numbers of children each day []. This Cynical Patriot believes this video speaks convincingly & credibly on this matter for itself. The sheer size of this atrocity demands redress. The world judged the German people for allowing the NAZI atrocities. How now will the world judge we Americans for allowing this child trafficking atrocity to continue. Let us resolve to get to the root of the problem?

This Cynical Patriot will build upon this present evidence of government corruption & tyranny. The root cause of this atrocity has important implications WE THE PEOPLE must redress in Restoring our Republic. WE THE PEOPLE must look for the root cause of the declining trajectory of our nation. We must start viewing our country from forest level, rather than individual trees. What do all of these individual tree-level events, problems & issues that are contributing to our moral, cultural, legal, economic, political & defensive decline have in common?

Simply, In this present instance, in order for this volume of child trafficking to occur, & go unreported, & unpunished, Law Enforcement, Government Attorneys, Judges, State Legislators, Congress folks & Mainstream Media must know, & be complicit (or worse) in allowing this to continue.
Now if you doubt any government officials would willfully ignore the law & best interests of the American masses, let’s take the case of the 2008 Bank & Real Estate Crash. No bank executives were fired nor went to jail for their fraud. How is this possible?…. Given the overwhelming evidence that these banks deliberately engaged in fraud, they should have gone to jail for a decade or more. Instead, they paid themselves bonuses out of taxpayer bailout money? An ordinary citizen committing these crimes would be found guilty & sentenced to years in jail. How did this happen? WE THE PEOPLE are fools for letting them get away with it.

Next, this Cynical Patriot directs you to the 2018 Documentary, “Inside Lehman Brothers” ( In this documentary, employee whistleblowers feared their lives & careers would be destroyed for exposing the crimes. Even when they reported evidence to Law Enforcement, & talked to government attorneys, they were ignored. 10 years later, they still live in fear. Their careers & lives were in shambles for doing the right thing. No agent of Law Enforcement, the DOJ, Judiciary, nor Congress were there to protect them from this witness tampering retaliation. It is important to ask why Mainstream Media declines to publish these facts. Why would all of these government officials allow this to happen?

The effect of witness intimidation & explicit &/or implicit threats to their careers, on the pursuit of justice is obvious. But there is another layer of complexity we need to address. Succinctly, anything that does not get on the “Official Court Record”, is not to be considered in reaching a judgment. Thus, the lawyers of all the parties try to get evidence that proves their legal position, on the Official Court Record. But the reality is this, the political Establishment reaches a consensus on a desired outcome, & the judge & all the lawyers strive to only allow facts & evidence on the Official Court Record that will allow the Judge or Jury to make the desired judgement. (In lesser cases, to honor bribes, political contributions & other consideration, Judges telegraph to the lawyers the desired outcome, & all the lawyers comply by only submitting facts & evidence that will permit that outcome (or suffer retaliation for failure to do so.) Thus, the Government Attorney directs Law Enforcement to only find the facts & evidence necessary to reach the desired outcome. And, Law Enforcement ignores or screens out any facts or evidence that would prevent the desired outcome.

In this next example, this Cynical Patriot presumes most Americans know the current level of drugs entering our country, cannot be occurring without knowledge & complicity of Law Enforcement, Government Attorneys, Judges, State Legislators & Congress folks.

And next, relevant to the original child trafficking, how could all these government officials standby & do nothing when President Biden instructed the FBI to consider Parents protesting “Child Grooming/mutilation”, etc. in Public Schools, terrorists? All of these government officials are still citizens…. Should a majority of Law Enforcement, Judges & Government Attorney feel strongly enough on their own to unite to address this issue?

Lastly, How did Jeffrey Epstein traffic children for decades before being “caught”? How did Jeffrey Epstein die in jail with 2 guards and 24 hours video surveillance, yet there is no evidence of how this occurred?
How is it possible that half or more of all Law Enforcement, Government Lawyers, Judges & Mainstream Media could not unite enough government officials to insure bona fide Justice in these matters? Is the answer simple corruption? Or, is the commonality between all of these “tree-level” crimes bribes, political contributions &/or other consideration? Or is it because these practices & outcomes reflect the forced metaphysics & agenda of the worldwide Progressive Globalist WEF Coup? You decide. (

In any case, both of the major political parties allowed these things to happen. Both major political parties are controlling the political narrative with “Delphi Technique”, []. Ergo, the masses are allowing the political party officers to lead them around by the nose, right past the true root issues that need to be addressed. Mainstream Media & Hollywood are only pumping out lies & deception. And, Big Tech is censoring us on the internet.

The point being neither Mainstream Media, nor Government nor the 2 major political parties are going to fix this. With only a duplicitous Political Establishment & Mainstream Media as information sources, WE THE PEOPLE must find ways to exercise our Natural Right to ESTABLISH TRUTH for ourselves using our own observations & reasoning. Our US Founders believed; full, fair & vigorous debate was necessary for WE THE PEOPLE to ESTABLISH TRUTH for ourselves. Any information you get from politicians & Mainstream Media is filtered & biased. Remember to ESTABLISH TRUTH using facts not feelings. The Progressive Globalists are specifically using Progressive Edward Bernay’s “Emotion & Base-Instinct exploiting propaganda” on the masses. ( To defeat them, we must break that bad habit of letting emotions ESTABLISH TRUTH.

If you are serious about Restoring our Republic, you must begin meeting with your friends, neighbors, coworkers and other like-minded folks in person. This creates synergy which will allow the group to quickly distill off the bullroar, and ESTABLISH TRUTH by group Consensus. And with a group consensus, you will have created unity & can begin formulating successful ways to Restore Our Republic.

So, it is up to you: Are you going to make the effort to Restore our Republic, & end the complicity of our corrupt government in child & drug trafficking, Bank Fraud, & the Grooming & Mutilation of children in Public Schools? Or are you going to continue to let yourselves be distracted, divided & conquered by the Progressive Globalist Elites, RINOs, DINOs & the Mainstream Media?

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