J6 Political Prisoner Isaac Thomas Continues His Fight for Justice

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By Guest Contributor     Nov. 12, 2023 

From The Gateway Pundit

J6 Defendant Isaac Thomas

*** Please Consider Helping Isaac Here.***

Isaac Thomas was orphaned at the age of 6 and endured years of abuse and neglect as a child— trafficked through various placements while in the custody of the Department of Health and Human Services. Thomas emancipated himself at 16 and got involved in political activism.

Isaac was inspired to speak out for other victims of the failed foster care system and went to the United States Capitol with thousands of other Americans to peacefully protest and make their muffled voices heard.

Isaac was only 18 years old when he attended the January 6 protests. now this young man is facing years in prison.

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Guest post by Trentiss Evans


From The Gateway Pundit 

Isaac Thomas is a young man who has experienced the worst of what America has to offer through his childhood, and now he is experiencing the worst of what the government can conjure courtesy of the Federal Prison system in Washington D.C.

I came to know Isaac when he contacted me long before his arrest. UNFORTUNATE does not begin to cover it when one is born into a situation of addiction, abuse, beatings, broken bones, heavy sedation, molestation, and outright RAPE. I was shaken by reading these abuses were not once, not twice, but a pattern Isaac experienced in the system repeatedly. This young man is no stranger to pain and has rarely had a person he could count on, much less a family or community.

You, the men of that C3A, are his family, his brothers, his father figure, and all that he has on the inside. We, the People, entrust you with his care.

I know this young man’s story to be true and would only hope he is welcomed with open arms and protected on his walk through this dreadful process. I implore the men of the D.C. jail to provide leadership and recognize he truly is a victim of a system that failed him starting as a child. No child should ever experience the horrors this young man faced in numerous placements. The system fails each of you now as adults but do recognize Isaac has never had a family, stability, or peace in his life.

*** Please Consider Helping Isaac Here.***

Hearing his story, I was deeply disturbed and broken as a man, fellow J6er, and father, as anyone should be. What evil have we allowed to fester and take root in a Christian land built for freedom on the principle of escaping tyranny?  The fall from grace has been rapid, and we are plummeting ever closer to closing the gap to rock bottom.

Cognizant of the patterns of investigations leading up to the arrests most of us faced as January 6thdefendants, I warned and educated Isaac on what was likely to be his new terror.  He knew and accepted he was about to face a new brand of evil, and, together, we prayed for mercy and justice. I knew in those first weeks of helping him he was mentally prepared to be strong as he was thrust into this new abyss of injustice.

One would hope the comradery of those tragically targeted by this disturbing operation of the so-called Department of Justice would unify our patriots. We witness the greatness of the spirit of a nation alive and well in political prisoners as they peacefully reject the bonds of their captors. Famously defiant, you join in the singing of our National Anthem nightly at 9:00 pm Eastern. A nation weeps while they sing with you.

*** Please Consider Helping Isaac Here.***

I remember hearing the excitement and positivity in Isaac’s voice, this tortured soul, was honored and grateful to be placed with the heroes of the D.C. Gulag. I wish each of you knew how he looked up to your courage and consolidated efforts prior to his arrival. Since I founded CondemnedUSA.com, I rarely hear the excitement in the voice of a January 6th defendant, but this time with Isaac, I did.

Sadly, the extreme pressures of incarceration can invade the mind, eroding a part of one’s humanity.  Maybe it is the isolation from their wife, children, mother, and family or friends. Could it be the chains, lack of fresh air, malnutrition, filthy conditions, rancid food, or inhumane treatment?   Possibly the knowledge of losing a home, car, career, and everything they worked to build in life. Imagine the look into the future they will know when released -ruined by a country they love- forever labeled as a terrorist?

Isaac remains steadfast in his faith even though he has experienced atrocities most of us can’t even fathom. Resilient as always, Isaac provided a victim impact statement over Zoom against one of the men who was found guilty of the abuse many years before.  These cases are not over for Isaac, more people are set to be held accountable by the foster care system. I worked with the prosecutors to set up the call for Isaac to help the judge see the extremes of the impact caused by his previous torturer. I beg of my fellow Americans to consider helping with the legal defense fund for Isaac Thomas.

*** Please Consider Helping Isaac Here.***

To the men of C3A, I write this letter in recognition of each of you and your collective spirit. Never will Old Glory fly without being in part a tribute to the men and women of the United States Gulag.  You are the captives of an enemy who has laid siege and taken control from within the gates. This will be your greatest test, and you will forever be remembered for your endurance in that hellhole just as you will be remembered as those who assembled on January 6th.

Your strength is a beacon to the millions who stand in unity and support of you. Please find the best of yourselves, remember you are the courageous warriors, the brethren who stood when a nation needed heroes. You assembled for a just and constitutionally protected purpose never knowing you would be attacked. Regardless of the differences, men often find, serve the memories of your plight well and unified as descendants of men who would not be ruled.

Treniss Evans


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