Crisis in D49

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By Ivy Liu


Who attended the “Stand in the Gap” presentation a while ago? Who attended Joe Oltman‘s “Election Integrity” presentation 2 weeks ago? Who watched the “Police State” movie?

Who still thinks it is OK to sit at home nice and safe behind closed doors, or behind a keyboard so you don’t “become a target?”

We the people can no longer stay quiet and reserved in the name of civility or politeness. The leftists are counting on it.

A handful of 5 to 10 very vocal, rude and loud leftists should not grab more attention nor cause so much pain when the conservatives are the majority in our county.  But we have allowed them to.

Joe Oltman’s call for us to rally around anyone that’s being attacked should be our Modem Operandum them from here on. ALL Of Us.NO exceptions!   Why? Because, “What they do to one of us, they do to all of us.”

School Board meetings are where the rats and scumbags gather because they are indeed targeting our children and they have been attacking board members or constituents who stand in the way. We have allowed them free reins. But there are a lot more of us.

We need each one of you to commit to show up once a month for a couple of hours at a school board meeting with the most urgent needs. For now it’s D49 with the deep corruption and lawlessness you’ve heard about.

While almost every school district in El Paso County and elsewhere have strong conservative candidates running for the board, D49 has only one candidate in Debbie Schmidt. Ralene Revord is an unknown because she is backed by Carrie Geitner who supported Lori Thompson after she blatantly turn-coated on her community.

Corruption is rampant. In spite of a verification of my petition signatures by El Paso County Clerk Steve Schleiker himself, and my hyper-vigilant adherence to the residence requirements as interpreted by the Chief Counsel to the Secretary of State, I am not on the ballot. I was the only one who contested the devious gerrymandering and the recent interference of the petition process.

We have had two years of a purely ugly hostile board environment where board members and constituents were publicly and privately attacked and vilified by board members John Graham, Rick Van Wieren, and Lori Thompson, and assisted by lawyer Brad Miller and superintendent Peter Hilts.

This indecent and uncivil behavior are not tolerated in any other school district.

We have also observed 2-3 losses in important conservative issues that included policies that infringed on freedom of speech, SEL curricula that promises to indoctrinate, approval of vaccine vans on school grounds, gerrymandering, and most significantly, the renewal of a superintendent for the eleventh year with a salary of a quarter of a million + benefits. 

The majority on the board along with Hilts and Miller are running a gestapo with no interference other than myself, and you’ve seen what they have done to me.

Roughly 50-70% of D49 children are not reading, writing or doing math at grade level and a whopping 73% of kids do not meet Postsecondary and workforce readiness IAW Colorado Dept of Education. D49 is ranked third from the bottom by the Gazette amongst school districts in the Pikes Peak region. 

D49 is in crisis, not just academically, but culturally and politically. During Hilts’ last ten years of tenure, good people have quit and numerous key leadership positions are filled by left leaning  progressives. School and District Committees are stacked with liberals while conservative parents’ applications are ignored.

LGBTQ agenda is being incorporated with the advent of pronouns and toxic, invasive surveys. We just learned that the DAAC Committee and Cultural Leadership Advisory Council voted to disallow the Pledge of Allegiance at their meetings, with no interference from the board.

The degradation of D49 towards the left will only pick up speed furiously with the new board unless somehow Debbie Schmidt, Jamilynn and Ralene can form a strong alliance. We can’t just sit back and pray that happens. We need a strong showing at the next board meeting on Thurs, November 9 at 630P at 3850 Pony Tracks. Please mark on your calendar. This needs to be hush-hush so the board and admin don’t plan roadblocks.

Leaders of groups, please share with your members and recruit D49 meeting attendees, whether they are in D49 or not. Our district is in dangerous waters and we need everyone to help stop the bleed.

We need to minimize doxxing by protecting the identities of attendees. Plan on donning hats/caps, prescription or fun glasses to partially cover your face, and/or even wigs. We have lots of grandmas standing on the frontline. Now we need more men to step up to fight this battle or else there won’t be anything left to fight for.

WE NEED THE COMMUNITY TO COME TOGETHER FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS.  Please share with your group and/or circles. This is for our children.

WWG1WGAPlease see more information on  Education: to equip and empower kids with strong academic competencies and solid moral character. – D49 Guardians

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