PLEASE REMEMBER: Biden/Obama Threw Triple Amputee Veteran Brian Kolfage in Prison for Building a Wall

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By Guest Contributor 

Nov. 12, 2023 

From The Gateway Pundit 

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This Veteran’s Day weekend, war hero and triple-amputee Brian Kolfage sits in prison for daring to build a Southern Border wall. 
Biden/Obama targeted and imprisoned him based on lies for his action to protect this country.

Brian Kolfage may die in prison after being convicted on false charges pushed in a corrupt New York court overseen by a corrupt Obama judge.  He did nothing wrong. The judge prevented evidence that would exonerate him from being shared in the court, and he was convicted by a biased New York jury that didn’t give a damn about the Southern border.

The Obama/Biden gang wanted him imprisoned because he showed, along with Steve Bannon and others, that We the People, can build a wall that is secure at a price much cheaper than the federal government.

Biden/Obama are fighting to keep the border open so enemies of the country can invade the country and prepare for their takeover.

The facilities of the federal government are not equipped to handle someone like Brian.

Kolfage is an American hero.  He offered his life and his body for this country, and Obama/Biden threw him in prison for daring to stand up against their fascist regime.
** You can donate to Brian’s fund to cover his legal expenses here –

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